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_ ___ 一 基础训练题


1.It was a great day but we did not enjoy it at the ___________. ( begin )

2.I decide __________ my grandparents next Sunday. ( visit )

3.Kitty wants __________ a famous dancer in the future. ( become )

4.__________, we all passed the exam. ( luck )

5.We are very ________ to learn in this school. ( luck )

6.Shall we ___________ hide-and-seek on the playground? ( play )

7.I’m very thirsty. I’d like _________ a cup of tea. ( drink )

8.The model Golden Gate Bridge here looks ________ than the real one. ( good )

9.I think the World Park is ____________________ place in the world. ( interesting )

10.Thanks a lot for __________ the secret for me. ( keep )

B.用and, but, or填空。

1.It was raining, _______ they went on playing football.

2.The West Lake is large _______ beautiful.

3.You can visit the Yellow Mountain in spring ________ autumn.

4.It is very hot in summer in Hainan ________ diving there is very exciting.

5.It was Sunday, _______ we don’t need to go to school.

6.You can go to Dalian ________ Guilin in summer holiday.

7.The model Golden Gate Bridge was small ________ wonderful.

8.We can go there by coach ________ by underground.

9.Qingdao is great in summer ______ you can go to the beach and swim every day.

10.You can write to me ________ call me.


1.No one helped Millie. She did it all by __________.

2.Mr. Wu gave all his savings to the Hope School, though he _________ was not rich.

3.Miss Zhang told us that we should finish our homework all by _____________.

4.---Help ____________ to some cakes, children. --- Thanks.

5.I’m old enough to look after _____________.

6.The film _______ is very interesting.

7.Yesterday they enjoyed ____________ in the park.

8.Jim, you are lucky. You didn’t hurt ____________.


1.Look! The students of Class 1 are c__________ for their basketball team.

2.The Eiffel Tower is a tall m________ building in Paris.

3.The bridge over the river is made of s_________.

4.What’s the m________ idea of this passage?

5.Millie w_______ when she could go to visit Beijing alone.

二 拓展提高题


Modern life is impossible without traveling. Of course the fastest way of traveling is by plane. Today, with a modern airline you can travel to many places in one day while hundreds of years ago, you needed a month or more time to get to the places.

Traveling by train is slower than by plane, but it has its strongpoint. You can see the countries you are traveling through. Modern trains have comfortable seats and dinner-cars. They make even the longest journey enjoyable.

Some people prefer to travel by sea when possible. There are large lines and riverboats. You can visit many other countries and different parts of your country on them. Ships are not so fast as trains or planes, but traveling by sea is a very pleasant way to spend a holiday. Many people like to travel by car. You can make your own timetable. You can travel three or four hundred miles or only fifty or one hundred miles a day, just as you like. You can stop wherever you wish. Where there is something interesting to see, at a good restaurant where you can enjoy a good meal, or in a hotel to spend the night. That is why traveling by car is popular for pleasant trips, while people usually take a train or a plane when they are traveling.

1.Which is the fastest way of traveling?

2.What is the strongpoint of traveling by train?

3.Which is the faster way of traveling, by sea or by air?

4.Which is the best way of traveling if you want to make your own timetable?

5.What does the word “prefer” mean ? ________________

A. hate B. like C. like better D. will go

F. 根据短文内容,选择方框里的词填空

On Sunday, 7th November, we had a trip around Beijing.

First, we _______ the underground to the center of Beijing, and then _________ to the bus to the Temple of Heaven. We visited the places of ________ there and had a __________ lunch. _____ we took a bus to Beijing Amusement Park. We played hide-and-seek there. We were tired ______ we enjoyed ________. We went ______ home by bus and underground.

Tomorrow we will go to the World Park in Beijing. We want to see the places of interest _______ all over the world. I’m very _________ because I will see the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids and the Golden Gate Bridge.


一 基础训练题


1. wonderful 2. beginning 3. interest 4. me 5. excited

6. really 7. ourselves 8. photos 9. beauty 10. quickly


1. sick 2. first 3. Finally 4. traffic 5. city 6. invite 7. foreign 8.metal 9. took 10. stone


1. keep fit 2. all over the world 3. At first 4. home page 5. places of interest

6. go on a trip 7. get off 8. felt sick 9. by coach 10. enjoyed herself

二 拓展提高题


school, invited, coach, sick, excited, models, but, believe, best, amazing E.阅读短文,回答问题。

1. Because Mr Williams made a lot of money.

2. By plane.

3. Yes, they were.

4. From twelve to three in the afternoon.

5. B.

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