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八年级英语上册 Unit 3 A day out快乐学案

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Unit 3 A day out快乐学案


掌握词汇: final 决赛,期中考试 useful 有用的 helpless 无能为力的 接触短语: take place 发生 cheer for 为某人喝彩

句型及表达方法:forget to do sth. 忘记做某事。 keep +adj.

学习重点:take place happen 的用法





一.自主学习 掌握本课的重点单词和短语




三.小结点拨 help的用法 help oneself to sth. help sb. With sth. '

help sb. do sth. With one's help 在某人的帮助下


一 根据句意和汉语注释,在空格内写出各单词的正确形式

1. When I got to the factory, I saw many ____________ (金属) boxes near the gate.

2.They enjoyed the _____________(美丽) of the sunrise.

3. Daniel made a ________ (特别的) home page on the Internet where he put pictures of his trip.

4. It was a great day, but they did not enjoy it at the ____________ (开始).

5. The boys and the girls are _____________ (喝彩) for their football team.

6. They wanted to keep their secrets to _______________(他们自己).

7. His ____________ (主要的) task (任务) is to help me with my maths.

8. This mountain is much ______________ (高) than that one.

9. He was employed (被雇佣) _____________ (幸运) yesterday.


1. – Were your parents at home last night?

– No. We _____ went to Grandma’s birthday party.

A. both B. none C. neither D. all 2.. _______ honest boy is Jack, _________ friend of mine.

A The; an B An; the C The; a D An; a

3. The beef tastes ________. I want ________. A wonderful; some more B wonderfully; more some

C wonderfully; some more D wonderful; more some

5. There is little milk in the bottle, _________? A is it B isn’t it C is there D isn’t there

6. ________ the idea sounds! A How crazy B What crazy C How crazily D What crazily

7. Beijing Zoo is a place of interest ________.


A visit B travel C to visit D to travel

8. The boy fell _______ the rock and ________ himself.

A from; hurted B down; hurt C off; hurted D off; hurt

9. —I will give you some nice picture books.

—Good. The _______, the ________.

A more; better B many; good C most; best D much; worse

10. —Why don’t we have a day out?


A. That’s right. B You’re great. C What a good idea! D No, I don’t

11. The doctors and the nurses are doing their best to fight with SARS. They think more of others than _______.

A they B them C theirs D themselves

12. —Hi, Tom! Can you tell me when _________ for London?

—Yes, tomorrow afternoon. A leaving B leaves C to leave D are you leaving

13. —I like riding fast. It’s very exciting.

—Oh! You mustn’t do it like that, ________ it may have an accident.

A and B or C so D but

14. The trip from the school _______ about half an hour by coach. It was too ________.

A spends; bored B spent; boring

C takes; bored D took; boring

15. —Excuse me, where is Children’s Park, please?

—Take the No. 5 bus and _______ at the fifth bus stop.

A get on B get off C get up D get to

五 家庭作业


1. —Where is Jack?

—He ________________ an important meeting. (prepare)

2. Jim invited me ________________ their school trip to Xiangsan. (join)

3. Lucy tried to run out of the building but _______________. (fail)

4. Thank you for _______________ to let me go on the trip today, Mr, Wu. (agree)

5. Most students ______________ out the problem, but a few did. (work)

6. I usually met my friends on weekend and had a great time____________ to each other. (chat)

7. Kitty will go back home until she ________________ the exercise. (finish) 8. would you please _________________ me around your school? (show)



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