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九年级13a 第一课时

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Unit 13
Rainy days make me sad.
Miss Zeng







Can you say out the Chinese meaning?
? ? ? ? ? ?

excited nervous angry relaxed uncomfortable scared sick

? ?

? ?

sleepy unhappy tired energetic hungry thirsty


Fail the English test

(Failing the English test) makes him sad
make sb adj


do sth

want to cry

How do you feel about the picture?
The awful picture makes

me _______ uncomfortable


It makes me

happy laugh

uncomfortable / cry Sad movies make me_____

Comedies make me ______.

relaxed/ happy

Listen to the music. Which one do you prefer, the loud music or the soft music? The loud music makes me tense/ excited / want to dance.

The soft music makes me relaxed / sleepy.

How do you feel about hamburgers?

Hamburgers make me…

Look at the two restaurants below. Which one would you like to go? Why?

A: where would you like to go? B: I’d love to go to…… Because …… How about you? A: I’d like to go to…….

Listen. What do Amy and Tina think of the two restaurants?
The Rockin’ Restaurant

The soft music The loud music makes makes Amy relaxed Amy tense The soft music makes sleepy Tina

The awful pictures make Amy sad

The Blue Lagoon

Listen and number the pictures 1-4 in the order that your hear them.





Listen again and check √ ) the things that ( Tina and John said.

√ 1.Waiting for her made me angry. √ 2.She said that loud music made her tense.

3.Loud music makes me happy. √ 4.Loud music always makes me want to danc √ 5.It was so sad that it made us cry. √ 6.Sad movies don’t make me cry. They just make me want to leave! 7.It made me sad.

( B)1. The rainy day _______ me sad and angry. A. make B. makes C. making D. to make ( D)2. The movie made _______ feel energetic. A. he B. his C. they D. them ( C)3. Loud music always makes us ______. A. want dance B. to want dance C. want to dance D. to want to dance ( D)4. ______ his new sunglasses _______ Tony look cool. A. Wears…make B. Wears …makes C. Wearing…make D. Wearing…makes ( B)5. The movie made my daughter _______ last night. A. to cry B. cry C. crying D. cried

KFC VS Chinese restaurant

Which one would you like to go? Why? I’d like to go to_________. _____ makes/ make me ____.

Tips : food, light, seat, music, picture,

See you !

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