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unit1Section A 1

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Watch the video.

What did you do in your summer vacation?

I went to Beijing for vacation.

I went to summer camp.

I went to the mountains.

I stayed at home.

I went to the beach.

I visited the museums.

1. stayed at home __ f 2. went to New York City __ b 3. visited my uncle __ g 4. went to summer camp __ d 5. went to the mountains __ c 6. went to the beach __ a 7. visited museums ___ e

Match the activities 1a with the pictures [a-g].


Listen and number the people in the picture (1-5).

1. Tina
2. Xiang Hua 3. Sally 4. Bob 5. Tom
4 5 3 2

Make conversations 1c about the people in the picture.
Where did Tina go on vacation?

She went to the mountains.

Where did … go on vacation?

She/He …

Make your own conversations. How was your Great! vacation?

Where did you go?

I went to the mountains.

I went to the Great Wall.

Where did you go?

People Grace Kevin Julie

Listen. Where did the people go on vacation? Complete the chart.
Places New York City The beach Stayed at home

Listen again. Check (√) Yes, I did 2b or No, I didn’t for each question.
Did you… Yes, I did. √ go with anyone? go to Central √ Grace Park? buy anything √ special? play volleyball? √ swim? Kevin meet anyone √ interesting? No, I didn’t

Did you… Yes, I did. do anything interesting? √ Julie study for tests? go out with anyone?

No, I didn’t

√ √

Role-play conversations 2c between Grace, Kevin and Julie. A: Grace, where did you go on vacation? B: I went to New York City. A: Oh, really? Did you go with anyone? B: Yes, I went with my mother.

Kevin, where did you go on vacation?

I ...

Oh, really? Did you go with anyone?

Yes, I ...

Julie, where did you go on vacation?

I ...

Oh, really? Did you go with anyone?

Yes, I ...

2d Read the conversation and match the people with the right place.



Role-play the conversation.
Rick: Hi, Helen. Long time no see. Helen: Hi, Rick. Yes, I was on vacation last month. Rick: Oh, did you go anywhere interesting? Helen: Yes, I went to Guizhou with my family. Rick: Wow! Did you see Huangguoshu Waterfall?

Helen: Yes, I did. It was wonderful! We took quite a few photos there. What about you? Did you do anything special last month? Rick: Not really. I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax.

1. Did you buy anything special? 在英语中,anything, something, nothing和 everything是用于指代事物的复合不定代词,与 之相对应的复合不定代词anyone, someone, no one 和everyone (anybody, somebody, nobody和 everybody) 用于指人。与形容词连用时,形容词 必须置于复合不定词之后,语法上称作“后置”。 e.g. I can see someone new in your group. There’s nothing interesting in the news today.

2. Did you go anywhere interesting? anywhere意为“在任何地方”,常用于 一般疑问句或否定句中,代替somewhere。 e.g. I can’t find my keys anywhere. 我到处也找不到我的钥匙。


. We took quite a few photos there. a few 意为“一些,若干(=some)”, 后跟可数名词复数形式。 quite a few 意为“相当多;不少 (=many)”后跟可数名词复数形式。 e.g. A few girls are playing volleyball. 几个女孩正在打排球。 There are quite a few birds in the forest. 在那片森林里有很多鸟。

4. I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax. most意为“大多数”,后跟可数名词或

e.g. Most students go to school on foot.


【辨析】 most + 名词 泛指多数,无范围; most + of + the (this/that/those/these等)名 词 ,指某一范围内的多数。 e.g. Most of the students go to school by bike. 这些学生们中的多数骑自行车去上学。

根据汉语提示完成句子。 1. Did he go out with _______ (任何人)? anyone 2. They didn’t buy anything ______ (特殊 ________ special

的东西) there yesterday.
3. Tell us __________ __________ (有趣的 something interesting

事情) about your vacation, Jenny.

4. They caught ______ ___ ____ (相当多的) quite a few insects in the forest. 5. _____ __ ___ (大多数) students can get to Most of the school early.

用英语询问你的一位好朋友,她(他) 假期去了哪里?看到了什么?并将此对 话写在作业上。 A: Where did you go, …? B: I went to… A: Did you see… B: Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.

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