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新版PEP七年级英语上册Unit3 考试卷 后附答案

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( )1.—Are those your pen friends? —Yes, .

A.they are B.they’re C.they are not. D.they aren’t

( )2.The son of my aunt is my .

A.uncle B.Brother C.Sister D.cousin

( )3. are good friends.

A.You, I and he

C.I, you and he B.He, you and I D.You, he and I

( )4.Look at the . They’re very cute.

A.baby B.Babys C.babies D.babys’

( )5. Math books, they’re books.

A.Their; they

C.Them; their B.They’re; their D.They; them’s

( )6.Mrs Hill is a good teacher. She loves his students .

A.much; very B.very; very C.very much; much D.very; very much

( )7.Please call Mary 245—6218.

A.at B.For C.in D.of

( )8.— is your grandfather? —Fine.

A.What B.How C.Who D.Where

( )9.Are these parents?


A.you B.She C.Mona’s D.they ( )10.Kate and I good friends.

A.are B.Is C.am



1.That is my good pen friend.(改为复数句子)


2.This is her family photo.(变为一般疑问句)


3.Tom is Mr Green’s son.(改为同义句)


4.Those are my friends. (对划线部分提问)


5.They are orange backpacks.(改为单数句子)

orange backpack.





in the picture?


2 D.be


Jane’s ?


A:Look at the picture!

B:Oh, it’. Is it your family, John?

A:Yes, it is. Can you see me in this picture?

B:red you? A:Yes, he is.

B: A:He’s my grandfather.

B:And this old woman. A:She’B:Is this your father?

A:isn’t. He is my uncle. The man beside(在……旁边)B:Who is the woman beside your father? A:B:Your mother is very beautiful(漂亮的).

A: B:Is the your sister?

A:No, she isn’t She is my uncle’s .

B:I see. She is your cousin. You have a nice family. A:Thank you!


This is a picture of grandpa and my old. My father’s English teacher. He is a are students. We’re in No. 2 Middle School. We’re not in grade. My brother is Class 1, Grade 2 I’m in Class 2, Grade 1. ’m only .They all like very much(很). ( )1.A.family

B.families 3 C.family’s D.a family

( )2.A.is B.has

( )3.A.the B.an

( )4.A.England C.are C.a B.English D.am D.× C.Chinese D.Japan ( )5.A.Me and my brother B.My brother and me

C.Brother and me D.My brother and I

( )6.A.the same B.a same C.our D.× ( )7.A.to B.at C.in D.×

( )8.A.Your B.My C.My brother’s D.( )9.A.ten B.four C.one D.twenty

( )10.A.them B.me C.it D.I


1.The woman is my mother’s . She’s my aunt.

2.——No, but I have an aunt.

3.—Who are these girls?—4.are all teachers.

5., Alice and Mary.

6.My uncle’

7.This is Paul’.

8.Those are my two .

9.Your mothers’.


4 His



2.be)those your parents?

3.This is (she)gold ring.

4.(photo)of my family.

5.(child)boats are on the river.

6.have)a new car now.

7.(who)baseball is that?

8.Are these your keys? No, it)aren’t.

9.Is this (you)son?



一、1.sister 2.uncle 3.They 4.wives 5.daughters 6.cousin

7.photo 8.brothers 9.grandmother 10.friend

二、1.pens 2.Are 3.her 4.photos 5.children's 6.has

7.Whose 8.they 9.your 10.watches

三、1—5:ADDCB 6—10:DABCA

四、(A)1.Those are; friends 2.Is this; family 3.Tom’s father

4.Who are 5.It’s ; an B)6.my family photo 7.Are; your brothers 8.women

9.draw ; of Anna’s 10.Is; set of keys

5 Are the

五、1.family 2.in 3.Who 4.grandmother 5.he 6.father 7.mother 8.Thank 9.girl


六、1—5:ACBCD 6—10:ACDAB七、(A)1—5:ADCDB


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