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英 语

第二部分 基础知识运用(计35分)

第1节 选择填空。(每题1分,共15分)

21、Is there a basketball game at the A、cinema B、stadium C、shop

22、--- Would you like to help me with my English tomorrow?

--- Yes, .

A、I would B、I’d like C、I’d like to

23、---When do you often get up?

---I often get up at ______ in the morning.

A、half past six B、six C、seven thirty

24、What would you like to eat, eggs Chinese tofu?

A、and B、but C、or

25、When Sam’s father ?

A、does; goes to home B、do; goes to home C、does; go to the office

26、--- is your favourite basketball star?

--- Yao Ming, of course.

A、Who B、Where C、What

27、--- is it today? --- It’s Tuesday.

A、What day B、What date C、What the day


A、watches B、listens to C、watch

29、We don’t go to school Saturdays or Sundays.

A、at B、for C、on

30、My classmates invite me football this afternoon.

A、to play the B、to play C、playing

31、I would like some a cup of coffee. ____________?

A. What are you B. What about you C. How are you



--Sorry, I haven’t got any time.

A. Would you like to play computer games with me

B. Do you like playing computer games

C. Where do you play the computer games

33、Thank you for ________ your bike to me.

A. to give B. give C. giving

34、He is a student of ________ international middle school.

A. an B. a C. /

35、Jimmy’sA、has, likes B、has, like C、have, likes





B、with B、to B、a C、of C、from C、my C、finish C、this day C、meals C、classroom C、start C、Then

2 第2节 完形填空。(每空1分,共20分)

B、start B、lunch B、library 40、A、in the afternoon 41、A、breakfast 43、A、have 44、A、And B、in the morning 42、A、dining hall B、finish B、But

45、A、would B、have C、like

B __the school. His mother doesn’t worry him. get some things. Then his mother says to Li Lei, “What do you ____?”

“I want to get a red blouse,” says Li Lei. “A red blouse?” asks his mother. “You are a __

Li Lei smiled “OK, please get me football clothes.”

46. A. at

B. of C. from C. much C. soon C. on C. about C. with C. nice C. under C. take C. man 47. A. good 48. A. early 49. A. near 50. A. for 51. A. to B. well B. late B. in B. with B. from B. big B. in 52. A. small 53. A. on 54. A. want 55. A. girl B. get B. boy

第三部分 阅读理解(每题2分,共30分)



Bob Pearson is an old man. He hasn’t got a wife, but he is a father of four children. He has got two sons and two daughters. One son is from England. His name is Bill. The other (另一个) son is from America. His name is Mike. One of his daughters is from China. Her name is Lanlan. The other one is from Japan. Her name is Mikou. Bob Pearson is not the children’s real (真正的) father, but he loves them very much. The children love their father, too. Bob Pearson gives many gifts (礼物) to the children. The girls like caps and shoes and the boys likes bikes and footballs very much. Bob Pearson is the children’s father, and he is their good friend, too.

56. Bob Pearson has got _________.

A. a wife B. some children C. an old man

57. Bill is ________.

A. English B. American C. Japanese

58. ________ is from China.

A. Mike B. Mikou C. Lanlan

59. Bob Pearson gives ________ to the boys.

A. bikes and footballs B. caps and footballs C. bikes and shoes

60. There are _______ peoples in Bob Pearson’s family.

A. four B. five C. six



It is John’s birthday today. He is five years old. He gets many birthday presents from his family and one of them is a nice big drum (鼓).

“Who gives him that drum?” his father asks.

“His grandfather,” answers John’s mother.

John likes his drum very much. He makes a terrible noise (烦人的噪音) with it, but his mother doesn’t say anything about it. His father is not at home. He is working in a school. So he doesn’t hear (听到) the noise. But one of the neighbours (邻居) does not like the noise. So one morning she takes a knife and goes into John’s room. John is making a noise with the drum. She says to him, “Hello, John. Do you know there is something very nice in your drum? Here’s a knife. Open the drum and let’s find it.” “OK.”

61、How old is John?

A、5 B、4 C、15

62、Who gives John the drum as his birthday present?

A、His father. B、His neighbour. C、His grandfather.

63、What present is John’s favourite?

A、The candy. B、The knife. C、The drum.

64、What’s John’s father’s job?

A、A doctor. B、A worker. C、A teacher.

65、Who opens the drum with the knife?

A、John’s father. B、John’s neighbour. C、John’s mother.


The Picnic

It was Sunday and the weather was fine, so Mrs. Black said, “Let’s go for a picnic (野餐).” “Oh, yes!” said Mary and John, her two children. Mr. Black said, “Yes, let’s go to the woods (小树林) and have our picnic there.” “Good. Help me to get the things ready. ” “All right, said the children. John brought the basket for the food and the bottles for the water. Mary brought a blanket (毯子), while Mother made the sandwiches, and Father put water and oil into the car.

Soon everything was ready and they left the house. When they got there, Mary put the blanket on the ground. John took the food out of the car, Father made a fire and Mother made tea.

“Isn’t it beautiful here?” said Mother. “It’s very quiet and green.” John had a kite and soon he was running with it. “Be careful!” shouted Mother, but it was too late. John fell (摔倒) over the basket of food, and everything fell out. “Look!” cried Mary. “There are ants (蚂蚁) in the food. Yes, there were.” There were hundreds of them. The blanket was on an ants’ nest(蚂蚁窝).

66. How many people were there in the story? A. 3 B. 4 67. When did the Blacks go for a picnic? A. Last Sunday B. On Monday C. 5 C. On Tuesday

68. What did they prepare (准备) for the picnic?

A. bottle, basket, oil, and blanket

B. basket, water, oil, blanket and sandwiches

C. sandwiches, blanket, water and basket

69. Who made a fire?


A. Father

B. Mother C. John and Mary C. No, they didn't 70. Did they have a good picnic? A. Yes, they did B. Yes, they do

(D.) Look! There are some things on the table.(1)_________________Whose eraser is this? Whose ruler and whose dictionary?

(2) _________________No, it isn’t . It’s not Tom’s. It is Lily’s. (3)___________________

The ruler is very beautiful. It is a ruler with some cute cats on it . (4)_________________Let me tell you . It’s green. (5)______________There is also an English- Chinese dictionary on the table.

A. Is it Lily’s? B. Do you know the color of the ruler?

C. Is this Tom’s eraser? D. We can see an eraser, a ruler and a dictionary.

E. It is Lisa’s ruler. F. Lily is Tom’s sister.

(E.) Look at this photo! I have a big family. My grandparents are both 76 years old. They are in the middle of the photo. My father and mother are behind them. Near my father is a young man. He is my nother’s brother. Near my mother is a woman. She is my mother’s sister. In front of (前面)my grandparents, there are two boys and a girl. They are my mother’s sister’s son, my sister and me .I love may family.

Fill in the blanks according to the passage.Only one word for each blank.

Here (1)_______a family photo. There are (2)____________people in it . My grandparents have a son and two (3)____________. My parents have tow children. My mother’s sister is my (4)________. Her son is my cousin. They are my family members(成员)。 I love (5)________.

第四部分 写 作(共55分)

第1节 词 汇 (每题1分,计10分)

A. 根据汉语提示和句意写出正确的英语单词。

1. Karl ___________(总是)gets to school late in the morning.

2. We don’t have science lesson on _____________(周四)

3. Her mother is ____________(四十)years old.

4. There (be) a dictionary and some books in my schoolbag.

5. I like drinking (China) tea.

第2节 完成句子 (每空1分,计20分)

A. 根据要求变换句型,每空一词。

1. He has lunch at half past twelve. (改为一般疑问句)

__________ he ___________ lunch at half past twelve?



_________ does his father __________?

3. Roy comes from America. (完成同义句)

Roy __________ ___________ America.

4. My brother usually wears jeans to school. (改为否定句)

My brother jeans to school.

5. He hasa small orange. (用 a big one改为选择疑问句)

a big one?

第3节 情景对话 (每题1分,计10分)

A.根据图片和对话内容,选择适当的选项, 将代号填在横线上。

Daming: How many people are there in the family?

Daming: Can you tell me who is Jim Green?

Lingling: The boy.

Daming: Who is the girl?

Daming: Oh, I know. The man is Jeff Green. The woman is Helen Green.

Lingling: Yes.

Lingling: Yes, he has.


Lingling: Yes, she has.

B. 根据对话内容填空。

A._______________________________ ?

B: My birthday is on March 4th.

A:__________________________ ? B: I am 13.


B:No,we don’t have a school trip. But we have an art festival every year..

A: 4_________________? B: It’s on October 10th.

A:Do you have a good time at the art festival?

B:5___________________ .We have many programs(节目) 第4节 书面表达 (共15分)


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