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七年级下7bUnit 4 Finding your way Welcome to the unitW

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Unit 4 Finding your way

Comic strip & Welcome to the unit

一.Teaching aims

1. Knowledge aims:

? New words and Phrases :follow, north, north-west, south-west, be sure, go down/up, be afraid(of), have to

? To introduce the topic of places and transport

2. Ability aims:

? To use words to point out directions in different ways.

? To talk about visits and means of transport using model sentences

3. Emotion aims:

? To be helpful to the others.

二.Teaching emphasis:

? To use words to point out directions and use “ How do you get there?”.

三.Teaching difficulties:

? To use the words and expressions what we learn correctly

四.Teaching method:

? Free talk,

? Listening, reading, practicing,

五. Teaching aids:

? A tape recorder and multi-media

六.Teaching procedures

Step 1: Lead--in

1. Say: “Eddie and Hobo would like to go on a trip, ?Does Hobo know the way?? please listen to the tape carefully and answer it!”

2. Let students listen to the tape Listen again, Ss read after the tape recorder then answer the questions: 1) Where are Eddie and Hobo standing?

2) How does Hobo go down the hill?

3)What does the sign say?

4) Do they have to go up the hill again?

3. Let students act it out after reading. Ss find out useful expressions.

Language points: (1) follow me (2) go down (3) go up (4)Don?t be afraid(5) have to

4. Recite the dialogue and prepare for dictation



1.The Class 1, Grade 7 students are learning how to give directions.Let?s see!

Present the picture of the directions on the screen. Let students read these phrases twice together.

Ask: “Where is Sunshine Zoo/ the Sunny Garden/ Lake Park/Sunshine Park?”

Let students answer, then fill in the blanks on page 43.

2. Ask: “Where is the Post office/ the zoo/ the restaurant?” Let students answer these questions. The school is________ of the post office. The post office is __________of the school. The park is ____________ of the hospital. The hospital is ___________of the park. The bank is ______________of the supermarket.

The supermarket is _______________of the bank

Step3: Discussion

1. Present the map on the screen and some pictures, then ask and answer.

A:Let’s go to Sunshine Zoo/Sunny Garden/Lake Park/Sunshine Park .

B:Ok. We can go by bus/underground.

2. Present the map of China. Let students discuss the dialogue in groups:

(1)A: Where is Shanghai /Xinjiang/ Taiwan?

B: Shanghai is in the east of China./Xinjiang is in the northwest of China./Taiwan is in the southeast of China.

(2)A: Where is Hubei/ Hunan?

B: Hunan is on the south of Hubei ./ Hubei is on the north of Hunan.

(3) A: Where is Japan/ China?

B: Japan is to the east of China./ China is to the west of Japan.

3. Present pictures.Check some groups .Give them some courage and prize if necessary. Where is …?

How can we get there?

4. Open your books and please repeat the conversation after the tape.Work in pairs and talk about the trip.

Step4: Exercise


1. Present a question on the screen: “If someone doesn?t know the way, How can you help

him?” Say: “You should tell him the directions, maybe you can draw a map about the way”. Encourage and give them some help if necessary.

2. Translate the phrases. 1)下去 2)别怕埃迪 3)不得不 4).乘自行车5).到达那儿

6).到动物园去 7).跟我来 8).我不认识 9).在我们学校西南

3. 1).昆山在上海的西面。2).昆山在苏州的东部。3).公园在镇中心。



Step 7: Homework

1.Review the new words and phrases after class.

2.Finish the exercise in the workbook.

Blackboard design

Teaching self-examination

本课教学设计是‘Eddie和 Hobo去旅游不认识路’这个话题上,进入到Comic Strip部分。接着通过创设真实的语言情景,先从课本Welcome to the unit上的地图再到旅游景点图逐步激发学生的兴趣,让学生主动讨论及运用方位词,学生的主体地位得到了很好的体现。再者,设置四个不同的位置,让学生运用刚学到的方位词表述方位;让学生再次巩固刚学的方位词。然后再由‘如何去几个旅游景点’的交通方式,过渡到交通方式名词或短语上面来,很好地完成了本课的Welcome to the unit部分。最后,通过讨论‘不认识路如何处理?’这个深层问题,让学生学会听指令画地图,并用英语指明路线,从而达到本章节要求学生运用方位词处理日常生活问题的能力。


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