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1. My favorite teacher is Mr. Wang. He is tall and of medium build.

My favorite teacher is Ms. Wang. She is a beautiful woman with long black hair.


1. Ms. Wang is strict in our study, but she is warm-hearted and helpful.

2. Li Lei is an outgoing boy who is always thinking of helping others.


1. He is not only good at playing basketball but also does well in playing chess.

2. He is good at swimming and he shows an interest in playing soccer.


1. She is very good at lessons especially English, so she is a top student in our class.


1. We became friends by accident. One day he was playing basketball on the playground. He did it so well that I wanted to learn. I was appreciated he agreed to teach me. When I wanted to give up halfway, he encouraged me. With his help, I can play basketball as well as Mr. Wang now.

2. One day, I was ill in hospital. I was worrying about my English when Gina showed up with an umbrella in her hand. It was raining hard outside! I was so moved that I could say nothing. But she said with a smile, “Let me help you.”


1. I feel lucky to have such a good teacher. Mr. Wang always holds on to achieve his dream. That’s his best quality I should learn from him.


1. I sincerely hope Li Lei will study better in a new high school. I also hope he will have a bright future.

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