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Unit 2 Where’s the post office?

I. 译词组:

1.(投币式) 公用电话____________________________ 2. 在……的对面___________________

3.接近,在……旁边,紧挨着__________________________ 4.在……与……之间_____________

5.径直地走____________________ 6.向左转___________________________

7. 向右转_______________ 8. 在右边__________________

9. 在左边______________________ 10.散步_____________________

11.在……的开端____________________________ 12.到达_________________________

13.让某人干某事____________________________ 14. 去某地的路____________________________

15. 在某人去某地的途中__________________________ 16 附近________________________

17. 一个有着有趣花园的小房子______________________________________________________

18. 玩得高兴_____________________ 19. 到达这里_________________________

20. 到家___________________________ 21 在你的右边____________________________ 22 忙于做某事____________________________


1. 这附近有一家银行吗?____________________________________________________

2. 在中央街有一家图书馆。________________________________________________________

3. 超市在哪?____________________________________________________________

4. 它挨着图书馆。____________________________________________________________

5. 在附近有公用电话吗?__________________________________________________________ III.句型转换

1. Do you know where the supermarket is ?(同义句)

Do you know _______ ______ ______ _______ to the supermarket?

2. This story is very interesting. (同义句)

This is _________ _______________ ___________ .

3. Excuse me. Is there a hotel in the neighborhood? (同义句)

Excuse me. Is there a hotel _________ ___________ ?

4. You can take a taxi to go there. (同义句) You can go there ______ __________.

5. I hope you enjoy yourself in your trip.(同义句)

I hope you _______ ______ ________ ________ .

6. Let me tell you how you can find my house. ( 同义句)

Let me tell you the ________ _______ my house.

7. 对划线部分提问)

_________ ________ windows _________ ________ in the wall?

8. There’re some boys in the river. (改为一般疑问句)

_______ _______ _________ boys in the river?

9. I can see no chairs in the room. (同义句)

I _______ see ________ chairs in the room.

10. ’s a broom. (对划线部分提问)


Unit 2 Where’s the post office?

________ ________ the broom?

11. I have some oranges in the bag. (同义句)

________ some oranges in _______ bag.

12. 对划线部分提问)

_______________ ___________ the house?

13. Excuse me. Could you tell me how I can get to the market? (同义句)

Excuse me. _______ ______ _____ _______ to the market?


( )1.-What______ in the room? -There _____ two chairs and a desk.

A. is , are B. are , is C. is , is D. are , are

( ) 2. There ______ an apple and two bananas on the table.

A. is B. are C. have D. be

( )3. How can I ________________? My plane is leaving in half an hour.

A. get to the supermarket B. arrive at the airport

C. meet my best friends D. take a taxi from the airport

( ) 4. Let me tell you ______ get to my house.

A. which way B. where is C. how to D. something new

( )5. How can I _______ to the station?

A. arrive B. reach C. get D. take

( )6.I know that you will _____ the city next Monday.

A. arrive B. arrive in C. get D. reach to

( ) 7. Please be careful when you _____ the street.

A. across B. through C. cross

( )8. Go _________ the street, you’ll find it next to the supermarket.

A. across B. through C. cross D. over

( )9.We walked _______ the forest (森林) at last.

A. across B. cross C. crossing D. through

( )10.If you went to the New Park, you will have to _______ three one-way streets.

A. across B. through C. pass D. on

( )11.Walk ______ the bridge(桥) . Don’t run!

A.across B. through C. over D. /

( )12.The road runs ______ the forest.

A. past B. across C. through D. over

( )13. The bridge is ___________ the river.

A. across B. over C. through

( )14. Sunday is ________ Saturday and Monday.

A. on B. in C. between D. of

( )15. We all live in that hotel. It is _____ the market _____ the bank.


Unit 2 Where’s the post office?

A. from, to B. between , and C. in, on D. at , out

( )16. She sits ______ you and ______.

A. between, I B. between, me c. among, me

( )17. You must decide _________ these two.

A. between B. among

( )18. Fujian lies _______ the south of China.

A. to B. in C. on

( )19. Fujian lies ______ the south of Jiangsu province.

A. to B. in C. on

( )20. Mongolia lies ______ the north of China.

A. to B. in C. on

V. 译句子

1.我书包里有一个铅笔盒, 一个杯子和三本书。



Let me tell you ______ ______ _______ ______ the airport.

VI. 阅读理解

Pat Hogan was traveling around the country in his car. One evening he was driving along a road and looking for a small hotel, when he saw an old man at the side of the road. He stopped his car and said to the old man, "I want to go to the Sun Hotel. Do you know it?"

"Yes," the old man answered. "I'll show you the way."

He got into Pat's car, and they drove for about twelve miles. When they came to a small house, the old man said, "Stop here."

Pat stopped and looked at the house. "But this isn't a hotel," he said to the old man.

" No," the old man answered, "this is my house. And now I'll show you the way to the Sun Hotel. Turn around and go back nine miles. Then you'll see the Sun Hotel on the left."

( ) 1. Where was Pat looking for?

A. The Sun Hotel. B. The Moon Hotel. C. The Star Hotel.

( ) 2. Whom did Pat meet?

A. A policeman. B. An old man. C. An old woman.

( ) 3. Where did the old man take Pat to?

A. The Sun Hotel. B. A supermarket. C. The old man's House.

( ) 4. How far did Pat drive after the old man got on his car?

A. Five miles. B. Twelve miles. C. Three miles.

( ) 5. How far was the hotel from where Pat saw the old man?

A. Twelve miles. B. Nine miles. C. Three miles.



Unit 2 Where’s the post office?


A: Excuse me. ____________________ the bookshop?

B: It’s next to the school.

A: Where’s the school?

B: It’s on your right.

A:_______________ a park near here?

B: Yes. _______________ this road and take the first turning on the right. It’s in front of you.

A: Where is the factory?

B: ____________________ about 5 kilometers. You’d better _______ No. 4 bus.

A: Where is the bus stop?

B: Go along this road, then take the second turning on the left. The bus stop is on the right.

A: Thanks a lot.

B: You’re welcome.

VIII. 书面表达

王强的朋友Mike 想从北京到他居住的海滨城市旅游。 请根据下面的示意图,将王强要写给Mike 的信补充完整。


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