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九年级(上)Module 1 Unit 1 备学案(2课时)

主备人: 覃连新


一)知识目标:掌握本单元的单词 : wonder, band, review, ancient, composition, grade , pyramid, pupil, meeting , call, event, club


1.have a meeting开会 2. That’s news to me.我一点也不知道。

3.listen up注意听 4. start a school magazine办校刊

5. why don’t we do=why not do为什么不做某事 6. write a diary写一篇日记

7. do some reviews about对…做一些评8. do an interview with…对…进行一次采访

9.get good grades 取得好成绩 10. write a composition写一篇作文

11.I think../ I don’t think…我认为…/我认为…不12.What’s happening?什么事?




1. 重点:六种时态的用法。

2. 难点:Talk about wonders of world.





一般现在时:______________________ 一般过去时:___________________ 一般将来时:_______________________现在进行时:___________________ 过去进行时:________________________现在完成时:___________________


1.The Great Wall is one of the greatest w _________ in the world.

2. She works in a __________(乐队) .

3.I am writing a _________ (作文)call my “family”.

4. They are reading an __________(古老的)story about Egypt now.

5. Please quiet. L________ up.

6. Work harder and you’ll get good g________.

7. Yesterday we had a m_______.

8. They will __________ a school magazine next year.

Step 2 课文学习 (多层阅读)

一)Talk about wonders of the world.谈论世界 奇迹。

二)Talk about the picture and do.(翻译课文第一部分的单词)


( )1.What are Lingling and her classmates doing? They are _________.

A. doing homework. B. writing a composition C. having a meeting

( )2.Who is Lingling’s favourite singer?

A. The band Crazy B. Becky Wang C. We don’t know.

( )3.Is Daming’s composition “What is a wonder of the world” ?

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t.


1.__________ 2.__________3.___________4.___________

Step 3突破难点

Step 4练习一 、按要求完成

1.start(过去式)________ 2. singer(动词)__________3.I (物主代词)________

4.meet(现在分词)___________5.visit(名词)_________ 6.write(过去分词)____________

7.diary(复数)___________ 8.burn(音标)__________9. great(比较级)____________


( )1.Mary is a nurse and ______ in Town hospital.

A. worked B. works C. has worked

( )2.—_____ you _____ that book to the library yet?

__ No, I will return it in two days.

A. Do, return B. Did, return C. Have, returned

( )3.She _______ Beijing twice.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. went to

( )4.They will go to the park if it ______ tomorrow.

A. won’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. not rain

( )5.Last night the boy ____ a composition.

A. write B. writed C. wrote


1.I think that’s a fantastic idea.(否定句)

I _______ _________ that’s a fantastic idea

2.Why don’t you ask the policeman to help? (同义句)

_________ ________ ________ the policeman to help?

3. He has never been to Shanghai,__________ _________?(反义疑问句) 就划线部分提问)

______ ______ they _______ now?

Step 5 summary

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