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1. It’s reported that this railway station ____________ at the end of this month .

A. has been completed B. is completed

C. was completed D. will be completed

2. The light rail from Wuhan to Wenquan _________ in six months .

A. will build B. has built C. is building D. will be built

3. The computer is broken . _________ it _________ today ?

A. Will ;repair B. Has ; repaired

C. Will ; be repaired D. Has ; been repaired

4. ---How often do I need to feed the birds ?

---They _________ food every day , or they will be hungry .

A. must give B. mustn’t give C. must be given D. mustn’t be given

5. ---Mary was heard _________ just now . What happened ?

---John was telling a joke .

A. cry B. to cry C. laugh D. to laugh

6. It’s common knowledge that black tea ______ in China more than 600 years ago .

A. is invented B. was invented C. invents D. invented

7. Nick _________ a job in a blank , but to our surprise , he didn’t take it .

A. offered B. has offered C. was offered

8. Great changes __________ in my hometown in the last few years .

A. took place B. have been happened

C. have taken place D. happened

9. Jack said that piece of classical music __________really beautiful .

A. sounds B. was sounded C. sounded D. to sound

10. ---Hey , Molly . You _________ on the phone just now . But you weren’t here and the man left a phone number .

---Oh ? I was in the library .

A. wanted B. are wanted C. were wanted D. have wanted

11. So far , hundreds of volunteers _______ to the area to teach the village children .

A. sent B. have been sent C. will be sent D. are sending

12. At present , a large bridge _____________ over the river so that it won’t take the villagers long to the other side of the river .

A. is being built B. is building C. builds D. will build

13. ---Oh , my God ! I can’t find my key to the office .

---Don’t worry . Perhaps it ___________ at your home .

A. left B. has left C. was left D. had left

14. Nowadays teenage students are made _________ for more than 9 hours every day .

A. to study B. study C. are studying D. studying

15. I ________ little time to get ready for the test , so I wasn’t confident at that time .

A. gave B. didn’t give C. was given D. wasn’t given 1

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