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Unit 9 Job Hunting Reading

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Unit 9 Reading: Job Hunting

Teaching Aims:

1. Get Ss. to learn the important expressions of the reading.

2. Let Ss. know something about Interview Experience.

3. Develop Ss. reading ability and let them learn different reading skills. Teaching Important Point:

Get Ss. to read the passage to know about Interview Experience.

Teaching Difficult Point:

Develop Ss. reading ability.

Teaching Procedures:

Step1. Greeting and Revision.

Check the useful words and expressions of Unit 9.

1. accountant 2.salary 3.quit 4.translator

5.refuse 6. fluently 7.promote 8.promotion

9.recommend 10.traffic jam


Step2.Warming up. (free talk)

1. Do you have a dream? If you do, then what is it?

2. what kind of person would you want to be?

T: Well done! You have many good dreams. But society develops very quickly. It is not easy to find a good job. After graduation from University, 1

you must interview to find a job. Today ,Let us learn the reading about author’s interview experience.


Step3.Matching.Matching the English words and phrases with the proper Chinese meaning.

a.助理 b.财政的,金融的 c.对…满意 d.机会 e.申请 f.回复 g.相关的 h. 缩小 i.不幸地 j.总裁 k.信赖


( )application ( )financial ( )opportunity

( )narrow down ( )assistant ( )rely on ( ) cancel

( )CEO ( )unfortunately ( )be satisfied with

( )related ( )reply


Step4. Fast reading.

Read the text quickly and then choose the best answers. Find out the related sentences and try to translate them.

1. I quitted my job because .

A.My parents are not satisfied with my job.


B. I have been in that company for many years.

C. I think I don’t have opportunities to develop myself.

D. I wouldn’t like to work in a financial company.

2. I got a reply from a company after I quitted my job.

A. 1 week B.2 weeks C. 3 weeks D.4 weeks

3.I was late for the interview because A. I left home late B. there was a heavy rain

C. there was a traffic jam D. the elevator of the building didn’t work

4. I didn’t call the company when the subway broke down because .

A. I was afraid they would cancel my interview

B.I thought I had enough time to get there.

C. the company wouldn’t mind if I was late .

D. I didn’t know the phone number of the company.


Step5. Careful reading.

Read the text carefully and answer the following questions.

1. What did the author do after graduation from University?

2. What did the author do after quitting his job?

3. How was his first interview?


4. What happened on the way when he went to interview again?

5. Did he get to the company on time?

6. Did he get the job at last?


Step6. Retelling.

1. Fill in the form according to the passage.

2. Retell the author’s interview experience according to the form. (设计说明:更好地巩固课文,同时培养学生的语言运用能力和创新能力,进一步激发学生情商,同时锻炼其英语表达能力。)

Step7.Discussion: How to get a good job?




This is “An Unforgettable Experience”. If you want to get a good job, you should word hard. Where there is a will, there is a way. Wish your dreams will come true.

Step9. Homework.

1. Remember the useful phrases in the reading.

2. Use your own words to describe An Unforgettable Experience you are familiar with.

Blackboard Design:

An Unforgettable Experience

Wish your dreams will come true


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