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八年级英语上册 Unit 1 Me and My Class单元综合测试

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Unit 1 Me and My Class单元测试卷




1. 物理学 15.有耐心的;病人

2.劝告;建议 16.愉快;快乐;满足

3.胶水;用胶水粘合 17.本地人;当地人的

4.立即地,马上地 18.地理(学)

5.柠檬 19.除了……. 之外

6.憎恨,讨厌 20.今晚

7. 也 (用在否定句中) 21. 可怜的;贫穷的

8. 抄写;复制 22.因为

9. n. 意想不到的事 23. 好像;似乎

v. 使惊奇 24.喊

10.借出 25.刻;四分之一

11.敌人 26.最近,近来

( )在括号中写出复数 27.南部的

12.某人;有人 28. 游客

13.英格兰 29. 我的

14. v.讨论;谈论 ( ) 30.最后的



1. 一个……,另一个……

2. 同意……

3. 拉小提琴

4. 花费(时间)干……

5. 让……感到吃惊的是

6. 鼓励……做……

7. 迟到

8. 一点也不

9. 请保持安静!

10. 令……想起……

二. 单选题(20分)

1. We never play with fire , and they never play with it,_________. A. too B. also C. well D. either

2. To my ______, he went to Japan without telling me.

A. surprise B. surprised C. surprising D. surprises

3. They have two boats and they ____them ____to us last weekend.

A. borrow, from B. borrowed, from C. lend, to D. lent, to

4. Before the exam our teacher advised us____too much and take it easy.

A. worry B. to worry C. not worry D. not to worry

5. Tom spent all the evening_____cards. It’s not good.


A. paly B. playing C. played D. to play

6. May I ask you_____questions, Mr, Sun?

A. two more B. more two C. two another D. other two

7. I have two cats. One is white and _____is black.

A. another B. the other C. other D. the others

8. Jerry was good at drawing, so we encouraged him ___the art club.

A. join B. joining C. to joining D. to join

9. —______________________

—I like swimming and riding a bike.

A. What colour do you like?

B. What food do you like to eat?

C. What do you hate to do?

D. What do you like to do after school?

10. —Mum, I think we’d better go there by train.


A. I agree with you. B. See you! Good luck!

C. sure, go ahead! D. Have a good time.

11. There _______ a thunder storm (雷阵雨)tomorrow .

A. will be B. is will be C. is will D. will have 12. They have ______ many good books for children.

A. write B. wrote C. written D. writing

13. _______is difficult to work out the math problem.

A. That B. This C. It D. One

14. Mr. Lee told us an interesting story yesterday. It made all of us _______.

A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughed D. laughing

15. Thank you for _______me the money

A. lend B. to lend C. lending D. lends

16. Please don’t forget____ to me, will you?

A. to write B. to writing C. writing D. write

17. There’s _______in today’s newspaper.

A. new nothing B. new something

C. anything new D. nothing new

18. Listen! Can you hear a baby _______?

A. cry B. to cry C. crying D. cries

19. Last week I _______a report about Chinese festivals.

A. write B. written C. wrote D. was wrote 20. Have you ever _______a seed?

A. plant B. plants C. planting D. planted



1. Sally _______(play)in her school orchestra (乐队), and she can ___ ( help)

Da Ming with his homework.

2. How about _____(come) with us?

3. Our teacher often ______( advise) us to read English in the morning. 2

4. My uncle ____ever ____ (visit) many foreign countries. 5. -----____ you ever _____ (read) this book? ——No,never.

6. -----Shall we go to see the film? -----No, I _________ ( see ) it already. And I _____ (see) it last night.

7. My father _____(be)to Hongkong once.

8. ----____Tom ____(like) playing the piano?

----No. He _____ (like) it at all.

9. The boy _______ (finish) his work, didn’t he?

10. There ______( be ) a film in our school tomorrow.

四.根据汉语意思, 依次写出动词原形,过去式,过去分词。(10分)

1. 发现,找到 ________, _________, ___________

2. 感觉 ________, _________, ___________

3. 带来________, _________, ___________

4. 选择________, _________, ___________

5. 喝________, _________, ___________

6. 打坏,打破________, _________, ___________

7. 开始________, _________, ___________

8. 买________, _________, ___________

9. 走,去________, _________, ___________

10. 知道,了解________, _________, ___________


1. I, pleasure, of , to , had , the , talking, Mary


2. she, go , the , movies ,to, me, invited, to


3. it, the ,is ,way, learn , English ,to, best


4. what, is , for ,time, you, convenient


5. you, have ,found, Chinese, music, any


6. make, to, it’s, fun, dumplings, to


7. a, mother, beautiful, my, park, me , took, to


8. Thanksgiving, don’t, at, celebrate, we, home


9. to, you, listened, news, the, have


10. future, they, sometime, visit, it ,the ,will, in ________________________________



新学期开始了, 你们班级里来了3位新同学。根据下表信息,介绍一下他们,写一篇80字


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