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1 He swimming in the river every day in summer. (go)

2.It you are right. ( seem )

3.Look, the children basketball on the playground. ( play )

4.He to the radio when I came in, ( listen )

5.It is very cold .I think it . ( rain )

6. —I need some paper . —I some for you . ( bring )

7.He down and began to read his newspaper. ( sit )

8.He is not here. He to the post office. (go)

9.I with you if I have time . ( go )

10.We will go to the cinema if it tomorrow . (rain )

11.I will tell her the news when she to see me next week. (come)

12. “ When you the car ?” “ In 1998 . ”( buy )

13.What you at five yesterday afternoon ? (do)

14.The bike is nice . How much it ? (cost)


( )1.We’ll go swimming if the weather fine tomorrow.

A. is B. was C. will be D. is going to be

( )2.Please don’t leave the office until your friend back.

A. came B. comes C. have come D. will come ( )3.Listen ! Someone in the next room .

A. cried B. crying C. is crying D. has cried

( )4.You must tell him the news as soon as you him.

A. see B. sees C. will see D. is seeing

( )5.The teacher told us that the sun bigger than the earth.

A. is B. was C. has been D. will be

( )6.You must study hard if you want to fail the exam.

A. won’t B. don’t C. haven’t D. hadn’t ( )7. —I’m afraid you can’t sit here . —Sorry , I know.

A. don’t B. won’t C. can’t D. didn’t

( )8.He often his clothes on Sundays.

A. washing B. washes C. has washed D. wash

( )9.We will start as soon as our teacher .

A. comes B. will come C. come D. is coming

( )10.I will go home for the holiday as soon as I my exams.

A. will finish B. finish C. finishing D. finished



一、1.goes 2. seems 3. are playing 4. was listening 5.is going to rain 6. will bring 7. has taken 8.would come 9. had left 10. have lost 11. sat 12. has gone 13. hasn’t eaten 14.will go 15. rains 16.comes 17. did , buy 18. have been 19. were , doing 20. did , cost

二、1——5ACBDC 6——10ADCAB 11——15DCCBD 16——20BDBAB

三、1——5BAAAC 6——10CBBAC 11——15ABCBA 16——20DBCDC

21——25ABBBB 26——30ABDDB 31——35BCBCB 36——40CCBAD 41.A

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