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( ) 1. Li Lei works in England . He comes to China _____ .

A. three time a year B. three times a year C. three times year D. three time year

( ) 2. His grandmother is well because she often _____ .

A. exercises B. smokes C. sleeps D. sings

( ) 3. --- _____ do they play football ? --- Every day.

A. How soon B. How much C. How many D. How often

( ) 4. Here _____ the results _____ the student activity survey.

A. is ; with B. are ; of C. is ; of D. are ; with

( ) 5. Although they feel tired, _____ they still go on working.

A. and B. but C. / D. so

( ) 6. You have a _____ . You should stop eating anything.

A. headache B. backache C. stomachache D. fever

( ) 7. Thank you a lot for giving me so much _____ on how to learn English well.

A. advice B. idea C. hope D. answer ( ) 8. Don’t _____ on the bus .There is no wash room.

A. drink much water B. eat a lot of junk food

C. do some reading D. sleep a lot ( ) 9. You shouldn’t _____ when you are tired at night.

A. go to bed early B. stop working C. work too late D. have a rest

( ) 10. Yesterday I had a lot of homework to do. I did it _____ midnight(半夜).

A. to B. until C. at D. on


11. Have a good rest. I hope you feel b____________ soon.

12. He looks a_____________ . What did you say to him ?

13. If you have a t_______________ , you should see a dentist. 14. Don’t think much of the r_____________ of the exam .

15. You must look a_____________ your health. 16. The doctor said , “Open your m____________ and say Ah…”

17. She has a f____________ . She should drink lots of water.

18. Chinese doctors b_____________ we need a balance of yin and yang to be healthy.

19. He is t_______________ . He wants to have some water.

20. --- Can I have a look at your photos ? ---- Yes, of c_____________ .


21. My _______________ lifestyle helps me get good grades. (health)

22. He is kind of unhealthy. He _______________ ever exercises. (hard)

23. You should ____________ some hot tea with honey. (drink)

24. You look too _____________ out . Try to relax yourself. (stress)

25. Chinese medicine is popular in many _______________ countries. (west)

26. Mom ____________ me to eat more vegetables. (want)

27. Alice is tired and has a lot of _______________ . (head)

28. You must try to eat _______________ meat and exercise every day. (little)

29. A cat has four _____________ . (foot)

30. What about _____________ every morning ? (run)


46. 关于说英语,有些学生说得挺好。

__________ __________ speaking English, some students speak well.

47. 你怎么了?我背疼。 What’s the matter with you ? I have a __________ __________ .

1 Le Cheng Education

48. 我们可以一周练习一两次钢琴。

We can practice the piano __________ or __________ a week.

49. 保持健康是很重要的。 It’s important to __________ __________ .


六、完形填空 during (在期间(村庄)by a farm there . It isn’t a big one, but there is always . Mr and d Mr Smith’s aunt

( ) 51. A. play B. stay C. be D. so

( ) 52. A. works B. does C. makes D. studies

( ) 53. A. day B. year C. week D. month

( ) 54. A. does B. do C. make D. has

( ) 55. A. Friday B. Saturday C. Thursday D. Sunday

( ) 56. A. bring B. has C. have D. find

( ) 57. A. much B. many C. any D. most

( ) 58. A. food B. rice C. cakes D. fruit

( ) 59. A. happy B. angry C. full D. hungry

( ) 60. A. give B. puts C. makes D. does


( A )

Jim is an American boy. He comes to China with his father and mother. They

come here to work . Jim comes here to study. He is in No.15 Middle School. He gets up early every day. He isn’t late for school. He studies hard. He can read and write English well. He often helps us with our

English, and we often help him with his Chinese. After class, he likes playing football, swimming, running and riding. He makes many friends here. We are glad to stay with him. On Sundays he often helps his mother clean the house, mend something or do the shopping. He likes Chinese food very much..


( ) 61. He gets up early every day.

( ) 62. He often helps us with our English .

( ) 63. After class, he likes singing and playing basketball.

( ) 64. On Sundays, he often helps his mother clean the house. ( ) 65. Jim doesn’t like Chinese food.

( B )

Sarah was ill, she went to see the doctor. “ Doctor, I’m not feeling well,” she said. “ Every time I do my homework, I feel tired. If I go to school on foot, I have to sit down and rest for ten minutes.”

The doctor looked at her carefully. At last he said, “ Nothing much. But I’m afraid you are eating too much.” “I don’t understand, what do you mean ? ”asked Sarah. “I mean you eat too much food,” said the doctor.

“ Oh! You mean I’m too fat. That’s a problem.” Said Sarah. “What should I do If I don’t want to be heavy !” “ The answer is easy,” said the doctor. “ If you want to be thin and healthy, you shouldn’t eat a lot of food and you also should do much exercise.”

2 Le Cheng Education


( ) 66. What was the matter with Sarah ? She felt _____ .

A. tired B. sad C. sore in the back D. hungry

( ) 67. Sarah went to school _____ .

A. by bike B. by bus C. by car D. on foot

( ) 68. The doctor told her that _____ .

A. she must eat much food B. she ate too much C. she was too thin D.

she was ill

( ) 69. _____ is a problem.

A. Eating less food B. Being too fat C. Working too hard D. Playing

too much sports

( ) 70. Sarah wants to _____ later.

A. eat a lot of meat B. be fat C. do more exercise D. stay at home

for some days

( C )

Alice and Gina are very good friends. They are in the same class and sit together.

After school, they often go home together. They have many different habits. On

weekends, Alice likes to stay at home watching TV or sleeping. But Gina often goes

out to exercise. Alice eats junk food every day, although she knows it is bad for her

health. Gina likes junk food, too. She only eats it once a week, because she thinks

eating less junk food can help her to keep in good heath. Today is Alice’s birthday. Alice thinks Gina will buy some junk food for her. But

in fact, Gina buys her a book. It is about how to keep healthy.


71. Who is Gina ?

72. Do they have the same habits ?

73. What does Alice like to eat every day ?

74. What does Gina like to do on weekends ?

75. What does Gina buy for Alice ?

3 Le Cheng Education

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