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七年级下册 Unit7 What does he look like 教案 ppt

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? If

you have a friend, and you know her through the Internet. You never met each other before. One day, you decide to meet her. So you should tell her what do you look like(你长得怎样). ? Tell me your answer after a while(等会 儿).

Unit7 What does he look like?

How to describe a person?
build /bild/ (体型,体格) height /hait/ (身高)

/pэ:s?n/ n.人, 人物

hair /he?/


look /luk/
clothes /kloz/

face (面貌,面孔 )

decoration /dek?’rei?n/ (饰物 )



What does he look like?

He is…

adj. 瘦的

heavy =fat of medium build [ f? t ]
adj. 重的,胖的 adj. 中等身材的

/hait/ 身高

What does he look like? He is…



of medium height

Match the words with the people in the picture.
c 1.short hair ___ 2.curly hair ___ f

a 3.long hair ___
4.straight a hair ___ 5.tall 6.short ___ d ___ h

7.medium e height ___ 8.thin ___ b g 9.heavy ___ 10.medium e build ___

? Describe one of your friends. Others guess who is the one she described.

Circle “is” or “has”
1. is / has tall

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

is / has heavy is / has curly hair is / has of medium height is / has thin is / has long hair is / has short is / has of medium build is / has short hair

?be? 与 ‘have/has? 的区 别
“ be ﹢ 形容词”: “是”,常用来描述某人 在体貌上的特征。如:个子的高、矮,体 形的胖、瘦等。 “have/has﹢形容词﹢名词”: “ 有,长 着,留着、蓄着” ; 句型常用来说明某 个人身体某部位具有什么样的特征。如: 对头发、胡须、脸、眼、耳、口、鼻、手 等的描述。

2b Listen. Fill in the chart.
is has


tall heavy
of medium height

curly hair
long hair



of medium build

short hair

Conversation One A: Is that your brother David?
B: No, it isn?t.

A: What does David look like? B: He?s tall. He?s heavy. And
he has curly hair.

Conversation Two A: Is that Sally? B: No, it isn?t. A: What does Sally look like?
B: She?s of medium height. She?s thin. And she has long hair.

Conversation Three A: Is your friend Pete short?
B: Yes, he?s short. He?s of medium build. And he has short hair.

? 你妹妹长相如何? 她中等身高、长头发、 大眼睛。 What -----________ does your sister look like _________ _________. of medium -----She’s _________ _________ height ________, and has long hair and big eyes. ? 我最喜欢的歌手是Jay。他高个子,中等体 格。 favorite My _______ ____________ singer is Jay. tall He’s ______ with a medium ________. ________ build

Use ?is? or ?has? to fill in the blank 1.He ___tall and ___beautiful hair. has is 2.She ___of medium height, and she is has ___curly hair. 3.She ___very short, and she ___very is is young. 4.He ___straight

hair and he ___ is has heavy build. 5.She has ___flowers in her hand.

What did you learn today?
hair curly straight tall I.New words : medium height thin heavy build like always


look like of medium height of medium build What do you/they look like? I’m …I have….They’re… What does he/she look like? He/She is… She has…

3. Sentences:

Writing: Use the knowledge we have learned today to write a short passage about one of your family members.

Thank you for listening!

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