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句式---人称----时态----时间状语---地点状语---特殊动词(come –go, take --bring) 直接引语变间接引语专项练习题(1)


1. “I never eat meat.” he said.

He said that ______ never ______ meat.

2. “I’ve found my wallet.” he said to me.

He ______ me that he ______ ______ ______ wallet.

3. “I took it home with me.” she said.

She said that ______ ______ _______ it home with her.

4. The teacher said, “The sun rises in the east and goes down in the west.” The teacher said that the sun ______ in the east and ______ down in the west.

5. “I met her yesterday.” he said to me.

He ______ me that he ______ met the day ______.

6. “You must come here before five.” he said.

He said that I ______ to go ______ before five.

7. “I bought the house 10 years ago.” he said.

He said that he _______ bought the house 10 years _______.

8. “Did you see her last week?” he said.

He ______ ______ I had seen her the week _______.

9. He said, “You can sit here, Jim.”

He ______ Jim that he ______ sit there

10. He asked, “How did you find it, mother?”

He asked her mother ______ ______ ______ found it.

11. “Where have you been these days?” he asked.

He asked me _______ _______ _______been _______ days.

12. “Do you know where she lives?” he asked.

He asked ______ ______ knew where she ______.

13. “Stop making so much noise, children.” he said.

He ______ the children ______ ______ making so much noise.

14. “Don’t tell him the news.” she said.

She told me _______ ______ ______ him the news.

15. “Are you intested in this?” he said.

He ______ ______ I was interestd in ______.


1.He said: “I’ve left my book in my room.”

2.She said: “He will be busy.”

3.She said to Tom, “Can you help me?”

4.She asked, “Is this book yours or his?”


5.The teacher asked, “how did you repair it?”

6.The teacher said to the students, “Don’t waste your time.”

7.The mother said, “Tom, get up early, please.”

8.The teacher said, “The earth goes round the sun.”

9.My father said, “Practice makes perfect.”

10.The boy said to us, “ I usually get up at six every day.”

11.He said, “We are still students.’

12.He said to me, “I was born in 1978.

13.The engineer said, “I was at college in 1967.”

14.He said, “I have studied English since I was a boy.”

15.She said, “I read the book while I was waiting for a bus.

16.Mr. Green said to them, “Joe told me all about his story when he asked for a job.”

17.He said, “We insisted that she start immediately.

18.She said, “He demanded that the girl leave at once.”

19.I said to him, “I have finished it.”

20.She said to us,“ I’ll come here tomorrow.”

21.“Where does your chemistry teacher live, Karen?” the young man asked.

22.“I have gained the first place in the mathematics competition,” the little boy said happily.

23.“Light travels faster than sound,” the physics teacher said to the boys and girls.

24.“Will you go to the concert with me this evening?” Mary asked me.

25.“What did you do here yesterday?” the old man asked my brother.



1. Our teacher asked us _____ our dictionaries to school.

A. bring B. brought C. bring

D. to bring

2. The teacher told the boy students ______ football on the grass.

A. not play B. not to play C. played

D. playing

3. ____ Tom didn’t go to school?

A. Do you know how B. Why do you know C. How you know why D. Do you

know why

4. She looks sad. Could you please tell me _____ that prevents her from being as happy as before?

A. what it is B. it is what C. how it is

D. it is how

5. Betty asked her sister ____ to the railway station to see her off.

A. not to come B. not to go C. to not come D.

to not go

6. The pupil asked his teacher _____ round the earth.

A. weather the moon goes B. that the moon went

C. whether the moon goes D. whether the moon went

7. Mr. Li ____ Wang Ling ____ a taxi to the airport.

A. asked; take B. asked; taking C. told; take D.

told; to take

8. She asked him ____.

A. whose dictionary this is B. whose dictionary that was

C. whose dictionary is this D. whose dictionary that is

9. Mary’s mother asked her _____.

A. that whether she had finished her homework B. if she has finished her homework

C. if she had finished her homework D. that if she had finished her


10. Do you know ____?

A. what is he doing B. what he doing

C. what he is doing D. what does he do now

11. I don’t know ____ to learn English.

A. when did he begin B. when he began C. he when began D. when he


12. He asked me ____.

A. how would the weather be like tomorrow B. what the weather would be like the next day

C. how the weather would be like tomorrow D. what would the weather be like the next day

13. You can’t imagine ____ when they received these nice Spring Festival presents.

A. how excited they were B. how excited were they

C. how they were excited D. they were how excited

14. She told me that she ____ by her relatives at the bus stop.

A. had been seen off B. have seen off C. have been seen off D. had seen off

15. Do you remember how many times ____ to Australia?

A. had you been B. did you go C. have you been 3

D. you have been

16. Can you guess ____?

A. what is that man B. who that man is C. whom that man is D. who is that


17. More and more students and teachers have began to know ____.

A. how important the foreign language are B. how the foreign language is important

C. how important the foreign language is D. how important is the foreign language

18. The hostess said that it ___ time that they ___ supper.

A. was; had B. was; had had C. is; have

D. is; have had

19. The boss asked his secretary ____ he had finished typing the report ____.

A. if; or not B. if; not C. whether; or not

D. whether; not

20. I wonder how much _____.

A. does he spend on his car B. did he spend on his car

C. he spent on his car D. he spent in his car


1."my mother took me to an exhibition yesterday."she said.

2."we are going to study in Australia next month."they said.

3."i'm checking your home work now."his mother said.

4."can you tell me how to get to the nearest restaurant?"the man asked the policeman

5."is your son going to Shanghai today or tomorrow?"he asked.

6."do you remember what your aunt told you last night?"Li ping's father asked him.

7."where shall i get off to change to a No.3 bus?"he asked the conductor.

8."how many car factories have been built in your country?"he asked me.

9."what did Edison do to help the doctor operate on his mother ?"the teacher asked.

10." go to the front at once!"the officer said to the soldiers.



1. he, ate 2. told, had, found, his 3. she, had, taken 4. rise, goes

5. told, had, before 6. had, there 7. had, before 8. asked, if [whether], before

9. told, could 10. how, she, had 11. where, I, had, those 12. if [whether], I, lived

13. told, to, stop 14. not, to, tell 15. asked, if [whether], that

1. He told me that he had left his book in his room.

2. She said that he would be busy.

3. She asked Tom if /whether he could help her.

4. She asked me whether that book was mine or his.

5. The teacher asked me how I had repaired it.

6. The teacher told the students not to waste their time.

7. The mother asked Tom to get up early.

8. The teacher said that the earth goes round the sun.

9. My father said practice makes perfect.

10. The boy told us he usually gets up at six every day.

11. He said they are still students.

12. He told me that he was born in 1978.

13. The engineer said he was at college in 1967.

14. He said he had studied English since he was a boy.

15. She said she had read the book while she was waiting for a bus.

16. Mr. Green told them Joe had told him all about his story when he asked for a job.

17. He said they (had) insisted that she start immediately.

18. She said he demanded that the girl leave at once.

19. I told him I had finished it.

20. She told us she would come here tomorrow

21. The young man asked Karen where her chemistry teacher lived.

22. The little boy said happily that he had gained the first place in the mathematics competition.

23. The physics teacher told the boys and girls that light travels faster than sound.

24. Mary asked me if / whether I would go to the concert with her that evening.

25. The old man asked my brother what he had done there the day before.


1—5DBDAB; 6—10CDBCC;11—15BBAAD;16—20BCACC

1.She said her mother had took her to an exhibition the day before .

2.They said they were going to study in Australia the next month.

3.His mother said she was checking his homework then .

4.The man asked the policeman if he could tell him how to get to the nearest restaurant.

5.He asked whether my son was going to Shanghai that day or the next day.

6.Li ping's father asked him if he rememberred what his aunt had told him the night before.

7.He asked the conductor where he could get off to change to a No.3 bus.

8.He asked me how many car factories had been built in my country.

9.The teacher asked what Edison had do to help the doctor operate on his mother.

10.The officer asked the soldiers to go to the front at once.


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