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(一)Dear Tom,

I am in Grade Seven in Beijing No.1 Junior High School. This year I learn many subjects, such as Chinese, math, English, music, art, geography, history and so on. I like English best, because it’s very interesting. After school, I often play sports with my classmates. My favorite sport is basketball.

What about your study and your school life? Please write to me soon. All the best!


Li Hua

(三)Today is Zhang Huan's 12th birthday. All his friends came to his home to celebrate her birthday. Everyone gave a present to him. There are books, a football, pens, cards ... Zhang Huan was very happy to get them, There was a big birthday cake on the table. After singing the song" Happy birthday to you", they ate the cake. They sang, danced and talked happily all the time. They had a good time!

(五)Mary is thirteen years old. Last Saturday was her thirteenth birthday. Mary and her mother were in a big shop. Mother wanted to buy a new dress for her. But Mary didn’t like the new dress. She liked something to eat. So her mother bought two kilos of apples for her. Mary also wanted to buy some picture books and color pencils, and her mother bought some for her, too. Mary was very happy. She had a happy birthday.

(六)My Favorite Festival

My favorite festival is Spring Festival. It usually comes in late January or February. Before the Spring Festival, the Chinese people usually give their houses a general cleaning and buy new clothes for children. On the last day of the old year, there is a big family dinner. All members of the family go out to visit their relatives and friends on the first day of the new year.


(七)Look at the picture. There is a river in the picture. Four boys are boating in the river. There are three trees near the river. A girl is flying a kite. Three boys are playing football. They are having a good time.


Lin Tao and Wang Jun are neighbors. They live in the same building, and they are on the same floor—the second floor. They’re good friends. Today is Sunday. They don’t go to school. They go to the zoo. It’s about ten kilometers from their building to the zoo, so they go to the zoo by bus. They’re very happy to see so many animals. They have a good time today!

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