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枣庄市第四十中学 授课教师:顾伟

1.Do you like receiving gifts? What gifts have you received? 2.Were you happy when you received gifts?

3. If someone gives you a gift that you
don’t like, how will you feel?

learning aims:
1.Master some key words and sentences about the passage.
Key words: thought, purple, … Useful sentences: It really made me feel embarrassed, because…

2.Practice students’ reading skills: fast-reading; careful-reading 3.Develop students’ cooperative and communicative ability.

home-made 1.自制的;家里做的adj.______________ schoolbag 2.书包 n.___________ purple 3.紫色的 adj.__________ purse 4.钱包;女用小包 n._______ guilty 5.内疚的;有罪的adj._____________ taste 6.品味,审美力,鉴赏力 n._______________ saying 7.格言;谚语;警语n._____________ thought 8.思想;想法;考虑;关心 n._____________ count 9.有价值;重要 v.__________

new words:

names gifts feelings embarrassed guilty

Guo Xiaojing a purple purse

Han Ling John Wilson

an orange sweater money


careful-reading (para 1-2)
1.Why can receiving a gift be difficult? Because sometimes someone buys you a gift you don’t want __________________. 2.When did she receive the gift?
about 12 years old. When she was________________ 3.Who gave the gift to her? Her parents ____________ gave the gift to her.

4. Did she like the purple purse?
No ,she didn’t like it . 5.What did she do after she received the gift?
She pretended that she liked it.

mind-mapping (图示法)
a purple what purse about 12 when years old her who parents


make her parents She pretended that What did she do? she liked happy it


embarrassed how

Guo Xiaojing’s experience

careful-reading (para 3)
Do the following T or F questions. If it is wrong, you must correct it. 1.Han Ling felt happy when she received guilty the gift. F 2.It’s hard to buy clothes or other personal things for people. T 3.Her grandparents and she had the different same taste tastes about giving a gift. F

he has his own idea of receiving money.

John Wilson

careful-reading (para 4-5)
1. Receiving money makes John Wilson______. A. comfortable B. think they're being lazy C. feel they think carefully 2. John Wilson prefers to receive______. A. money B. something expensive C. the gift that has some thought behind it 3. Maybe the art of giving is ____ than the art of receiving. A.much easier B. more difficult 4.What does the meaning of the following sentence? It’s the thought that counts.


Fill in the blanks without books.
“I remember when I was about twelveyears old, my parentsbought me a purple ______purse.” laughs Guo Xiaojing. “ It really made me feel embarrassed because , to be honest, I thought the purse was really ugly ! Still, I pretendedthat I liked it because I knew it would make my parents happy !”



1.Still, I pretended that I liked it because I knew it would make my parents happy! 我还是假装喜欢它,因为我知道这会让我的父母高兴! 翻译:______________________________ 假装,佯装 to do sth. pretend 意为“_________”, 后跟_____________. Pretend to be interested in his story. 假装对他的故事感兴趣__________________________ adj. 补充:make sb. + ______ Receiving money makes me happy. 收到钱让我感到很高兴。________________________ 2.Different people have very different thoughts on 在这方面,不同的人有不同的想法。 this subject!翻译:_____________________________ different 后跟____________.不同的尺寸____________ 名词的复数 different sizes

My experience
a warm coat out what of style On my 26th when birthday Mywho mother I pretended that I liked the coat, because I why wanted to make my
mother happy


embarrassed how

Talk about your own experience.




embarrassed guilty uncomfortable

Write a composition about your experience of receiving a gift.

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