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2013外研版英语七年级上册 Module 5 Unit 1

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Look at the pictures. Listen and repeat the time.
half past o’clock past to

1. It’s twelve o’clock. 3. It’s half past six.

2. It’s twenty past one. 4. It’s twenty to eleven.


What’s the time?
It is seven o’clock.

What’s the time? It is five to ten.

What’s the time? It is half past four.

What’s the time?
It is ten past ten.









Match the pictures with the words from the box.
art, Chinese, English, geography, history, IT, maths, PE

art Chinese English history 1._________ 2._________ 3._________ 4._________

geography PE maths IT 5._________ 6._________ 7._________ 8._________

Check (√) the true sentences.
? ?

? ? ? ?

1 Lessons begin at eight. 2 They have four lessons in the morning. 3 Maths is difficult for Betty. 4 They have art on Monday. 5 History is interesting for Betty. 6 Tony’s favourite lesson is art.

Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box. because difficult favourite interesting lesson subject
favourite History is Betty’s(1)__________subject. She interesting likes it (2) __________it’s very (3) __________. because subject Tony’s favourite (4) _______ is Chinese. There are Chinese, science, IT and maths (5) __________on Monday morning, but for Tony, lessons maths is (6) __________. difficult

Listen and repeat.
afternoon good talk because o’clock what

Answer the questions about yourself.
1. When is your geography lesson? 2. When is your English lesson? 3. When is your Chinese lesson?

Work in pairs. Talk about your lessons.
art Chinese at eight o’clock. I have English We/They have at half past history I don’t have eleven. We/They don’t have maths in the morning. science in the afternoon. on Monday.
I/They/We like I/They/We don’t like . What time is When is ?

A: What time is your art lessons? B: I have art at… A: Do you like art? B: Yes, I do, but… what about you? …

I. 询问时间 在英语中,常用What’s the time?或What time is it?来询问时间,有时也可用Do you know the time?等句式来问时间。回答方式均 用It’s...如: -What time is it?几点了? -It’s seven o’clock.七点。 [注意]o’clock必须用单数形式,不可以 说seven o’clocks。

II. 表达时间 一般来说,用英语表达时间有以下几种方法: 1) 整点表达法:如果时间是“整点”,应说: ……点钟+o’clock (o’clock可以省略)。如: ① It’s seven (o’clock) a.m. now. 现在是上午七 点。 ② It’s two o’clock p.m. 午后两点。 2) “几点几分”有两种表达法: (1) 顺读法:按“钟点数+分钟数”的顺序, 这种方法居多,也较简单。如: 6:18 six eighteen 7:30 seven thirty

(2) 逆读法:按“分钟数+past/to+钟点数” 的顺序表达。 A. 分钟数不超过30(包含30)时

,用“分钟数+ past+钟点数”表达。如: 6:05 five past six 8:10 ten past eight 10:20 twenty past ten B. 分钟数超过30时,用“分钟数+to+钟点数” 表达。其中“分钟数”为60减去原分钟数, “钟点数”为下一个钟点数,表示“差几分几 点”。如:

9:50 ten to ten 2:58 two to three 6:54 six to seven [注意]①分钟数是15时(一刻钟),一般不说 fifteen,而说a quarter;②分钟数是30时(半 小时),一般用逆读法“half past +钟点数”, 如: 10:15 a quarter past ten 7:30 half past seven

A. 用英语写出下列时间 six o’clock 6:00 ________________________ eight o’clock 8:00 ________________________ six thirty 6:30 ________________________ seven forty-five 7:45 ________________________ one past eight 8:01 ________________________ a quarter past one 1:15 ________________________ half past two 2:30 _________________________

3:45 7:20 9:40 8:15 5:10 6:35 9:55

a quarter to four ________________________ twenty past seven ________________________ twenty to ten ________________________ a quarter past eight ________________________ ten past five ________________________ twenty-five to seven ________________________ five to ten ________________________

B. 单词拼写: 1. It’s ten ___________ (钟)now. o’clock 2. I like ___________ (数学), what maths about you, Tony? 3. I am good at ___________ (地理). geography 4. We don’t have ___________ (历史) history on Friday afternoon.

5. IT is my favourite __________ (科目) subject because it’s very interesting. 6. At twenty ___________ (过) ten we past have English. 7. We have two _________ (课) in the lessons afternoon. 8. We have ___________ (语文) at nine Chinese o’clock in the morning.

C. 翻译下列句子: 1. 我们11:00上美术课。 ___________________________________ We have art lesson at eleven o’clock. 2. 他们9:10上历史课。 ___________________________________ We have history lesson at ten past ___________________________________ nine. 3. 我经常和我的朋友谈话。 ___________________________________ I often talk to my friends.

4. 我周六、日不去学校。 _________________________________ I don’t go to school on Saturday or _________________________________ Sunday. 5. 星期五我们不上地理课。 _________________________________ We don’t have geography lesson on _________________________________ Friday.

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