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The Culture of Dalian

Shell Carving

Shell carving made of shell is a decoration.

贝雕是用贝壳制 成的装饰品。

Shell carvings are a selection of these colored shells, using its natural color and texture, shape, processed into a paste, meticulously carved bas reliefs, mosaics, stereo and other types of Arts and crafts.

贝雕是选用这些有色贝壳,巧用其天然色泽和纹理、 形状,经加工精心雕琢成平贴、半浮雕、镶嵌、立 体等多种形式和规格的工艺品。

Shell carving puts the man and the sea together, shell carving is beautiful sea and traditional culture crystallization of wisdom with shell natural beauty and the beauty of Chinese painting and sculpture techniques.


贝雕巧妙的将人与海 结合起来,贝雕是海 的绮丽与传统文化智 慧的结晶,具有贝壳 的自然美、雕塑的技

During caveman era fifty thousand years ago, shell was strung chains as decoration. 贝壳远在五万年前山顶洞人 时期,就被穿成串链作为 装饰。

Dalian is the birth place of China's shell, called “shell carving craft cradle and the products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions. 大连是我国贝雕的发源地,素有“贝雕工艺摇篮” 之称,产品远销50多个国家和地区。

大连的贝雕艺人用当地贝壳作为原料,根据每种贝 壳的色泽和形状特点,运用传统雕刻手法和国画构 图形式,制成浮雕花鸟、山水、人物等贝雕画,形 象逼真,栩栩如生。

Shell carving artists of Dalian use local shell as raw material and traditional carving techniques and painting composition form to make of embossed flowers and birds, landscape, figure painting ,according to the color and shape characteristics. Shell carving is vivid and true to life likeness.

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