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7A unit8 复习讲义

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7A Unit8 复习讲义

班级________________ 姓名____________________


( )1. ---There’s football under the desk. Let’s play ____ football

together, shall we?

----That’s a good idea.

A. a; the B./; / C. the; the D. a; /

( )2. Listen ! He is talking _________ his school activities ______his


A. to; with B. about; with C. with, with D .about; about

( ) 3.The blouses ________ silk. They feel soft and smooth.

A. are make of B. are made of C. are made from D. are made in

( )4. There’re three A. women models B. women model C. woman modle D. women modles

( her.

A. on; on B. in; in C. on; in D. in; on

( ) 6. ---What do you _______the fashion show?

--- It’s wonderful.

A. think with B. like C. find D. think of

( ) 7. He plans _______a white shirt because it goes well with _______.

A. wearing; the other colour B. to wear; any other colours

C. wearing; any other colour D. to wear; any other colour

( ) 8. This pair of boots _______ nice. Could I ________?

A. are; try it on B. is; try them on C. is; try it on D. are; try them on

( ) 9. — Diana, can you help me open the door? I too many shopping bags. — I am glad to.

A. carry B. am carry 1 C. am carrying D. will carry

( )10. Her red silk blouse _____ her blue jeans very well and they also _____her very well.

A. matches; fit B. matchs; fit C. fits; matches D. fits; match

( ) 11. ---I need ________ to get ready for the coming fashion show.

A. more five minutes B. five more minutes

C. another five minutes D. B & C

( ) 12. She usually ________ two and a half hours ________his homework.

A. takes; to do B. costs, to do C. spend; doing D. spends; on

( ) 13 — Where is your cousin now, Diana?

— He a film in the sitting room.

A. watches B. is watching C. watch D. are watching

( ) 14.---What can I do for you?

--- I want to buy a pair of __________jeans.

A. new black cotton B. purple long wool

C. cotton grey beautiful D. grey new wool

( ) 15. ______ of my parents like me very much. ______ of us in my family are friendly.

A. All; both B. Both; All C. Each; Each D. Both; both


A. 根据句意.首字母提示.英文释义及中文提示写出句中所缺的单词。

1. Eddie is so l_________, he sleeps almost the whole day every day.

2. The boys’ __________(夹克衫) match their trousers very well.

3. Look at the ___________( 模特 ) over there, they are fashionable.

4. Jeans are popular __________(在……中) young people.

5. Can you _________(借) your new bike to me?

6.She looks __________( 可爱的 ) in a white scarf.

7.This coat feels _________( 光滑的 ) so Tom likes it very much.

8.This park ____________ ( 包括 ) five different parts.

9.This coat looks ________ ( 酷的 )on the girl.

10.Look! The dog is________ ( 躺在 ) on the floor.

I want to buy a pair of jeans, it is not too small or too l______11_____, and it is d____12___ blue, students look s_____13____ in this colour, this colour m____14____ any other colour, and it is m____15___ of cotton and comfortable. 11___________12__________13._____________14.___________15.__________



1.Amy and Daniel are here, ________ of them are wearing blue jeans.

2.Here ________ Simon, he is in a red coat.

3.I don’t know what ____________ for the fashion show.

4. I want to spend ten ___________ minutes reading books.

5.Do you read ____________ newspaper? It is interesting.

6.Look! Many people are________________ the bus at the bus stop.

7.The jacket looks good ________ the little girl.

8.Thank you for ___________ me different styles of clothes.

9.This pair of trainers _____________________ the long walk.

10. What do you __________________ our school? It is very nice.

B. 根据句意用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. This tie is __________ of silk. It feels soft.

2. The girls in blue __________ come from No.1 Middle School.

3. “ Welcome to our party.” he says to those _______ children.

4. Miss Wang teaches _______Chinese.

5. Mr White is thinking about _________a pair of gloves from the shop.


1.Can you ___________________________________( 把你的红色衬衫借给我们 ) for our fashion show.

2.I _________________________(在寻找 ) my dancing shoes.

3. I can spend ___________________in bed then.( 另外十分钟 )

4._______________________( 他们两人都 ) are wearing blue jeans.

5.This pair of boots ________________________ leather.( 由…制成的 ) 3

6______________________________________ show.( 今天的演出到此为止)

7.Mum ____________________________________. (穿白色看起来好看 )

8.Amy_________________________________ a big dinner this evening.( 不得不参加 )

9.____________________________________________ my red gloves? (你认为…怎么样)

10. I ___________________________________________. ( 在考虑穿什么 ) 九:书面表达:(10分)



2.他和他的同学正为希望工程(Project Hope)举行一次时装表演。




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