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英语基本句型-1 主系表句型与高考书面表达


You are right.

2. The playground is now in front of the school. 3. It was 7:15 on the morning of February 8, 2000. 5. 60% of the students are against the idea of entrance fees.

本结构是由主语+系动词+表语组成,主要用以说明主 语的特征,类属,状态,身份等。系动词有: 1.表示特征和存在状态的 be, seem, feel, appear, look, smell, taste, sound; 2.表示状态延续的 remain, stay, keep, continue, stand; 3.表示状态变化的 become, get, turn, go, fall, come, grow;

Our English teacher is thirty years old.
The cake tastes delicious. The potatoes went bad in the fields. Their boss seems satisfied with the work. Deep water stays still.

巩固练习: 1.冬季白天短,夜晚长
In winter, the days are short and the nights are long.

At the age of fifteen, he became a famous pianist.

Children seldom keep quiet.

Her job is to look after the children in the nursery.

He is out of work.

The leaves have turned yellow.

The report sounds interesting

主系表句型的几个特例: 1. As in China, the weather is different from area to area. 2. We are greatly surprised to meet him there. 3. It is not a good idea to spend your vacation with strangers. 4. It is kind of you to say so. 5. It is not easy for them to go there by bike. 6. Is it Tom who is playing the piano? 7. It is a fact that they can’t pass the exam.



2. Quite a few changes have taken place. (`99)

3. The car didn't stop but drove off at great speed heading west. (`00)
4. What’s more, I can go to bed earlier. (`01)

主谓结构 本结构是由主语加不及物的谓语动词构成, 常 用来表示主语的动作。 如:The sun rises. Tom has already left. 主语可有修饰语-定语,谓语可有修饰语-状语。
如: 1. The red sun rises in the east. 2. So they had to travel by air or boat. 3.We got up early so as to catch the first bus. 4. She sat there alone, reading a novel. 5. He came back when we were eating. 6.Weak buildings will fall down in an earthquake, but strong ones may stay up.

1. She went home very late yesterday evening.

2. The meeting will last two hours. 3.在过去的十年里,我的家乡已经发生了巨大变化 3. Great changes have taken place in my home town in the past ten years.

4.1919年,在北京爆发了“五.四”运动。 4. The May Fourth Movement broke out in Beijing in

5. Classes begin at eight every day.

6. This box weighs five kilos.

? 7.五年前我住在北京。
7.I lived in Beij

ing five years ago.

? ? ? ? ?

8.In autumn, some birds fly to the south.

9.我的爷爷早晨起得很早。 9. My grandfather gets up early in the morning.

10. 每天下午有许多学生到图书馆来借书。
10.Every afternoon a lot of students come to the library to borrow books.



1. Now

I have more free time. (`01)

3. In the evenings I can watch news on TV or read newspapers. (`01)
4. About two minutes later I stopped a passing car

We have also planted a lot of trees in and around the school. (`99)


本结构是由主语+及物的谓语动词+宾语构成。 宾语成分的多样化使得这一结构异常复杂。 如:1. Tom made a hole in the wall. 2. I don’t know if he can come tomorrow. 3. They haven’t decided where to go next. 4. She stopped teaching English two years ago. 5. It took them ten years to build the dam. 7. Mother promises to give me a present.

巩固练习: 1.昨晚我写了一封信。 1. I wrote a letter last night. 2.今天下午我想同你谈谈。 2. I want to talk with you this afternoon. 3.这本书他读过多次了。
3. He has read this book many times.

4.他们成功地完成了计划。 4. They have carried out the plan successfully. 5.那位先生能流利地说三种语言。 5. That gentleman can speak three languages fluently.

? 6.我收到了笔友从澳大利亚寄来的信。

6. I received a letter from my penfriend in ? Australia.
? 7.Jim 还不会自己穿衣服。
? 8.我们大家都相信Jack 是一个诚实男孩。

7. Jim cannot dress himself.

8. All of us believe that Jack is an ? honest boy.
? 9. 他不知道说什麽好。

9. He did not know what to say.
? 10. 我开窗户你在意吗?

10. Do you mind my opening the window?

英语基本句型4 双宾语结构 说明:此结构由“主语+及物谓语动词+间接宾语 (人)+直接宾语(事物)”组成。如: He brings me cookies every day. 但若要先说出直接宾语(事物),后说间接宾语(人), 则要借助于介词to或for。如: He brings cookies to me every day. She made a beautiful dress for me. 用to侧重指动作的方向,表示朝着,向着,对着某人。 用for 侧重指动作的受益者,表示为了某人,替某人。 常跟双宾语的动词有:(需借助to的)bring, give, lend, hand, offer, pass, pay, promise, return, send, show, teach, tell, write, ask等; (需借助for 的) buy, call, cook, choose, draw, find, get, make, order, sing, save, spare等。

巩固练习: 1.Johnson 先生去年教我们德语。

1.Mr Johnson taught us German last year.

2.Grandma told me an interesting story last night.

3.Would you please pass me the dictionary?

4.He showed the ticket to the conductor.


5.Shall I call you a taxi?

6.The new machine will save you a lot of

7.He bought a new coat for his mother with his first month’s salary.

英语基本句型5 复合宾语结构 说明: 此结构由“主语+及物的谓语动词+宾语+宾 语补足语”构成。宾语与宾语补足语之间有逻辑上的主谓 关系或主表关系,若无宾语补足语,则句意不够完整。可 以用做宾补的有:名词,形容词,副词,介词短语,动词 不定式,分词等。如: The sun keeps us warm. I heard him singing. You must get your hair cut. They made Tom monitor. He used to do his homework with his radio on. 用 it 做形式宾语,而将真正的宾语放到宾语补足语 的后面,以使句子结构平衡,是英语常用的句型结构方式。 即:主语+谓语+it+宾补+真正宾语。如: I found it very pleasant to be with your family.

1.我们叫她Alice. We call her Alice. 2.我们大家都认为他是诚实的。 All of us considered him honest. 3.他们把小偷释放了。 They have set the thief free. 4.我要你把真相告诉我。 I want you to tell me the truth.

5 .卫兵命令我们立即离开。 The guards ordered us to leave at once. 6. 每天早晨我们都听到他大声朗读英语。

Every morning we hear him read English aloud.


We won’t let her go out at night.

9.那可怕的声音把孩子们吓坏了 The terrible sound made the children frightened. 10.她正在听人家讲故事。

She is listening to someone telling stories. 11.我从来没看见这个字这样用过。 I have never seen the word used that way before.

He felt it very difficult to talk with you.

13.我认为有可能用另一种方法解题。 I consider it possible to work out the problem in another way. 14.学校定了一条规则,开始上课时学生要起立。 The school made it a rule that the students should stand up when class begins.

英语基本句型6 There be 句型 说明: 此句型是由“there+be+主语+状语” 构成,用以表达存在关系可以称“……有……”。 它其实是倒装的一种情况,主语位于谓语动词 be 之后,there 仅为引导词,并无实际语意。 此句型有时不用be动词,而用 live, stand, come, go, lie, remain, exist, arrive等。如: There stands a hill in the middle of the park. Once upon a time there lived an old king in the town.

Be 与其后的主语在人称和数量上一致,有时态和情 态变化。如: 现在有 there is/are … 过去有 there was/were… 将来有 there will be…;there is /are going to be... 现在已经有 there has/have been… 可能有 there m

ight be... 肯定有 there must be …/there must have been... 过去曾经有 there used to be … 似乎有 there seems/seem/seemed to be … 碰巧有 there happen/happens/happened to be …


There was only a well in the village.

Among the guests there were two Americans and two Frenchmen.

The weatherman says there’ll be a strong wind in the afternoon.

The light is on. There must be someone in the office


There used to be a cinema here before the war.

There happened to be nobody in the room.

Once, there lived an old fisherman in a village by the sea.

There remained only twenty –eight dollars.

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