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复 习 卷 (一)

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is\am_________ fly_______ plant________ are ________ drink_________ play_______ go________ make ________ does_________ dance________ worry________ ask _____ taste_________ eat__________ draw________ put ______ throw________ kick_________ pass_______ do ________


1.Tom and Mary ___________ (come) to China last month.

2.Mike ________________(not go) to bed until 12 o’clock last night. So I _______ (get ) up late.

3.Mary __________ (read) English yesterday morning.

4.There _________ (be) no one here a moment ago.

5.I ___________ (call) Mike this morning.

6.I listened but ___________ (hear) nothing.

7.Tom ___________ (begin) to learn Chinese last year.

8.Last week we _________ (pick) many apples on the farm.

9.My mother ________________ (not do) housework yesterday.

10.She watches TV every evening. But she _______________ (not watch) TV last night.


1. Father bought me a new bike. (同义句)

Father bought _______ _______ ________ ________ me.

2. Frank read an interesting book about history. (一般疑问句)

_______ Frank _______ an interesting book about history?

3. He’s cleaning his rooms. (划线提问)________ he _______?

4. Why not go out for a walk? (同义句)

_______ ________ ________ out for a walk?

5. Thomas spent RMB 10 on this book. (否定句)

Thomas _______ _______ RMB 10 on this book.

6. My family went to the beach last week. (划线提问)

________ ________ ________ family _______ last week?

7. I didn’t have any friends. (一般疑问句)

________ _______ have _______ friends?

8. I think she is Lily’s sister. (否定句)_____________________________________________

9. Sally often does some reading in the morning. (否定句)

Sally _______ often ______ some reading in the morning.

10. He is a tall, thin boy. (划线提问)

_______ _______ he _______ ________?


1. Jenny喜欢看书。昨晚她看了一本英语书。

Jenny likes _________ __________. She _________ an English book last night.

2. Emma每天都看电视。可是昨天他没有看。

Emma __________ TV every day. But he _________ ___________ yesterday. 10. 上周六他们



1. (2006·浙江)-Is _____ OK, Lucy?

-No, my maths is not as good as English.

A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything

2. (2006·莱芜市)The boy was so attracted by the computer games that he forgot _____ else.

A. anything B. nothing C. something D. everything

3. (2006·福州)-What's in the box?

- It's empty. There is _____ in it.

A. none B. no one C. nothing D. something

4. (2006·南通)_____of them knows French, so I have to ask a third person for help.

A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. None

5. (2006·泰州)It rained heavily this morning, but _____ of my classmates were away from school.

A. neither B. none C. all D. both

6. (2006·兰州)- Which do you prefer, a CD player or a walkman?

- _____. I prefer the new kind of MP4.

A. Both B. None C. Neither D. Either

7. (2006·苏州)Shirley had to buy _____ these CDs because she didn't know which one to take.

A. all B. none C. each D. both

8. (2006·武汉)-Here's coffee and tea. You may have_____.


A. either B. each C. one D. it

9. (2006·上海)Obey the traffic rules and learn to protect yourself. _____ is more important than life.

A. Nothing B. Something C. Everything D. Anything

10. (2007·济南)I have _____ to do. Please give me _____ to read.

A. something, anything B. nothing, something C. nothing, everything D. anything, nothing

11. (2007·武汉)- Got any information about High School Examination?

-Well, 1 was trying to, but found_____.

A. one B. no one C. none D. some

12. (2007·北京)_____is watching TV. Let's turn it off.

A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Everybody

13. (2007·青岛)-Do you want tea or coffee?

-_____. I really don't mind.

A. Both B. None C. Either D. Neither

14. (2007·陕西)Money is important in my life. But it isn't ______ to me.

A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything

15. (2007·佛山)Can you hear the strange noise from the washing machine?_____ must be wrong with it.

A. Anything B. Nothing C. Something

我的疑惑:______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

(一)想 二、came 2. didn’t go got 3. read 4. was 5. called 6.heard 7.began 8.picked

9.didn’t do 10.didn’t watch

三、1.a new bike to 2.did read 3.What's doing 4.Why don't you 5.didn't spend 6.Where were my going

7.Did I any 8.I don't think she is Lily's sister. 9.doesn't do 10.How does look like

8.They didn't read English last night. 1.A.根据句意可知应用everything。

2.A.anything else在此表示其他任何事。


4.A.由a third person可知,前面是表示两个都不,用neither。



7.A.表示所有这些CDs,用all these CDs。



10.B. nothing指没事,表否定,故后用something。

11.C. none指没有一个。

12.C. nobody指“没人”。

13.C. either指两者中任何一个。

14.A. everything指所有。

15.C. something is wrong with?指??有毛病。‘

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