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Leading in

Learning aims

Interaction and exploration

Extension and improvement

Learning to use

Unit7 Section B (3a-self check)

Leading in

Describe what these people are wearing today.
? Miss Qiao : ? a black coat , a pair of black trousers, a pair of grey shoes. ? My partner: . ? My teacher: .


( 描述一下你所买的服饰)

I have a hat. It’s $4. It’s red. It’s small. I like it very much.
$23 $16


将下列短语译成英语 1.各种颜色的________ in all colors
for only $15 2.仅仅以$15交易 ___________ 3.对于女孩们来说___________ for girls 4.出售___________ on sale at a good price 5.价格合理 ___________ clothing store/store 6.服装店___________ 7.来到___________ come to 8.一双黑色的鞋子___________ shoes a pair of black

Learning Aims
Revise clothes words(复习服装名


Fill in ad(填写广告) Learn to write ad (学写服装告)

Interaction and exploration

3a. Look at the things in the picture. Fill in the blanks in the ad. ? Huaxing Clothes Store ? Do you like T-shirt ? ? We have green T-shirts for only 12 yuan. ? How much are our sweaters ? ? Only 21 yuan. ? And red skirts are yuan. 25

Extension and improvement

3b Write an ad for your own clothes store. Come and buy your clothes at.Zig Zag Clothes Store Do you like sweater ? ? We have sweater in all color for only ? 15 yuan. And our socksare only 2 yuan. How about our T-shirts ?They’re only 18 yuan. We have red skirts for girls and blue shorts for boys. They’re only 20 yuan. ? Come to our store now!

?A: Thank you. ? G: Can I help you? ?B: I’m sorry. We don’t sell bags ? E: Yes , please. Do you sell bags? ?C: You’re welcome ? B: I’m sorry. We don’t sell bags. ?D: Here you are ? H: Hmm… those trousers are nice. How ?E: Yesare they? Do you sell bags? , please. much ?F:They’re take them dollars. OK. I’ll twenty-five ? I: ?G: OK. I’ll takeyou? Can I help them. ? F: ?H: Here you are. trousers are nice. How Hmm… those ? D: much are they? ? A: Thank you. ?I: They’re twenty-five dollars. ? C: You’re welcome.

$ 16

$ 9 good price
It’s for girls.

It’s a skirt at great sale.

They’re for boys.
They are trousers at great sale.

only $ 5


eleven soccer balls 14个西红柿 fourteen tomatoes 28双红袜子 twenty-eight pairs of red socks fifteen hats 15顶帽子 31个乒乓拍 thirty-one ping-pong bats twelve pairs of shorts 12条短裤 twenty-six students 26个学生 eighteen sweaters 18个毛衣

进 店 时

挑 选 货 物

Can I help you ? 服务员首先打招呼 May I help you? What can I do for you? I’m looking for … 顾客讲出要求 需要购买时 I’d like … I want … Can I have a look at… 只是闲逛时 Just have a look. No, thanks. I’m just looking around. 询问顾客想买的商品时 What kind/color/size do you want? What about the co

lor /size? 向顾客推荐商品时 How do you like…? How about…? How much is it? 询问和说明价格 How much are they? What ’s the price of…? It’s …/They’re… 决定购买 I’ll take it / them. 付钱 Here is the money.

根据情景选择句子补全对话,有两项是多余的。 c A: 1 B: Yes, please. I want a skirt for my daughter. A: 2 b B: Green or blue. A: Look at the skirts over there. We have different colors. a. Can you help me? Which would you like? B: I think the green one is nice. g b. What color would you like? 3 c. Can I help you? A: It’s 150 yuan. B: Oh. It’s too expensive. d. Do you have a small one? f4 A: It’s only 60 yuan. e. How much are they? B: It’s cheap, but it is big. d5 f. What about this one? A: Yes. Here you are. g. What’s the price?

? 找出每组词中不属于同一范畴的词

? 1.A.red B.blue C.white D.salad ? 2.A.bags B.tomatoes C.carrots D.potatoes ? 3.A.pants B.shorts C.socks D.soccers ? 4.A.boring B.interesting C.friend D.difficult ? 5.A.big B.sale C.long D.short 6.A.shop B.buy C.sell D.believe

找出句子中某个词的反义词来填空 : 1.I don’t like short hair. I like ________ hair. 2.My shoes are too old. I want to buy ________ ones. 3.The store sells school things. You can ________ some pencils there. 4.I think this book is very easy for me and that book is very ________. 5.Watching TV is too boring. But playing sports is very ________. 6.His first name is Ann and his ________ name is Green. 7.The shirt is too small for me. Give me a ________ one, please. 8.The blackboard is black. The words on it are ? long, new, buy ,difficult, ________.
interesting, last, big, white

? .单项选择 ? ( )1.Where ________ your new pants? ________ on the bed. A.is, It’s B.are, They are C.is, They’re D.are, It’s ? B(pants作主语, 谓语中be用are ? ( )2.What color ________ the socks? A.can B.do C.are D.is ? C(主语socks是复数) ? ( )3.The girl ________ a colorful pencil. A.there is B.there are C.have D.has D(主语the girl是单数

? 4.It’s that time ________ year again. A.for B.of C.for a D.of a
B(that time of year一年中的那个时节

? ( )5.You want it, we have it, ________ a very good price. A.for B.at C.of D.in B(“以……价格销售”用介词at
? ( )6.We have sweaters ________ all colors ________ ¥50 each. A.in, at B.at, in C.in, in D.at, at ? A(in all colors各种颜色的, at ¥50 each以每 件50美元的价格)

? 7.Come down ________ Huaxing and see ________ yourself. A.to, to B.for, for C.to, for D.for, to ? C(come down to来到某处for yourself你亲自 ? ( )8.We can ________ books ________ the bookstore (书店). A.sell, to B.buy, from C.sell, from D.buy, to B(buy…from…从……购买…

? ( )9.The store ________ school things ________ the students. A.sell, to B.buy, from C.sells, to D.buys, from


? ( )10.There ________ many shorts ________ sale in the store. A.are, on B.are, for C.is, on D.is, for ? A(on sale出售 ? ? ( )11.________ the pants? ? They’re 15 yuan. ? A.How many is B.How many are C.How much is D.How much are

D(how much可以表示询问价格)

? ( )12.We read $ 10as ________. A.ten dollar B.ten dollars C.dollar ten D.dollars ten

? B($10读作ten dollars) ? ( )13.This shirt is very cheap. I’ll ________ it. A.bring B.take C.want D.believe ? B(take此处表示“买下”)
? ( )14.________ a clerk work in a store? A.Is B.Are C.Does D.Do ? C(主语为a clerk, 谓语是行为动词work, 因此 疑问句助动词为does)

? ( )15.We have T-shirts ________ green for only $ 8. A.at B.in C.on D.wit
B(in green绿色的)

? .指出并改正句中的一处错误。 1.How much is the socks? is→are ________________ 2.How much are that pants? that→those ________________ 3.These shoes are twenty-three dollar. dollar→dollars ________________ 4.That hat is eight yuan ________________ yuans→yuan 5.Fourteen and twenty-six is forty. forteen→fourteen ________________

? 6.Have a look for the picture. for →at ________________ ? 7.They each has a bag for sports. has→have _____________ ? 8.We have many bags. Do you like it cheap. it→them ________________ ? 9.Thank a lot. You’re welcome. Thank→Thanks ________________ short→shorts ? 10.I’ll take these short. _______________

三、用介词at, for, in 填空。 For for 1. _____ girls, we you can buy skirt ____ ¥16. 2. The girl _____ red sweater is my cousin, in Jenny. 3. Come and buy your clothes ____ our great at sale. 4. Do you know the boy ____ black? in at 5. They sell nice clothes ______ good prices. 6. His grandfather likes noodles ____ breakfast. for at 7. Please call Allan ____ 789-5466.

? 阅读短文,回答问题


Sam likes eating fish very much. He often buys fish in the shop and takes them home. One day his wife sees the fish and thinks, “Good! Now, I can ask my friends to have lunch and we can eat the fish. They like fish very much. ” When Sam comes home from work in the evening, the fish is not there and his wife says, “Oh, your cat eats it. ”And then she gives him some bread for his supper. Sam is angry (生气).

? He takes the cat and his wife to a shop near his house and weighs (称)the cat. Then he turns to his wife and says, “My fish weighs one kilo. The cat weighs one kilo, too. My cat is here, you see, then, where is my fish? ”

1.What does Sam like eating very much? Fish. 2.Who eat the fish that day? Sam’s wife and her friends ? 3.How much does the fish weigh? ? O

ne kilo. ? 4.What does Sam’s wife give him for supper?

? Some bread. ? 5.Can you guess if (是否)Sam knows where the fish is?

? Maybe he knows they eats up the fish.

? .完形填空 ? A boy and a girl catch(抓住) a bird and 1 it in a birdcage(鸟笼). They like it very much and 2 it every day. A cat(猫) sees the bird and wants 3 her supper. 4 the bird is in the cage. She can’t catch it. So she is very angry. One day, she opens the door of the cage 5 wants to catch it. But the bird flies away. The cat 6 , and she has 7 . The two children 8 and see the bird isn’t in. They are very angry and put the cat into the cage.

? ( )1.A.take B.put C.carry D.bring ? B(put动词, “放, 放置”的意思) ? ( )2.A.see B.look C.have a look D.have a look at ? .D(have a look at“看一看……”的意思) ? ( )3.A.have it for B.has it for C.to have it for D.to has it so ? C(wants后接不定式to have ? ( )4.A.But B.And C.So D.Then

? .A(but表示转折关系)

? 5.A.but B.and C.so D.or ? B(and表示并列关系) ? ( )6.A.can to fly B.can fly C.can’t to fly D.can’t fly ? B(can是情态动词, 后面接动词原形) ? ( )7.A.no ways B.some ways C.any way D.not way ? A(has no ways没有办法) ? ( )8.A.come back to home B.come back home C.come to home D.back home ? B(come back home返回家中)

? 书面表达 假如你的服装店出售很多的衣、帽、 鞋、袜等,请写一则销售广告。(开头已给) Welcome to Fenghua Clothing Sale. These Tshirts are just $ 5 each ... ? Do you like any sweaters? We have sweaters in all colors at$15 each. Do you need bags for sports or school? We have great bags for just $4. And hats in all colors for just$2 each. We have socks for$6. And that’s not all. Please come to Fenghua and see for yourself.

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