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8年级英语一单元Section A 2

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Role-play the conversation in 2d. Hi, Helen. Long time no see.

Hi, Rick. Yes, ...



1. 你去了什么地方去度假? ______ did vacation Where _____ you go on ________? 2. 我去了纽约市。 I _____ ____ New York City. went to 3. 你和别的什么人一起去的吗? ______ ______ go out with _______? Did you anyone

4. 不,没有别人在这儿。每个人都在度假。 No. ____ _____ was here. No one ________ Everyone was on ________. vacation 5. 你买了什么特别的东西了吗? _____ you buy anything _______? ________ special Did 6. 是的,我为我爸爸买了些东西。 Yes, I _______ _________ for my father. bought something 7. 不,我没有买什么东西。 No, I _______ _________. bought nothing

8. 吃的怎么样?____ ____ the food? How was 9. 所有的东西尝起来都很好。 __________ _______ really good. Everything tasted 10. 每个人都玩得很开心吗? _____ ________ have a good time? Did everyone 11. 哦,是的。一切都很棒。 Oh, yes. ____________ was excellent. Everything

复合不定代词小结: 1. some, any, no, every与-one, -thing可以 组成八个不定代词,他们分别是: 某人 任何人
someone anyone no one everyone

某事 任何事

something anything nothing everything



2. 带some的复合不定代词常用于肯定句 中;带any的复合不定代词常用于否定 句或一般疑问句中。 e.g. 我想吃点东西。 I’d like ___________ to eat. something 今天有人给我打电话吗? Did ________ call me today? anyone

3. 当形容词修饰不定代词时,应放在其 后面。 e.g. 这本书里有什么新东西吗? Is there _________ _____ in this anything new book? 今天没有什么特别的事。 There’s _________ _______ today. nothing special

4. 由some, any, no, every构成的复合不定 代词作主语时,都作单数看待,其谓 语动词用单数第三人称形式。 e.g. Something is wrong with my watch. Well, everyone wants to win. Nobody knows what the future will be like. There is something for everyone at Greenwood Park.

5. 除no one以外,其他复合不定代词都 写成一个词。

Fill in the blanks with the 3a words in the box and practice the conversation. anyone, something, anything, everything, nothing

Linda: Did you do _________ fun on your anything vacation, Alice? Alice: Yes, I did. I went to Sanya. Linda: How did you like it? Alice: Well, it was my first time there, so __________ was really interesting. everything Linda: Did you go with ________? anyone Alice: Yes, I did. I went with my sister. Linda: Did you go shopping?

Alice: Of course! I bought something _________ for my parents, but nothing for ______ myself. Linda: Why didn’t you buy ________ for anything yourself? Alice: I didn’t really see _________ I like. anything

1. myself (我自己) ,yourself (你自己)是反 身代词。表示

“某人自己的词”叫反身 代 词。见下表: myself yourself himself herself itself
我自己 你自己 他自己 她自己 它自 己

ourselves yourselves
我们自己 你们自己


1. Did you buy anything for yourself? 你为你自己买什么东西了吗?(做介词宾语) 2. The old man taught himself English. 那位老人自学英语。(做动词宾语) 3. The thing itself is not important. 事情本身并不重要。 (做同位语) 4. I myself visited my aunt last weekend. 上周我自己去拜访了姑姑。 (做同位语)

Fill in the blanks in the e-mail 3b message with the words in the box.
anything, everything, nothing, everyone, no one

Dear Bill,
How was your vacation? Did you do

________ interesting? Did _______ in anything anyone the family go with you? I went to a friend’s farm in the countryside with
my family. __________ was great. Everything

We fed some hens and saw some baby pigs. They were so cute! The only problem was that there was _______ nothing

much to do in the evening but read. Still
______ seemed to be bored. Bye for now! no one

Did you…

Ask your group questions about their last vacation. Then tell the class your results.
Everyone Someone (name) No one

eat anything at a restaurant?
read anything interesting?

visit anyone in your family?
buy anything? keep a diary?

In our group, everyone ate something at a restaurant. No one read anything interesting. Li Lei visited his grandparents in the town. Liu Xue bought something interesting. Xu Li kept a diary. Now work by yourselves. Then give your own report on your group.


something, anyone, everything, anything, nothing, someone, no one, every one 1. _________ found Mr. Li’s keys and gave Someone them back to him yesterday. 2. ─ Did you see _________ in the big box? anything ─ No, I didn’t. There’s nothing in it. _______ 3. _________ helped the little boy. He did it No one himself.

4. My watch doesn’t work. ___________ is Something wrong with it. 5. ─ Hello, ___________! everyone ─ Hello, Mr. Smith! 6. ─ How’s it going, Jack? ─ Great! ____________ is going well. Everything 7. ─ Did you go to the beach with _______? anyone ─ Yes. I went there with my cousin.

1. 背诵Grammar focus部分。 2. 复习复合不定代词及反身代词 的用法。

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