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9AUnit4 Integrated skills学案

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Period Six Integrated skills

Learning Activities

Learning aims

1. To improve the Ss’ listening skills.

2. To help the students develop the ability to recognize the keywords and grasp the main

points of a listening material

Learning procedures

Activity One Preview

I. New words (写出下列单词的划线部分的音标、词义和词性)

II. The usages of some important words

1. TV viewing habits


As for Chinese, foreigners′ are very strange.

他已养成许多坏习惯。 He has fallen into .

We should form good _________ __________ studying. 我们应养成良好的学习习惯。

2. She thinks they are rather boring.

rather 词性词义The book is _________ (very, quite) interesting, so I think it’s worth reading twice.

II. New phrases (翻译下列短语)

3. rather boring III. New sentences

1. Usually, she spends about two hours every day watching TV.

spend 主语为人,后接时间或钱。

常见的句式为:sb. spend + time / money + on sth. / (in) doing sth.

pay 主语也为人,后接钱。常见的句式为:sb. pay + money + for sth.



( )What a beautiful sweater! How much did you ______ for it? (2006 南京)

A. take B. cost C. pay D. spend

2. I find them interesting.

interesting 在句中的成分为

( )We all love Miss Yang. She always makes her history class _____.(2007 重庆)

A. interest B. interests C. interesting D. interested

3. How much time do you spend watching TV every day?

how much time = ______ ________


_____ _______ _______ do you spend reading English every morning?

______ _________ do you spend reading English every morning?

I have seen the film three times. (对划线部分提问) 句中time 的意思是_______

________ _______ ________ have you seen the film?

Activity Two Free talk (谈论自己喜爱、不喜爱的电视节目以及原因。)

Model: A: What kind of TV programmes do you like/ dislike?

B: I like/ dislike programmes about…

A: Why?

B: Because…

Activity Three Speak up

1. Listen and answer.

(1)What kind of TV programmes does Millie like best?

(2)What about Kitty? Does she like watching programmes about animals? Why or why not?

(3)What kind of TV programmes does Kitty like best?

(4)Who watches more TV every, Millie or Kitty?

2. Read and act it out.

Activity Four Before listening

Finish A2 according to A1.(page 74)。

Activity Five While listening

Listen and finish the rest.

Activity Six After listening

1. Get the main information according to A2.

2. Complete A3 (page 75).

3. Understanding.

Activity Seven Discussion: What’s your TV habit?



1. We should form a good ___________ (regular behavior) of speaking to others politely.

2. The film is ____________ (quite, very) interesting. I want to see it again.

3. Their mobile phones are usually used for sending and receiving short ___________ (信息)。

4. This is the _________ (最新的) news about the spacemen and their spaceship.

5. Look! There is a ________ (现场直播的) football match between Spain and Holland.


( ) 1.—How much did you __________ for the book?

—It only ________ ten yuan.

A. pay; cost B. spend; costs C. pay; took D. take; cost

( ) 2. When people want to relax themselves, they prefer ______ TV or listen to music rather

than _______ newspaper.

A. watching; read B. watching; to read C. to watch; read D. to watch; reading

( ) 3. The ____ book made us all happy. We are all _______ in it.

A. interesting; interest B. interested; interesting

C. interesting; interested D. interested; interest

( ) 4.—_________ times have you been to Nanjing? —Only once.

A. How many B. How much C. How often D. How long

( ) 5.—Daniel, your books are in a terrible mess on your desk. (09’扬州)

—Really sorry. I’ll _________ right now.

A. put them away B. put them down C. put them on D. put it out

( ) 6. The weather of Nanjing is much hotter than __________ of Beijing in summer.

A. those B. that C. this D. it

( ) 7. It is summer now in China, ________ it is winter in Australia.

A. before B. until C. while D. since

( ) 8.—Do you know the result of the competition? (09’扬州)

—No. It ___________.

A. hasn’t announced B. hasn’t been announced

C. didn’t announced D. wasn’t announced


1. He spends two hours doing his homework every day. (保持句意基本不变)

It _______ him two hours to ________ his homework every day.

2. She said she preferred to stay at home rather than go out. (保持句意基本不变)

She said she would ________ _________ at home than go out.

3. He found that the class Mr. Brown gave them was boring. (保持句意基本不变)

He ________ the class Mr. Brown gave them ___________.

4. Very few people like this programme, ________ _________? (完成反意疑问句)

教学反思 在Integrated Skills内容的处理上,本人充分利用学生对多媒体的兴趣,让学生带着问题看多媒体,进行有目的的看多媒体,通过真实的情境让学生进行感知认识,也能很好的锻炼学生的听力。在对内容的初步理解后进行了一些课文的缺词填空的练习,从而检测学生对内容的理解同时可以测试学生的听力。这一环节中让学生充分认识到自己的不足在什么地方,引起他们自己的重视。

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