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新加坡 简介 英文版

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(National introduction)
Singapore is the world's most affluent countries in the world, and it's famous for stabilize the political situation, clean-fingered and efficient government . Singapore is the important financial, service and shipping centers.

Geography The main island is about 42 kilometers from east to west and 23 kilometers from north to south. Singapore's total land area, including that of the smaller islands, is 697.1 square kilometers.

The National Flag
democracy peace progress justice equality

Merlion is located in the city of Singapore River, is the sign and symbol of Singapore. The statue is 8 meters tall, weighing 40 tons, the lion's mouth jets of water, by sculptor Linnan and his two children together sculpture, in 1972 May completed.

? 鱼尾狮像
鱼尾狮像坐落于市内新加坡河畔,是新加坡的标志和象征。该塑像高8 米,重40吨,狮子口中喷出一股清水,是由雕刻家林南先生和他的两 个孩子共同雕塑的,于1972年5月完成。

牛车水 这是新加坡的唐人街,它被现代购物中心、百年老店占据。在牛车水众 多的小巷中漫步,你就会看到手工艺人制作的各种工艺品,你可以了解 中国人的传统艺术,如中国书法、雕刻、木偶、佛像和香烛制作。同时 ,商店里商品琳琅满目,从旧日的木屐到现代的光碟随身听,应有尽有

China Town ? This is Singapore's Chinatown , it is a modern shopping center , a hundred years to occupy . In China Town, many alley walk , you will see the craftsmen in the production of a variety of crafts , you can understand the Chinese traditional arts , such as Chinese calligraphy , carving , puppets , statues and incense production . At the same time , a superb collection of beautiful things of goods in the shops , from the old wooden clogs to modern CD Walkman , have everything that one expects to find

? Sentosa ? " Sentosa" in Malay, meaning " “圣淘沙”在马来文里的 was peace ", because the island 意思是“和平安宁”,因 the once a British military base, Singapore government is in 为这个小岛曾经是英军的 the retracted it and decided to turn it 军事基地,新加坡政府才 such into a complete resort, given 在收回它并决定将它建成 a beautiful name.


一个完全度假地时,给予 ?了这么一个美丽的名字。 Sentosa Singapore South Island only half a kilometer, by a bridge 圣淘沙距离新加坡岛南部 across the sea and the island 仅半公里,由一座跨海大 1 connected. This 4.2 km long, km wide, covering an area 桥与本岛连接起来。这个of 390 hectares holiday island have 长4.2公里,宽1公里,占 a well-deserved reputation, almost 地面积390公顷的度假小 every inch of the land with recreational taste. 岛名不虚传,几乎每一寸 土地都带着休闲的味道。

If you use one of the best word to describe the Singapore, it

is " unique ". A dynamic contrast and rich colors of the city, you will find a blend of culture, celebrity, art and architecture in here.
假如用一个最好的單词來描述新加坡,它是“独特的”。一个 动态对比度和色彩丰富的城市,你会找到一个和谐地融合了 文化、名人、艺术和建筑在这里。

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