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八年级英语Unit6 I am more outgoing than my sister Section B 3课件新人教版

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目标: 1.提高学生的阅读能力,掌握阅读技巧。 2.复习整单元内容。 重难点: 提高学生的阅读能力,掌握阅读技巧。

3a Read the article and fill in the blanks
Name The same as his/her friend Different from his /her friend

James Green


I’m smarter than Yuan Li. She is more athletic.


The same as his/her friend

Different from his /her friend

Huang Lei

We both like sports.

Larry is taller and more outgoing than me. He is more athletic than me.


The same as his/her friend

Different from his /her friend

Mary Smith

We both like doing the same things.

Carol is funny and more outgoing than I am.

Find someone for the job!
Teacher Wanted! Abacus Study Center needs a weekend teacher for elementary school students. Your must: -have good grades -be outgoing -be good with children -enjoy telling jokes

Think of yourself two years ago. Write about how you are different now.
Two years ago. I was a primary Are you taller now? school student. I am taller now Are you smarter? Are you more popular? … Are you more outgoing? Are you a better student?

Compare yourself
(now and two years ago). Two years ago.I was a primary school student. I’m taller now.I work harder and smarter than before . I was not popular in primary school. But I’m more popular in middle school. although I was not good at schoolwork. I am a better student now.

Self check

Fill in blanks with the words given. quiet funny outgoing smart athletic



My friend likes sports. She’s very athletic ______. quiet Paul is never _____ ! He can’t stop talking. smart Lu Xing is really _____ . She is very good at math.

4. Mary is a funny girl. She always _____

makes me laugh.
5. Jane isn’t very ________ .she likes outgoing to stay at home and read.

1. He isn’t as tall as I. (变为同义句) I’m _______than him. taller 2. Shanghai is the biggest city in China. (变为同义句) bigger Shanghai is ______than _________city any other

in China.

3. Tim is Ten. Tom is Thirteen. (合 为一句)(句意不变) older Tom is three years _____ than Tim. 4. They both work hard at English. (变为同义句)

Both of them ______work hard at English.

5. Tom is two meters tall, Jack is

two meters tall, too.(合为一句,
句意不变) as tall as Tom is __________Jack.

1.把课堂上未完成的作文写完。 2.复习正单元内容,考试。

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