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/i:/: /ai/:

/ei/: /e/:


My your his her its our your their


One- two- three- four- nine- twenty-


动词- ing:go-- make-- get-- put-- 动词过去式:look-- hope-- stop-- study--


1. He has A. a;a B. an; a C. An; /

2.----What’s this in english? A. This is watch B. This is a watch C. It’s a watch

3.The number of students who 20.

A. Take part in ; is B. Join; are C. Take part in ;are D. Join; is

4. Clever the girl is ! So she is !

A. How B. What C. What a

5.I like broccoli. Do you like .

A. It B. them C.they

6.-----I joined the league May,2008. What about you ? -------I’ve been a league member A. In ;for B. On ;in C. On ;for D. In ;since

7.There is a tree A. in front of B. in the front of

A. was playing B. is playing C.are playing D.were playing

9.---Do you have enough students to clean the library?

A. another B. two others C. More two D. two more

10.You can’t go out now .It outside.

A. rain B. is raining C. Rains

11.--I have changed my job.

A. So do i B. So have i C.So i do D. So i have

12.My aunt has a A. five--years--old boy B. five--year--old boy C.five year old boy

13.There is snow here.

A. too much B.much too

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