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八年级英语上册 8A Unit 5 Wild Animals快乐学案

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8A Unit 5 Wild Animals


1. 归纳各种野生动物的名称,了解他们的生活习性。

2. 了解大熊猫的成长过程,表达野生动物生存遇到的困难,及保护他们的的措施。

3. 正确掌握if和because / because of的用法。


1. 默写下列单词(20个左右单词)

(1)美味的 (2) 竹子 (3)叶子(pl) (4)猎人

(5)森林 (6)以下的 (7)保护 (8)劝告

(9)厚的 (10)继续 (11) 狐狸 (12)信息

(13)报告 (14)口渴的 (15)考试 (16)药

(17)嗅觉 (18)丧失 (19)农田 (20)训练 2.Do exercises (见随堂检测 第一题)

3.Tips: Pay attention to exchanging some words

(1) leaf (pl): ______ / fox (pl): ______ (2)tasty: adj. 美味的 / taste: n.味道 v品尝,尝起来

(3)lose: v. 丢失,丧失 / loss: n. 丢失,丧失 / lost: adj. 丢失的 Task2: the important phrases and sentences

1.Phrases 英汉互译

2. The important sentences

①Can I have some? ②If I don’t have food, I will die..

③When Xi Wang was born, she weighed just 100 grams..

④Mothers often leave baby pandas for two whole days on their own. ⑤I don’t think you should buy clothes made of animal fur.

⑥The number is getting smaller and smaller because many of their living areas are becoming farmland.

3.Do exercises (见随堂检测 第二题)

4.Tips: Tell the differences between them

(1)weigh / weight

①How much does the cat ________?

②The ________ of the baby panda is about 35 kilograms.

(2)the number of ?/ a number of?

①What’s ______________ students of your class?

②______________ the baby pandas are living in Sichuan Province.




1. Using conditional sentences to talk about possible situation.


Eg.1 If people find baby pandas alone, they often take them away.

2. If I see a snake in front of me, I will run the other way.

3. If farmers keep taking the land, giant pandas will have nowhere to live. Tips:1.主句用一般将来时,条件状语从句用一般现在时。如:If we grow more bamboos, gaint pandas will have more food.

2.条件状语从句的位置可在主句前,也可在主句后。如:If you jump the queue, other people will not be pleased./We won’t go there if it rains tomorrow.

3.if还可表示“是否”,从句时态遵循主句,如:I’m not sure if he will go.

4.if not在意义上相当于unless,如:You’ll fail if you don’t study hard.=You’ll fail unless you study hard.

【中考链接】—Let’s go fishing if it _______this weekend.

—But nobody knows if it _________.(2011广东)

A.is fine; will rain B. will be fine; rains C. will be fine; will rain D. is fine; rains

【中考链接】If it ________ this Saturday, we ________ for a picnic. (2011铜仁)

A. won’t rain; shall go B. doesn’t rain; will go C. isn’t rain; go D.

doesn’t rain; go

2. Giving reasons with ‘because’ / ‘because of’

because是从属连词,引导原因状语从句,指的是直接的,自然的原因,它一般放在主句之后。because of 是介词短语,意为“因为,由于”,后面一般接名词,代词或动名词构成介词短语作状语。because和because of可以互相转换。如:He didn’t come because it rained. = He didn’t come because of the rain.

【中考链接】—Why do you like this TV program?

—______it’s very interesting and exciting. (2011莆田)

A.Though B. Because C. So

【中考链接】Because I got up very late this morning, ________ I was late for class. (2011 凉山)

A. but B. / C. so

3.Do exercises (见随堂检测 第三题)

Task 4: Spoken English (Expressing opinions)

Task: 5 Writing about how to protect animals. (见随堂检测 第六题)

Task 6:Summary

Task 7:Do Exercise (完成随堂练习剩余部分10 minutes)

Task 8:Homework

1.预习下一课时早读材料和练习 2.整理错题集

8A Unit 4 Wild animals (随堂检测)

一、 词汇:

1. We will have a maths test the ______ (follow) week.

2. ______ (猴子) are clever animals.

3. My classmates are always ______ (friend) towards each other.

4. Do tigers have good eyesight and ______ (听力)?

5. Don’t touch these animals. They are ______ (danger). 6. Many wild animals’ ______ (live) areas are becoming farmlands.

7. At the ______ (开始) of the lesson, we learned some new words.

8. The young parents were worried because of the ______ (丧失) of their son.

9. “After you take the m ,you’ll be better soon ,” the docter said.

10. It’s important for us to (保护) wild animals.

二、 完成句子:

1. 那两个学生在课上不停地讲话,使老师很生气。

The two students ___________ in class and _______________.

2. 十天大的熊猫看上去像白老鼠。它们喝母乳。 ______ baby pandas look like white ______ and drink ___________. 3. 我们必须采取措施,保护濒危野生动物。

We must ___________ to _____________ wild animals.

4. 学生的数量变得越来越多。

_____________ students is getting ______________.


It’s difficult for pandas .

三、 语法专练:

1. 如果你父母不在,谁来照顾你?

If your parents _____________, who ______________?

2. 如果你不听我的话,将来你会遇到一些问题。

If you _______________, you _________________.

3. 如果我种更多的蔬菜,我就会赚更多的钱。

If I ________________, I ___________________.

4. 由于歌舞晚会,我认为这是如此令人惊讶的一天。 I think it’s ______________ day _____________the sing and dance parade.

5. Kitty每天锻炼跑步因为她想赢得比赛。

Kitty ______________every day _____________she _________________.

四、 单项选择:

1. There is a lot of bread on the table. Can I have ______? A. much B. many C. any D. some

2. I did not watch TV last night ______ I had a lot of homework to do.

A. if B. because C. when D. but


3. If we do ______, soon giant pandas will die out.

A. nothing B. everything C. something D. anything

4. If Simon ______ hard, he ______ good at English.

A. work; is B. works; is C. works; will be D. will work; will be

5. Some people in the mountains hunt wild animals ______ a living.

A. at B. to C. with D. for

6. The English word “survive” means “stay ______”.

A. live B. alive C. living D. life

7. Some people kill tigers and make medicine ______ their bones.

A. from B. of C. into D. out 8. Mr. Wu often encourages us ______ talk when we are having a lesson. A. don’t B. not to C. won’t D. not

9. Last night I was at home _______ watching TV.

A. aloud B. alive C. along D. alone 10. When did you see the lovely panda ______ the first time?

A. at B. for C. in D. on 11.A large number of birds to Zhalong for a short stay every year.

A. come B. comes C. to come D. coming 12.Wolves will their lives the loss of the trees and forest .

A. lose ,because of B. lose ,because C. loss , because of D. loss ,because 13.There will be space for wildlife in the world if we keep taking forests.

A. fewer and fewer B. less and less C. fewer and less D. less and fewer 14.--If you find a baby panda is outside ,what will you do ?-- I will at once.

A .on my own ,take it away B. in its own , take away it

C. on its own, take it away D. on your own ,take away it 15.In summer , women like to wear clothes silk .They feel comfortable.

A. made in B. made of C. made by D. made from

五、 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词。

Advertisements are everywhere! They’re on the r__8l__ and TV,in newspapers

and magazines.on buses and buildings.They’re on websites and mobile

phones.Companies g__82____ their products to film stars,pop stars and sports stars to u__83__ so that fans will buy them in order to copy the stars.

Advertisements have become so common(常见的) that they aren’t w__84__ any more.We don’t like advertisements.so we try not to see them. We turn o__85__ the advertisements on computers. We refuse(拒绝)to watch them on TV, or read them in magazines.We no longer pay attention to the posters all around us. We don’t copy the stars b__86__ we know they don’t really like the things they advertise.

This means that advertising companies need a new w__87__ to sell.They can’t

make their products “cool” by advertising.Advertisements aren’t cool,and teenagers won’t buy the things in advertisements j__88__ because the

advertisements say they are fashionable.The latest way to advertise is not to advertise.


I__89__ of using stars,companies are using teenagers.They pay them to tell their friends about new products.Teenagers don’t want to dress like everyone else and buy the things that everyone else has.They want to look d__90__ and create their own style.Teenagers don’t think it’s cool to copy the stars or buy things they’ve seen in advertisements.

21. _________ 22._________ 23. __________ 24. _________ 25. _________

26. _________ 27. _________28. _________ 29. ________ _30. ________


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