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quite a few feel like because of of course on vacation stay at home summer camp

take some photos hardly ever swing dance May be at least junk food such as

for example more than less than point at almost not How often help with

go to the movies once a week twice a week once a month twice a month every day next week go shopping go to bed drink milk free time not…at all go online

three times a week

three or four times a week as long as

be different from care about care for bring out the same as get to arrive at arrive in in fact

be similar to primary school get up as…as be good at enjoy doing make friends hard- working so far

have…in common all kinds of be up to play a role make up for example take…seriously come true look for find out in common action movie dress up

take sb’s place talk show

game show sports show talent show soap opera think of learn from can’t stand plan to come out

try one’s best do a good job agree with

at the beginning of be able to

computer programmer be sure about make sure write down

have to do with take up bus driver

basketball player grow up write story try one’s best take acting lessons get good grades make promises

over and over again space station play a part hundreds of thousands of millions of fall down

be free

study at home in 100 years in the future look like wake up free time at last in the end milk shake mix up turn on turn off turn up turn down be fill with be full of another time prepare for be ready to hang out look after take care of look forward to take a trip

the day before yesterday the day after tomorrow potato chips take mistakes take a taxi in half hear from

get a letter from

receive a letter from keep…to oneself

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