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英语基础模块1unit6 food

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Unit 5 Food

Warming up

What a waiter or waitress might say. Are you ready to order? Welcome to our restaurant.

What would you like to eat? Would you like something to drink? What about you?

What can I do for you?


What a guest might say.

Excuse me, would you please do me a favor?

Will you lend me a hand?

A table for two.

1.表示感谢的答句: Thank you very much.=Thanks a lot. It’s very kind of you. 2.不客气;没关系 You are welcome.=That’s OK.=Not at all=It’s my pleasure. =With pleasure.


orange juice





ice cream salad

Reading Comprehension

1.Americans like to eat ( hot dogs and fried chicken and the fish is( sometimes not cooked ).

). Japanese like to eat fish

2. ( In the north) of China, the most (popular food is dumplings. )
3.The family getting together is ( important) during the Spring Festival. 4.Sometimes young couples go to restaurants and order ( the kinds of dumplings they like. 5.We ( have to ) tell our children not to eat (too much fast food ). )

Important phrases
1. Hot dogs 热狗 2. fried chicken 炸鸡

3.on weekends 在周末

4.Come back home 返回家

5. make dumplings 包饺子 6.Get together 团聚 聚会 7. order food 订餐 9. More and more 越来越…… 11. in fact 事实上 12. Be good for 对……有好处 8. save time 节约时间 10. fast food 快餐

Important sentences 1. People in different countries have their different favorite food. 2. All the family members come back home and make dumplings together.

3.Ordering food from a restaurant is a way to save time. 4. Some kinds of American food have now become more and more popular in China.

5. Japanese like to eat fish and the fish is sometimes not cooked.

6. In fact, it is not good for your health to eat too much fast food.

1.Choose three restaurants near our school, compare the foods, prices and places among the three restaurants and choose one to make a dialogue with your partners. 2. Work in groups of 4 and create a dialogue of taking orders in that restaurant.

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