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(7上Unit7- Unit 8 考试时间:90分钟 试卷分值: 150分)





( ( ( A2.选出每组单词中划线部分读音与所给音标不同的单词。 ( ( ) 7. /? ( ) 8. /?u/ ( ) 10. /w/ (

B. /e?/ B. /i:/ B. /ei/ B. /in/

D. /e/ D. /?i/ D. /?/ D. /θ/ D. /g/

( (

C. /u?/ C. /ai/ C. /e/ C. /e/ C. /?/

A3.选出单词中划线部分的正确读音。 ( A. /i?/ ( ( ( A. /?/ A. /t/ A. /n/

( A. /i:/

B. /h/

二.下面有一些单项选择题,爱动脑筋的你帮蓝猫选选看,要认真考虑哟!30 ( )1. ---There’s football under the desk. Let’s play __ football together, shall we? ----That’s a good idea.

A. a; the B./; / C. the; the D. a; /

( )2. Listen ! He is talking _________ his school activities ______his classmates. A. to; with B. about; with C. with, with D .about; about ( ) 3.The blouses ________ silk. They feel soft and smooth.

A. are make of B. are made of C. are made from D. are made in ( )4. There’re three A. women models B. women model C. woman modle D. women modles


( her.

A. on; on B. in; in C. on; in D. in; on

( ) 6. ---What do you _______the fashion show?

--- It’s wonderful.

A. think with B. like C. find D. think of

( ) 7. He plans _______a white shirt because it goes well with _______.

A. wearing; the other colour B. to wear; any other colours

C. wearing; any other colour D. to wear; any other colour

( ) 8. This pair of boots _______ nice. Could I ________?

A. are; try it on B. is; try them on C. is; try it on D. are; try them on

( ) 9. This pair of trainers is comfortable and _______ a long walk.

A. are fit of B. are fit for C. is fit of C. is fit for

( )10. Her red silk blouse _____ her blue jeans very well and they also _____her very well.

A. matches; fit B. matchs; fit C. fits; matches D. fits; match

( ) 11. ---I need ________ to get ready for the coming fashion show.

A. more five minutes B. five more minutes

C. another five minutes D. B & C

( ) 12. She usually ________ two and a half hours ________his homework.

A. takes; to do B. costs, to do C. spend; doing D. spends; on

( ) 13. Men should be like ______ to help those _______ in need.

A. gentlemen; ladys B. gentleman; lady

C. gentlemen; ladies D. gentlemans; ladies

( ) 14.---What can I do for you?

--- I want to buy a pair of __________jeans.

A. new black cotton B. purple long wool

C. cotton grey beautiful D. grey new wool

( ) 15. ______ of my parents like me very much. ______ of us in my family are friendly.

A. All; both B. Both; All C. Each; Each D. Both; both


A.蓝猫不小心将咖啡洒到了一些单词上,他有点吃不准了。请帮他选一选吧!(10分) It’s Saturday. Han Ling has no classes today. She wants to buy a new dress. Her is at work, she is going to the shop with her father. Her father drives her to the shopping mall in his own car. But her father doesn’t like going , so Han Ling does the shopping and her father sits in the and waits for her.


There are a lot of people in the shop. It is very crowded(拥挤). Han Ling looks at the clothes and from them. Her father waits and waits. About an hour goes by(流逝). Han Ling doesn’t out. Her father is worried about her. “Why does she stay in the shop for so long?” He comes out of the car. Just then(正在这时), a man comes up to him. “Excuse me. Are you Han Ling’s father?” “Yes.” “Han Ling is waiting for you. She doesn’t have enough “Oh, I see.”

Then he the man into the shop. Han Ling is very to see her father. She chooses a nice green dress. After her father the money, they go home together. ( )1.A. father ( )2.A. and ( )3.A. skating ( )4.A. car ( )5. A. pulls ( )6.A. come ( )7.A. time ( )8.A. shows ( )9.A. happy ( )10.A. makes

B. mother B. but B. skiing B. chair B. buys B. go B. money B. takes B. careful B. borrows

C. sister C. so C. swimming C. bus C. stay C. energy C. walks C. wonderful C. pays

D. brother D. or D. shopping D. train D. walk D. food D. follows D. funny D. washes

C. chooses D. takes




( )1.From above, we know the business hours of is the longest.

A. Supermarket A B. Supermarket B C. Supermarket C D. Supermarket D

( )2.The price of the pork in is the same as that in .

A. Supermarket A; Supermarket B B. Supermarket A; Supermarket C

C. Supermarket B; Supermarket D D. Supermarket C; Supermarket D

( )3.Eggs in are dearer(贵) than those in any other supermarket.

A. Supermarket A B. Supermarket B C. Supermarket C D. Supermarket D

( )4.___________needs to do better in the conditions.

A. Supermarket A B. Supermarket B C. Supermarket C D. Supermarket D

( )5.Xia Yu doesn’t think people would like to buy things in because of the


A. Supermarket A B. Supermarket B C. Supermarket C D. Supermarket D


One morning. the students of Class Three. Grade One are having an English lesson. Mr Zhang finds Li Lei doesn’t listen to him. He goes to Li Lei and has a look. Oh. Li Lei is drawing a boy.

The teacher asks Li Lei to stand up. “Do you like drawing?”

“Yes. Mr Zhang.” answers Li Lei. “And I draw very well.”

“You can draw after class. I think.” says the teacher. “

“You are wrong. Mr Zhang. I can draw when I have an Art class. And I like it very much.” says Li Lei with a smile.

“You are right. And you must draw one hundred boys before the class is over.” says the teacher angrily.

After five minutes. Li Lei finishes drawing and puts up his hand. The teacher looks at the picture and asks. “I ask you to draw one hundred boys. But you draw only two. One is standing at the door and the other is standing in front of the window. Where are the others?”

“The others are sitting in the classroom. You can’t see them.” answers Li Lei.

( ) 6. What is Mr. Zhang?

A. He is a Chinese teacher.

C. He is an Art teacher.

B. He is a Maths teacher. D. He is an English teacher. 4

( )7. The underlined sentence in Paragraph 4 means that A. the boy can draw something

( )8. How many boys does Li Lei draw?

A. Two. B. Ten. C. One.

D. One hundred. D. Watching TV.

D. One. ( )9. What does Li Lei like? A. Playing football. B. Drawing. C. Studying. ( ) 10. How many boys does Mr Zhang ask Li Lei to draw? A. Two. B. One hundred. C. Three.


Xie Qiang is a student in Grade7. Mother’s Day is coming. The teacher wants to hold a party in the classroom and asks him to organize the party. Now he is making the plan.

First. he will write some invitations(请柬) to students’ mothers. He will ask the mothers to come to the classroom. The students are going to join the party with their mothers together.

Second. he will ask his classmates to perform(表演)at the party. Zhang Yanling will sing English songs. Liu Yanhua will play the piano. Li Bingpeng will tell stories at the party. Wang Xiaolong will play games.

Third. Xie Qiang will buy some Coke. juice and some milk for the mothers. He will also ask the students to prepare some presents for the mothers. They will let their mothers have a good time.

Fourth. he will ask some mothers to tell some stories and play games with the students. He will also ask some mothers to tell something interesting to children.

He hopes mothers will have a lot of fun at the party. The students can’t wait for Mother’s Day.

( )11. What is Liu Yanhua going to do at the party?

A. Sing English songs. B. Play the piano. C. Tell stories.

( ) 12.What can’t mothers drink at the party?

A. Coke. B. Juice. C. Coffee. D. Milk.

( ) 13. Which grade is Wang Xionglong in?

A. Grade 5. B. Grade 6. C. Grade 7. D. Grade 8.

( ) 14.Who is going to organize the party?

A. Xie Qiang’s mother. B. Zhang Yanling. C. Xie Qiang’s teacher. D. Xie Qiang

( ) 15. Where does the teacher want to hold the party?

A. At Xie Qiang’s home. B. In the classroom. C. In the park. D. On the playground.

5 B. the boy can’t draw in art class D. the boy likes drawing after class C. the boy can’t draw in an English class D. Play games.



Dear Mary

I saw your name in the newspaper, you asked for penfriends in China. I would like to be your penfriend.

I am a thirteen- year- old boy. I live in Nanjing. I am a student at No.1 Secondary School. We study Chinese, English, Maths, Science, Art, PE and some other subjects. My favorite subjects are Maths and PE. I like playing the guitar, collecting stamps and taking photos. I like summer best because my favourite sport is swimming.

My family is not big. My grandfather, my father, my mother, and I live a happy life here. My father is an engineer, my mother is a doctor. My grandfather was a policeman and now he is retired(退休). We live in an old house. Near our house, there is a beautiful park. Our family often take a walk in the park after supper.

I would like to know something about you and the UK. Please write to me soon. My e-mail address is yuren@163.com.My fax and telephone number is 86-25-82011853.

Yu Run

Yu Run’s profile



1. —How many m ________ are there in an hour?

2. Do these clips m ________ her favorite T-shirt?

6 —There are 60.

3. Hello! Daniel. Are you s ________ at the moment?

4. How much is this ________ (双) of sports shoes?

5. The jeans don't ________(合身) me well.

B. 根据句意,用括号中所给词的正确形式填空。(5分)

6. She is a very good 7. There ________ ( be ) a pair of shoes.

8. It’s time _________ (wake) him up. It’s 7.00a.m. now.

9. We spend a day ____________ (celebrate) Mid-Autumn Festival this year.

10. Hurry up !Mother __________ (wait)for us outside the school gate.

C. 根据句意用所给动词的适当形式填空。5

1. There _________ no people in the playground now.

2. ----Who_____________ on the ground over there?

----An old man is.

3. Look! Here _________ the bus.

4. I don’t want to go out because it ______________ heavily outside.

5. It’s 9 p.m. The twins ________ with each other in their room.


1. The men ____________ (work) near the house now.

2. Look! The teachers ___________ (talk) to the students.

4. Mike _______ (read) English in the morning. 5. Where is your father? He ________ (clean) the car.



_______dresses does the girl _________?

2. I don’t know what I should wear today. (同义句)

I don’t know what ________ _______ today.

3. It will take you another two days to finish the work. (同义句) You will spend two _________ days __________ the work.


are the boys ?

5. Wendy has to borrow some CDs.(改为否定句)

Wendy _______ _______to borrow any CDs.


Millie and her classmates are having a f____1_____ show. They show us different 7

s___2_____ of clothes. Look! Millie is wearing sports clothes and a pair of trainers. Trainers are light and comfortable and p___3_____ among young people.

Simon’s wearing a p___4_____ shirt and a pair of grey trousers. His red and grey tie m___5_____ his clothes. He looks s___6____.

Amy is wearing a yellow c___7____ blouse and a blue scarf. Daniel is wearing a blue T-shirt. Both of them are wearing blue jeans. They look c____8____.

Sandy is wearing a red silk blouse, a black wool skirt and a pair of red b____9_____. She looks m____10_____ and beautiful.

1._________ 2.___________ 3.____________ 4.__________5.____________

6.__________7.__________ 8.__________ 9.___________ 10.____________




2.他和他的同学正为希望工程(Project Hope)举行一次时装表演。











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