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( ) 1. Where _____ you going for vacation ?

A. are B. were C. do D. did

( ) 2. She often goes shopping school _____ her bike.

A. with B. on C. by D. in

( ) 3. You are going to Hawaii . _____ sounds nice.

A. You B. The C. That D. This ( ) 4. How long are you going to Tibet ? I’m going there _____ a week .

A. about B. in C. on D. for ( ) 5. I’m _____ my friend in Hong Kong for vacation .

A. looking B. visiting C. watching D. going ( ) 6. _____ is it from Wuhan to Nanjing ? It’s about …Sorry, I don’t know .

A. How long B. How soon C. How far D. How often

( ) 7. In China it depends _____ where you are .

A. on B. in C. of D. off

( ) 8. _____ are you staying ? For about four days .

A. How soon B. How often C. How long D. How many

( ) 9. This year I want to do _____ .

A. something different B. different something

C. anything different D. different anything

( ) 10. She says that she is very tired , and she needs a rest.

She wants _____ exciting vacation.

A. a B. the C. / D. an


11. I’m going _____________ (野营 ) for vacation .

12. There are sixty _______________ ( 分钟) in an hour.

13. Beijing is in the _______________ ( 北部) of China.

14. Show me your photos when you g__________ back to school.

15. Bike is short for ____________________ (自行车 ). 16. Don’t ________________ (担心 ) , I can help you.

17. Thailand is a good place to go s__________________ . 18. Lin Fei’s home is about 10 k_____________________ from school. 19. What are you doing for vacation ? I’m b__________________ my sister.

20. They r________________ videos every day.


21. We_______________ about going to Greece or Spain last month. (think)

22. A lot of ________________ visit the Great Wall every day. (tour)

23. I finished _______________ my last movie yesterday. (make)

24. Things are ________________ in other parts of the world. (difference)

25. There are many ways of __________________ the work . (do) 26. I’m _________________ to spend time in the beautiful countryside . (plan)

27. There are a lot of _________________ in Hong Kong . (beach)

28. He plans to have a very ________________ vacation . (relax)

29. How do you go to work every day ? I go to work on _______________ . (feet)

30. He is _________________ next week and staying until September .(leave)

1 Le Cheng Education 八上U3~4


A: Where do you live ?

B: _______ (41)

A: _______(42)

B: I think it is, but my grandfather says it is not far at all !

A: _______ (43)

B: No , sometimes I ride to school but I often walk to school . My grandfather asks

me to walk .

A: _______ (44) B: You are right , although I don’t want to keep this good habit .

A: _______ (45)

B: You know , it takes me a lot of time to get to school.



How does he __________ __________ school in the morning ?


Dave plans to __________ __________ , to go fishing and to go bike riding .

48. 你住处离车站有多远?

__________ __________ do you live from the bus station?

49. 别忘了寄一张明信片给我。 Don’t forget to __________________ me a __________________ .




It kilometres from my home. So we decided to go there o’clock. At the museum we lot.There we saw their teachers. At ten o’clock we left the museum home. We had a good time today.

( ) 51. A. is B. were C. are D. was

( ) 52. A. visit B. visited C. is visiting D. are visiting

( ) 53. A. on B. to C. about D. from

( ) 54. A. on B. by C. in D. at

( ) 55. A. at B. for C. to D. in

( ) 56. A. see B. are seeing C. saw D. sees

( ) 57. A. They B. We C. Our D. Us

( ) 58. A. a lot B. a lots C. lots of D. a lots of

( ) 59. A. with B. and C. or D. so

( ) 60. A. from B. for C. at D. go

2 Le Cheng Education


( A )

Amy goes to school at seven in the morning. Now she is waiting for the bus with her friends. “ The bus is coming .” says Amy.

The big school bus is stopping at the bus stop. The boys and girls are getting on ( 上车 ). They go to school by bus. They get off ( 下车 ) the bus and go into the school. After school , Amy looks for their bus. But their bus isn’t there now. She sees a new bus but not theirs . Her friends are saying to her, “ How do you like the bus, Amy ? Come on! We are waiting for you !” Amy goes to the new bus. She gets on . All her friends are in the bus. They go home in the new bus.


( ) 61. Amy and her friends go to school on foot. ( ) 62. Amy doesn’t take the new bus to school .

( ) 63. Amy goes to school at six every day . ( ) 64. Amy doesn’t go home.

( ) 65. They go home in the new bus.

( B )

Bill and his friends are going hiking this weekend. He’s afraid (害怕) he’s

going to be hungry , so he buys a lot of food and his bag is big and heavy . They start at nine in the morning and they get to the city five hours later .They’re all tired and his friends get on a bus , but Bill can’t . His bag sticks ( 卡住 ) in the door and he has to get off . The bus leaves and he doesn’t know where he’s going to meet them . He walks in the street and when it’s eight in the evening , he goes into a restaurant. He asks for some drinks and soon begins to sleep.

When he wakes up(醒), he can’t find any people in the restaurant . The door is closed and he can’t go out . He finds a telephone number and begins to call Mr.

Jackson , the owner(主人) of the restaurant. “ Hello ,” says the boy, “ When do you open your restaurant , Mr. Jackson ?” The telephone wakes up the man and he isn’t happy. So he says , “ Don’t ask me about that . I can’t let you in .” “ Oh , no ! I want to go out .”


( ) 66. Bill’s bag is big because _____ .

A. there’s a lot of cloths in it B. he puts much food in it

C. he likes big bags D. he takes many books

( ) 67. _____ , so he still at the stop .

A. Bill can’t carry his bag onto the bus B. Bill doesn’t see his friends

C. Bill doesn’t know which bus to get on D. Bill wants to take another(另一)bus

( ) 68. Bill goes to sleep because _____ .

A. he’s very hungry B. he eats too much in the restaurant

C. he doesn’t know where to go D. he’s very tired

( ) 69. Mr. Jackson thinks _____ .

A. Bill wants to sleep in his restaurant B. Bill wants to go into the restaurant

C. Bill leaves his bag in the restaurant D. Bill wants to go out of the restaurant

( ) 70. Which of the following is NOT RIGHT ?

A. At two o’clock in the afternoon , Bill and his friends get to the city .

B. When Bill wakes up , he finds the door is locked ( 被锁上 ) .

C. Bill knows where they are going to meet .

D. Bill wants to go out , so he telephones Mr. Jackson .

3 Le Cheng Education

( C )

On Sundays , we often go to the zoo. There is a dolphin show there . Tom and I

often meet at eight in the morning outside the zoo. In the zoo , there are tigers , lions,

elephants , pandas and many other animals . Some of them are friendly , But some are

not . The animals have to stay in cages(笼). But I don’t think it is good for them to

stay in cages. They should be free (自由) . The animals in cages can’t be happy. I

think the most interesting animal is the dolphin . It swims fast and jumps high .

Sometimes it can stand up .


71. When do we often go to the zoo ?

72. What animals are there in the zoo ?

73. Are all the animals friendly ?

74. What animal do I think is the most interesting ?

75. What can the dolphin do sometimes ?

4 Le Cheng Education


1~5 ABCDB 6~10 CACAD 11.camping 12.minutes 13.north 14.get 15.bicycle

16.worry 17.sightseeing 18.kilometres 19.babysitting 20.rent 21.visiting

22.tourists 23.making 24.different 25.doing 26.planning 27.beaches

28.relaxing 29.foot 30.hiking 31.for 32.meet / see 33.do 34.next

35.weather 36.taking 37.going 38.lot 39.staying 40.nice / good / great / interesting 41~45 DECFA

46.get to 47.take walks 48.How far 49.send , postcard 50.by bus 51~55 DACBA 56~60 CBCAB

61~65 FTFFT 66~70 BADBC 71. On Sundays . 72. There are tigers , lions,

elephants , pandas and many other animals . 73.No , they aren’t . 74.The dolphin.

75. Sometimes it can stand up .

5 Le Cheng Education

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