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1.Reading is the best way__________(learn) English.

2. This coat _____________(make) of wool looks very beautiful.

3. I’m good at______________(play) basketball.

4. All our teachers make us___________(study) very, very hard.

5. It’s time for class. Let’s stop__________(talk)

6. He will have a lot of______________(photo) for our talk.

7. The movie Underdog is very __________Most of the children are __________in it.. (interest)

8. It’s fun ____________ (study) social studies.

9. It’s time for class. Let’s stop _____________(play) football

10. Mr Li told us _____________________(not play) football in the street.

11. we saw a little boy ______________ ( cry)in the street.. He couldn’t find his mother .

12. Yesterday I spent two hours finishing____________(read)the book.

13. There are many famous ______________(predict) that never came true.

14. Many _______________(science) think we will have our own robots.

15.This is only my own ______________(person) advice.

16. Mary’s birthday is next Monday, her mother _____(give)her a present.

17.I ______(be)tired. I ______(go)to bed early tonight.

18. I am afraid there _________(be)a meeting this afternoon. I can’t join you.

19. -______ they ________(walk) to work this afternoon? -No, they won't.

20. I ____________(finish) all my work before I ______ (leave)

21. It is very cold these days. It _____________(snow)soon.

22 -Where ______(be)you going to work?-I _______________(work)in Haikou.


1. I’m not from Beijing. (同义句) I________ _________ from Beijing.

2. It’s time for classes. (同义句) It’s time________ ____________ classes.

3. The house has three rooms. (同义句) _________ ________ three rooms in the house.

4.What do you think of soap opera? (同义句) _____________________________________

5.We are going to have a sports meeting next week (同义句)

There ______ ______ a sports meeting in our school next week.

6.Shanghai is the biggest city in China.(同义句)

Shanghai is ______ than ______ ______ city in China.


________ ________ is it from my home to my school?

8.There are two banks in the town. (用next year改写句子)

There _______ ________ two banks in the town next year.


1. --What are you going to be when you grow up?

--I’m going to be a ______________because I like playing the violin.

2 —What’s your favorite p____________? —Voice’s of China.

3 Could you tell me the __________(different) between Jim and Jack.

4. My father is reading the _________ (杂志)on the sofa.

5 Lucy likes telling jokes, but Lily is serious. So Lucy is _________(funny) than Lily.

6. The film is very ________(成功的)

7. The number 4 is an_____________(lucky) number in China.

8 Jim is good at English, he is one of the ________(good) students in his class.

9. How many people __________(be)there fifty years ago.?

10—In 2050 cities will be really big and crowded because there will be a lot _______people. 11 —______________ will your head teacher come back from England? —In two days. Ⅴ. 改错

1. Could you tell me how getting to the zoo? _______________

2..I’ll show you what to do it . ______________

3. We will come back home after two weeks. _________

4 .Last Sunday, my mother gave a new pair of shoes for me. ________


1.She has two brothers. One is a farmer and ______ is a worker.

A. other B. one C. another D. the other\

2. I ______ you to show them to me next time. A. hope B. wish C. make D. see

3.There is _______ between the two sisters.

A. something different C. anything different C. different anything D. different something

4. She ______ an English teacher. _______ she is teaching English in the classroom now.

A. may be; May be B. maybe; May be C. may be; Maybe D. maybe; Maybe

5.. I was so ________ to see him here.

A. surprise B. surprised C .surprising D.to surprise

6.Would you like to give me another two apples, please?

A more than two B other two C two more D over two

7—Where would you like to go on vacation, Lily?

— It’s hot here, I’d like to go ____________

A anywhere cool B cool somewhere C somewhere cool D cool anywhere

8.Jim’s brother is only 4 years old. He isn’t __________ to go to school.

A old enough B enough old C young enough D enough young

9.I saw some boys _______ in the classroom, so I asked my teacher for help.

A fight B fighting C fights D fought

10 That’s _______you to look for the best singer.

A down to B up to C up for D down for

11.English is ________ more interesting than history.

A a lot of B a few C a little D many

12.. I will see you again _________.

A. a day B. every day C. one day D. everyday

13. This coat doesn't fit him well, as he has ___ a huge body and the coat is ____small.

A. so; such B. so; so C. such; such D. such; so

14. —How many birds can you see in the trees? —I can see _________ birds in them.

A. hundreds of B. five hundreds C. hundred of D. five hundreds of

15. What I thought is just the ____of what you said. That surprised me.

A. same B. different C. difference D. opposite

16. ______ you study, _____- grades you will get.

A. The hard many B. The harder the better C. Harder, more D. The hard, the well

17.He was joking, but your sister took him_______.

A. serious B .more serious C. seriously D. most seriously

18. I’m sure you can_____ the basketball match.Thank you. I’ll try my_____.

A .miss better B. beat best C. win best D. lose better

19. It’s_____ hotter in ChongQing than______ in Harbin in summer.

A. more it B. more that C. much that D. much it

20.Your iphone is_______ same as______. A. I am B. a my C. an I D. the mine

21.Bob is ______ of the two boys. A. the tallest B. taller C. tall D. the taller

22.His new song_____ last month. I like it very much.

A. came in B. came out C. came to D. came back

23. Mulan____ like a boy and takes her father’s place_____ in the army.

A. dress up fight B. dress to fight C. dress up to fight D. dressed up to fight

24.Walt Disney______ Mickey Mouse.

A. is famous B. was famous C. was famous to D.. was famous for

25_______ can you ______ learn from sitcom?

A. What expect B. What expect to C. How like D. How expect

26. I promised my parents______ hard____ my all subjects.

A. to work at B. work on C, work at D. to work on

27 Every one should play_____ active part in_____ the earth.

A. a save B. a saving C. an saving D an save

28. There ____ a lot of boys_______ soccer on the playground.

A are play B. is to play C. are playing D. is playing

29.Tom is going to be in Beijing for________.

A. a week or two B. a week and two C. one and two weeks

30.There ________ a football game between China and Japan tomorrow evening.

A. has B. is going to be C. will have

31.My uncle is going to___ Dalian next year. A. moves B. move to C. live

32 —Where are you going to work? — ________. Maybe Beijing.

A. hope so. B.I’m not sure yet. C.That’s a good idea.

33. It will be bad for your health to eat _____food and take _____ exercise.

A. fewer, more B. more, less C. little, much

34.There _____ a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

A. will have B. is going to have C. will be

35 .Let's go out to play football, shall we? — OK. I ________.

A. will coming B. be going to come C. am coming

36.People should keep the ______ between countries.

A.relationship B.peace C.discussion D.role

37.It's careless(粗心)______the same mistake again in your composition.

A.for you to make B.for you making C.of you to make D.of you making

38.The TV program was very______and we all got______.

A.bored;bored B.boring;boring C.bored;boring D.boring;bored

39.The old man is very healthy.I think he will live______.

A.to be 100 years old B.100 years old C.at 100 years old D.in 100 years old

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