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牛津9B Unit1 习题

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牛津初三英语9B Unit1 练习题


1. Our earth is becoming more and more_________(污染).

2. Einstein was one of the greatest_________(科学家) in the world.

3. Our bodies become___________(健康) than before.

5. The man was___________(呼吸) heavily at that time.

6. The car is______ _____(专门地) designed for the president.

7. He doesn’t know how to____________(描述) what he looks like.

8. We will celebrate his_____________(四十) birthday tomorrow.


1. 照顾_______________ 2. 越来越拥挤________________

3. 以……速度________________________ 4. 以许多方式、方法__________________

5. 把……连接到……__________________ 6. 呈……形状________________________

7. 大量、许多_______________________ 8. 与……交朋友______________________

9. 迷路______________________ 10. 在……的表面______________________

11. 对……有害______________________ 12. 用……使……离开__________________

13. 起飞,脱下_______________________ 14. 在窗户边__________________________

15. 在火星上_________________________


( )1. In 2100, people will__________by robots.

A. cared forB. be looked C. be cared for D. take care of

( )2. — How do you_______these cats?

— I like them very much. They are so lovely.

A. think B. like C. think of D. want

( )3. They are getting________instead of getting any better.

A. a bit worst B. more badly C. even worse D. more bad

( )4. Does he want to know_________when you were young?

A. what is the life like B. what the life was like

C. how the life was like D. what the life is


( )5. My brother_____ride a bike when he was only eight years old.

A. could B. may C. can D. might

( )6._________of the students have their own computers.

A. Two eleven B. Two elevenths C. Two eleventh D. Twice elevenths

( )7. Do you believe food _______Mars will be _______the form pills?

A. on; on; in B. on; in; of C. in; in; of D. in; of; in

( )8. How much time do you ________watching TV every day?

A. spend B. cost C. take D. pay

( )9. — Could you _______your book to me?

— Of course. You can _______it for a month.

A. borrow; lend B. lend; borrow C. lend; keep D. keep; borrow

( )10. I think ________important for students to learn English well.

A. it B. that C. what D. if

( )11. His mother told him not to play football in the street, _________ ?

A. did he B. didn’t she C. didn’t he D. did she

( )12. The baby is sleeping now. Could you__________the TV a bit?

A. turn down B. turn up C. turn on D. turn off

( )13. — What makes you so _______, Mike?

— The activity. Our teachers will take us ___________the Tian’an men.

A. happy; visit B. happily; to visit C. happy; to visit D. happily; visit

( )14. Space shuttles will travel at ______of light.

A. the half speed B. half speed C. the speed half D. half the speed

( )15. Food as _____________as they are today.

A. will be not; tasty B. will not be; tasty C. will be not;

taste D. will not be; taste五、用括号内动词的适当形式填空

1. Tom told a joke, and_______ (make)all of us_______(laugh).

2. — Where is your mother?

— She ________(go) to the supermarket.

3. Gravity can keep us from ____________(float) in the air.

4. All of us really________(agree) with you. You should give up your idea.

5. You mustn’t watch TV

before __________(finish)_________(do) your homework..

6. I don’t know if he_______(come) tomorrow. If

he_______(come), please call me.

7. Mr.Liu told us he________(teach) us Maths the next term.

8. They___________(know) each other for ten years by last year.

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