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Mary has some friends. 1 Betty, Peter, Alice 2 Mike. Mary is the oldest 3 . Betty is thirteen years 4 . She is younger than Mary and older than Peter. Alice is nice and Mike is seven.

Betty and Peter are 5 runners. But Peter runs faster. Mary and Betty like to 6 . Mary plays better than Betty. Alice sings 7 of them. Mary and Betty study in a middle school. Alice and Mike study in a primary school. They 8 work hard at school. But Betty works 9 . Her handwriting is good, 10 .

1. A. They are B. It is C. There are D. We are

2. A. but B. Or C. them D. and

3. A. in the five B . of five C. of the five D. for the five

4. A. older B. Old C. oldest D. very old

5. A. best B. Better C. well D. good

6. A. play basketball B. play a basketball

C. play the basketball D. play basketballs

7. A. good B. Better C. best D. well

8. A. six B. All C. four D. both

9. A. hard B. Harder C. very hard D. hardest

10. A. too B. Two C. at D. Also


American schools begin in September after a long summer holiday. There are two terms in a school year; the first term is from September to January, and the second is from February to June. Most American children begin to go to school when they are five years old. Most children are seventeen or eighteen years old when they finish high school.

High school students take only five or six subjects each term. They usually go to the same class every day, and they have homework for every class. After class, they do a lot of interesting things.

After high school, many students go to colleges. They usually have to pay a lot of money. So many college students work after class to get money for their studies.

51. In America, summer holidays begin in .

A. September B. July C. May D. February

52. When a boy is six years old, he .

A. has to stay at home B. can go to high school

C. is old enough to go to school D. always plays at home

53. In American high school students after class.

A. do the homework B. go to work

C. play basketball D. do many interesting things

54. In order to(为了) A. help their parents B. get money for their studies

C. help others D. learn some useful things

55. Which is right? .

A. American students usually have a two - month holiday.

B. American students have three terms in a year.

C. A ten -year -old child usually has six subjects at school.

D. American students don’t like to go to school.

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