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Unit 4 Don’t eat in class!

一. 单词变化

1.rule(复数)_________ 2.outside(反义词) _________ 3.wash(单三)__________ 4..get to (同义词)________ 5. late(反义词)________ 6.loud (副词)________ 7.could (原

形)__________ 8.with(反义词)________ 9.piano(复数) __________

10.snow (形容词) _________


1.We have to wear sports shoes for g______ class. 2.You’d better not break the r_________.

3. ________ (not fight ) with each other in the classroom. 4.We can eat in the d_________ hall every day

5.Don’t run in the h__________ . It’s dangerous. 6.No _________(talk) in class!

7.Grace is wearing the school u_________ today. 8.The girl often comes back early on s_________ nights.

9.What _______ your teacher look like? She is tall and thin. 10. _________(read) in the sun is bad for your eyes.


( )1.We can eat in the cafeteria. But we _______ eat in the classroom.

. A. don’t B. didn’t C. can’t D. aren’t

( )2.When Jim goes ________ the classroom the teacher is having class.

A. to B. in C. out D. into

( )3.-_______ I take some photos in the hall? –No, you_________.

A. Can, needn’t B. Must, mustn’t C. Could, won’t D. May, mustn’t

( )4.Don’t forget________ me this evening.

A. to call B. call C. calls D. calling

( )5.Don’t talk ________ in the library.

A. loud B. loudly C. low D. lowly

( )6.I have _______ rules in my home. We have ________ homework to do today.

A. too many, too much B. too much , many too C. too many, much too D. much too, many too

( )7.-Can your brother swim? -________.

A. Yes, he can’t B. Yes, please . C. No, he can’t D. Yes, he does

( )8.It’s raining all day , so I ________ stay at home.

A. must B. have to C. must to D. can

( )9.He’s never ________ class.

A. arrive B. late for C. arrive late D. late

( )10.He has to _______ by 10:00 o’clock.

A. be in bed B. is bed C. stay bed D. lie bed

( )11.Don’t arrive late for class, ________?

A. do you B. aren’t you C. will you D. don’t you

( )12.” No______ !” says the sign.

A. smoke B. smoking C. smokes D. to smoke

( )13.His mother is ill _________ for two days.

A. in bed B. on bed C. in the bed D. on the bed


( )14.-Can you cook fish? - ________. It’s easy.

A. No, I can’t B. Yes, I can C. Sorry, I can’t D. Yes, I need

( )15.-What did Mary have ___________breakfast this morning? -She got up late and hurried to school ________ breakfast.

A. for, without B. at, without C. for , after D. at, after

( )16.This problem is too difficult. _________ students can work it out.

A. A few B. Few C. A little D. Little

( )!7. Don’t worry! There is _________ much wrong with you.

A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

( )18. I hear there is going to ________ a film tomorrow.

A. is B. be C. have D. has

( )19.Do you want ________?

A. else anything B. anything else C. something else D. other anythings

( )20.The doctor asked him to stay ________ for two or three days.

A. in bed B. on bed C. in the bed D . on the bed


A. You are lucky. B. Really? C. I can’t go out on school nights.

D. I have to stay at home. E. It’s too bad.

A: Can you go to the movies tonight, Emily?

B: No, I .

A: Oh, I can’t, either. I want to go out, but .

B: . I have too many rules in my family.

A; Family rules? Like what?

B: I can’t play with my friends after school .A: ? B: Yeah, I have to go home by 5:30 and do my homework.

A: Oh, I do, too. And I have to practice playing the piano every day.

B: Do you have to wash your clothes?

A: Yes, I do. I think .


1.You must look after you sister.(同义句)

You ________ ________ look after your sister.

2.I never arrive late for school, ________ _________ ? (完成反意疑问句)

3.We can listen to music outside the hallways.(对画线部分提问)

________ ________ we listen to music?

4.Uncle Wang does housework on weekend.(改一般疑问句)

_______ Uncle Wang _______ housework on weekend?

5.You can’t turn on the radio. (改为祈使句) ________ _______ on the radio.


1.我不得不做英语作业。 I _______ ________ do my English homework.

2.我觉得我家的约束太多了。 I think I have ________ ________ rules in my house.


3.我晚上10:00 前必须上床睡觉。 I have to _______ in bed _________ ten o’clock in the evening.

4.你认为你的英语课怎么样? What do you ________ ________ your English class?

5.我们不能在教室里吃东西。 We can’t ________ in the ____________.

6.放学后我得练弹钢琴。 I ________ ________ practice the piano _________ school.

7.有课的晚上我们不应该看电视。 We shouldn’t _________ TV ________ school ___________.

8.十点钟前你必须得睡觉吗? _______ you _______ _______ be _______ _______ ________ 10:00?

9.音乐课上我们可以唱歌跳We ________ sing and dance _________ _________ class.

10.我们可以在食堂吃饭。 We _________ eat in the school ___________ hall.



My Family Rules. ( 假如你是Mike ,家里有很多约束,你写信给你的笔友John,倾诉你内心的烦恼和不快。开头已给出)

Dear, John,

I’m not happy…


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