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八年级英语月考试卷 译林版

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颍河中学八年级英语第三次月考试题 第一卷(70 分) 一. 单项选择。(20分) ( )1. He never tells lies, so he is ___honest boy. It’s not good to be ____dishonest A. a , an B. an , a C. /, a D. an ,the ( )2. Let’s enjoy the song “Yesterday once more”. It sounds A. bad B. sadly C. well D. Wonderful ( )3. __________ nature reserves _________ us learn more about protecting A. Studying , helps B Studies , to help C. Study , helping D Studying, help ( )4. “X plus Y is more than Fifteen percent.” This sentence can also write as A. X+ Y>15% B. X+Y≥15% X+Y=15% D. X+Y<15% ( )5. If we keep the land, giant pandas will have to live. A. to take, anywhere B. taking, anywhere C. to take, nowhere D. taking, nowher ( )6. He was all wet when he got home because his umbrella in the A. took B. forgot C. left D. brought ( )7. I’m very sorry. There’s bread in the fridge. Shall I go and bring A. a few B. few C. a little D. little ( )8. We must tell hunters wild animals. A.to continue hunting B.to stop to hunt C don’t continue hunting D. not to continue hunting ( )9. There is sheep eating grass there. A. a little B. little C. a few D. few ( )10.The old man is sure of living A. up B. up to C. more D. ( )11.The number of pandas is their living areas are becoming


A. bigger and bigger B. smaller and smaller

C. more and more D. less and less

( )12.We go there if it tomorrow.

A. don’t; rains B. won’t; rains C. won’t; will rain D. don’t; will rain

( )13.I arrived Shanghai the evening of January 2,2009.

A. at, in B. in, at C. in, on D. from, to

( )14.The sentence structure of “The boy is crying.” Is .

A. S+V B. S+V+P C. S+V+DO D. S+V+IO

( )15.— ,.they are talking to each other!

—Yes. They are really happy to see each other.

A. What excited B. How excited C. What excitedly D. How excitedly

( )16.You can call me 0512-5123467 or email me lily@126.com.

A. on, at B. at, on C. by, on D. on, on

( )17.The park is full of interesting

A. wildlives, wildlives B. wildlife, wildlife

C. wildlife, wildlives D. wildlives, wildlife

( )18.Our teacher let Simon forget the door.

A. not, to close B. not to, to close

C. not, closing D. not to, closing

( )19.Don’t worry! The train at 3:30 pm. There is enough time left.

A. leave B. leaving C. leaves D. Left

( )20.We found to sleep.

A. difficult to get B. it difficult getting


C. it difficult to get D. that difficult to get

二. 交际英语。根据情景,将A .B C D E 填入文中的横线上(10分)

A. Me, too.

B. Excuse me.

C. And it is too difficult to find a bus or a taxi.

D. Will you please take my car?

E. That’s all right.

A: ____21___ Why are you looking so worried? What’s wrong?

B: I’ll have to reach the airport before 10:30a.m. But you see, this is a small mountain village here. ___22____I don’t know what to do now.

A: Don’t worry, let me help you.____23____.

B: It’s very kind of you. Thank you for your help.

A: ___24___ By the way, what’s your name, please?

B: Jack Cooper.

A: Nice to meet you, Mr. Cooper!

B: ____25____.

A: Come on!

21.________22.________ 23.________ 24.________ 25.________

三. 完形填空。(10分)

While Tom and Mary were on holidays at the seaside, they enjoyed ____26___ the seagulls. They ____27___ a lot about these lovely birds.

They will often come close to you on the beach when they are eating something. If you ____28___ a piece of bread to them, they will soon catch it.

Seagulls swim well, but they don’t often dive ____29___ fish. They are also good at flying ____30____ their large wings. When a seagull is flying, he puts his legs in his body.

Tom often watched them ____31___ close to the ground because he liked the way they ____32___ the air with their wings and brought down their feet before they ____33___ the ground.

Mary liked to see them sliding(滑行) over the ____34___ as they often did, without their ____35___ moving. But she said she didn’t like the noise they made.

( ) 26. A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watched

( ) 27. A. Understood B. learned C. found D. thought 3

( ) 28. A. throw B. take C. send D. pull

( ) 29. A. of B. above C. for D. into

( ) 30. A. with B. to C. for D. of

( ) 31. A. to come B. came C. come D.to coming

( ) 32. A. help B. beat C. put D. kept

( ) 33. A. hit B. arrived C. got D. touched

( ) 34. A. Water B. land C. sky D. ground

( ) 35. A. eyes B. feet C. legs D. wings

四. 阅读理解。(每空3分,共30分)A

Australia has a lot of lovely animals. You cannot find them anywhere else in the world. The most famous ones are kangaroos and koalas(树袋熊).

The kangaroo is the symbol of Australia. They have large eyes and ears. They don’t walk, they jump. They use their strong back legs. They can jump at up to 74 kilometers per hour. They can go over nine meters in one jump!

Kangaroo mothers have pouches(育儿袋) to carry their babies. The babies stay inside to get milk and keep warm.

Kangaroos are everywhere in Australia. They are on TV, in books and in the shops. The government even wants to put them on passports(护照).

But do you know that millions of kangaroos are killed every year? There are too many of them.

There are about 20 to 25 million kangaroos in Australia. That’s more than the number of people in the country!

Some kangaroos go hungry because there is not enough food to eat. They break into farms for food. Farmers are very angry with them.

The koala is another famous Australian animal. They look like bears, and have small eyes and big noses. They eat leaves from eucalyptus, where they spend most of their time.

Koalas have a special smell. They use it to mark their home—“This is my place, you can’t come in!”

Like kangaroos, a koala baby lives in its mother’s pouch.

But koalas have fewer places to live in. There are about 100,000 koalas in Australia. There is a law to keep them safe.

( )36 Kangaroos and koalas are the most famous animals in Australia because _______.

A. there are not many of them B. they can’t live in other countries

C. we can’t see them in any other country except Australia

D. they are lovely animals

( )37. Which of the following is WRONG about kangaroos?

A. They can run at up to seventy-eight kilometers per hour.


B. They have large eyes and ears.

C. Kangaroo mothers have pouches to carry their babies.

D. There are many of them in Australia.

( )39 Why does the Australian government kill some kangaroos each year?

A. They can make more money. B. Kangaroos break into farms for food.

C. Kangaroos do not have enough food to eat.

D. There are more kangaroos than people.

( )39 What do koalas use to mark their home?

A Their footprint. B. Their sound.

C. Their fur. D. Their smell.

( )40 What is the similarity(相同之处)between a kangaroo and a koala?

A. There are too many of them in Australia.

B. They keep their babies in the mother’s pouch.

C. They have a special smell.

D. They can jump very high


The size and shape of your ears show your character more than any other parts of the face. Other parts of the face change shape as we get older, but ears do not change their shape. They only change in size.

Reading people’s character from their ears is an old science. In very old times people thought that a person with big ears had a good and generous character. They thought that a person with pale (nearly white), small ears was dangerous. They also thought that the shape of the ear showed whether a person was musical or not. Today, too, many people believe that the size and the shape of the ear help you know if a person is musical.

Ears are all different, and each characteristic has a meaning. Next time when you look at a person, see if his ears are large or small. Look at the lobes( the lowest part of the ear). Are they attached(连着) to the face? Ears that are always red mean a person may easily get angry, or he/she just has high blood pressure(高血压). Ears that are always cold and pale mean a person has a nervous character. And a big inside hole of the ear means a person is musical.

( )41.In the old times people might ask for help from a person with____________.

A. red ears B. big ears C. small ears D. pale ears

( )42. The passage is mainly about ___________.

A. the size of our ears B. musical ears

C. ears which related to characters D. our faces and ears

( ) 43. From the passage, we know ___________ change shape as we get older.

A. ears B. hair C. eyes D. teeth

( ) 44 We can guess Beethoven may have __________________.

A. pale ears B. white ears C. small ears D. ears with a big inside hole

( )45. If you are often late for school, you may find the ears of your teacher _________.


A. get bigger B. get smaller C. get colder D. get redder

第二卷(50 分)

五. 词汇应用。(共25分)

A) 根据首字母或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空一词。(10分)

46. The Chinese g_______ wants to protect these rare birds.

47. Hundreds of natural d_______ happen every year, such as earthquakes, typhoons.

48 Today more and more people understand the i________ of protecting wild animals.

49 Our teacher often e_______ us to learn English well.

50.People ______ (尖叫) when the earthquake happened.

B) 根据句意,用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空,每空一词。(10分)

11. We prevented them from ________ (kill) the wild animals.

52. There are many ________(fog) days in London.

.53. Every year, a large number of ________(tour)come here and visit birds.

54. Eddie ________(mop) up the floor from 7:00pm to 7:30pm yesterday.

55. They need some workers ________(build) the tall building.

C) 根据所给中文,完成句子翻译,每空一词。(每空1分,共10分)

71. 这车开的太快,撞上了树。

The car ran too fast and ________ ________ a tree.

72. 人们恐惧地相互看着,不知该怎么办。

People looked at each other ________ ________ and didn’t know what to do.


73. 每天农民们给我们提供大量的蔬菜。

Every day farmers ________ lots of vegetables ________ us.

74. 小明出生时重4公斤。

Xiao Ming weighed 4 kilos ________ ________.

75. 消防员使我们镇定下来,因为我们都安全了。

The firemen ________ us ________ as we were all safe.

六. 书面表达。(25分)

某英语报社举行“国宝---熊猫”征文比赛,请你以“Giant pandas”为题,根据提示要点用英语写一篇80词左右的短文参赛。






Giant pandas






1-5 BDAAD 6-10 CDDAB 11-15 BBCAD 16-20 ABACC

二. 交际英语。(5分)

21-25 BCDEA

三. 完形填空。(10分)

26-30 C B A CA 31-35 C B D A D

四. 阅读理解。(每空2分,共30分)、

(A )36-40 BBBCC (B) 41-45 CABDB (C). 46-50 BCCDD

五. 词汇。

A) 51. government 52. disasters 53. importance encourages

55. height 56. screamed

58. arrival

59. covers 60. unnecessary

10 54. 57. directions

B) 61. killing 62. foggy 63. trapped

64. alive

65. carelessly 66.tourists 67. endangered

68. playing

69. was mopping 70. to build

C) 71. crashed into 72. in fear 73. provide for 74. at birth

75. calmed down

六. 任务型阅读。(5分)

76.No, it isn't. 77. Yes, they are. 78. Because they can hear things and feel things.

79. No, it can't. 80. Its legs.

七. 补全短文。(10分)

81. watching 82. activities 83. smaller 84. happening 85 away

86. see 87. listening 88. easily 89. eyes/eyesight

90. ideas/information


All people like giant pandas. They only live in China. Giant pandas are beautiful. They are black and white. They look like bears. They are quiet and peaceful. They eat bamboo shoots and leaves. Now there are only about a thousand pandas in the world. Their number is getting smaller and smaller, because their living areas are becoming farmlands. Also, people hunt them for their fur. Since they are in great danger, we must take actions to protect them, or there will be no giant pandas in the world.



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