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( ( ( ( ( 二、积累与运用:(15分)


6. 弹吉他_______________ 7. 下中国象棋

8. 擅长于做某事___________________ 9. 打功夫 10.敲鼓_____________________ 11.拉小提琴


14.在周末__________________15.游泳俱乐部 (2)在B栏中选择A栏的答句:


( )16. Can you sing or dance? A. Yes, I am.

( )17. Are you playing football? B. I can dance..

( )18. What club do you want to join? C. Yes, I can.

( )19. Can you draw? D. Sounds great.

( )20. Let’s tell stories. E. Chess club.


( )21. Let’s go and play __ping-pong. I don’t want to play __violin.

A. a, the B. the, a C. X, the D the,the

( )22. Who wants ______ the singing club?

A. to joins B. join C. to join D joining

( )23. I always help my sister_______ her history. X k B 1 . c o m

A. to B. with C. for D of

( )24. Maybe he can ______ in their basketball team.

A. is B. be C. are D am

( )25. I can sing English songs very _____.

A. well B. much C. good D bad


A. Yes,I do B. No, I don’t

. C. Yes,I can D. No, I can’t

( A. dance B. to dance C. dances D dancing

( )28. My friend Lisa is good at _____.

B. No, I don’t

. C. Yes,I can D. No, I can’t

( A. dance B. to dance C. dances D dancing

( )28. My friend Lisa is good at _____.

A. sing B. to sing C. singing D sings

( )29. We want some singers______ our rock band.

A. for B. at C. with D to

( )30. He is funny。He likes____ stories.

A. talking B. saying C. telling D speaking

( )31. A:Can you swim or play chess? B:___________.

A. Yes ,I am B.Yes,I can

A. I can swim B.I don’t know

( )32. Are you good ____ kids?

A. with B. at C. for D. to

( )33.--- Can I help you? .I can do it myself(我自己).

A. Yes,please. B. Sorry.

C. Very good. D. No,thanks.

( )34. A: __ do you join the club? B: I like music.

A. What B. Where C. Why D How

( )35. Can you ____ Chinese?

A. say B. talk C. speak D tell


Jane and John play the violin. John can’t play the piano. But he bedroom. piano is heavy(沉). They can’ parents aren’t at home. ( )36. A. is B. am C. are

( )37. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t

( )38. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t

( )39. A. like B. want C. can

( )40. A. Jane B. her C. Jane’s

( )41. A. The B. a C. /

( )42. A. take B. carry C. help

( )43. A. Jane’ts and John B. Jane and John’s C. They’s

( )44. A. have B. like C. want

( )45. A. come B. go C. join


Tom and Mike are good friends. They are kind to children. They want to find summer jobs. One day Tom tells Mike that Beidaihe Kids Summer Camp needs help with sports, music and computers. They are both very glad to hear(听说) this.

Tom can play basketball and volleyball, and he can swim, too. Mike can play the violin, the trumpet, the drums and the guitar. Tom and Mike like computers very much. Can they join the Summer Camp?

( )46. Tom and Mike want to ____.

A. help with sports, music and computers B. be good with children

C. join the Summer Camp D. get help from the Camp

( )47. What does the Summer Camp need help with?

A. Flying kites . B. Sports, music and computers.

C. Making cakes. D. Drawing pictures.

( )48. Tom can play ____.

A. balls B. computer games C. music D. violin

( )49. Mike can play _____.

A. the drums B. volleyball C. basketball D. football

( )50. What do Tom and Mike both like?

A. Football. B. Computers. C. Swimming. D. Sports.


51. I like __________(跳舞) and playing the guitar.

(讲故事) .

53. She is Chinese, but she __________(说) English very well.

54. The _____________(音乐人) like guitars and violins.

55. He wants to be a _________(歌唱家) in the future(将来).

56. Do you want to________________(交朋友) with the boy?

57. Can you ________(表演) us how to play the guitar?

58. She says she likes ____________(画画).

59. He ___________(参加) the art club in the evening.

60. Do you want to go to the ______________(讲故事) club.


61. Can he play chess or play the drums?. (选用chess进行回答)

______ _____ _______ 62. She can sing and dance. (否定句)

She ______ _______ ________ dance.

63. Li Lei can play the violin. (一般疑问句)

________ Li Lei _______ the violin? 就划线部分提问)

________ _______ _______ she _____ to join?

65. My sister wants to swim . (一般疑问句)

_______ ________ sister

八、书面表达:根据提示写一篇不少于60个词的短文:(10分) 提示:



My friend


一、1—5 B C A B C

二、(1) 略 (2) 16—20 B A E C D

三、21—25 C C B B A 26—30 D D C A C 31—35 CA D CC 四、36—40 C B A B C 41—45 A B B A C

五、46—50 C B A A B

六、51. dancing 52. telling stories 53. speaks 54. musicians

55. singer 56. make friends 57. show 58. drawing

59. joins 60. story telling

七、61. He can play chess

62. can’t sing or

63. Can play X k B 1 . c o m

64.What club does want

65. Does your want to


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