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ask sb about doing sth

ask sb to do sth 要求某人做某事

agree to do sth 同意做某事

allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事

ask sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事

(sb.) be allowed to do sth. (某人)被允许做某事


be interested in doing sth 乐忠于做某事 be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事

be afraid of doing sth. = be afraid to do sth by doing sth 通过做某事的方法/依据此事做某事 be busy doing sth 忙于做某事


consider doing sth 考虑做某事

can't stand doing sth 不能忍受做某事. D

do one's best to do sth 尽某人最大努力去做某事 drop doing sth

do well in doing sth 在某方面做的好 decide to do sth 决定做某事


end up doing sth

enjoy doing sth 对某事感到兴趣


forget to do sth忘记去做某事

forget doing sth忘记已做过的事

find sb doing sth发现某人在做某事

finish doing sth 完成某事


get to do sth

give up doing sth 放弃做某事

go on doing sth继续做同一件事

go on to do sth.继续做不同的事


have trouble doing sth 焦虑于做某事

how to do sth 怎么去做某事

had better do sth 最好做某事

hope to do sth 希望做某事

hear sb to do sth 听到某人去做某事

help sb to do sth.=help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事


it is time to do sth 是该时间做某事

invite sb to do sth 邀请某人去做某事

love to do sth 暂时性地喜欢去做某事 同like用法 love doing sth 指一直都很喜欢做某事 同like用法 invite sb to do sth



keep sb./ sth. out (of sth.) 不让……入内 keep (on) doing sth. 继续做某事

keep sb doing 让某人一直做某事

keep sb from doing 不让某人做某事


let sb do sth

like to do sth 暂时性地喜欢去做某事 同love用法 like doing sth 指一直都很喜欢做某事 同love用法 listen to sth

lend sb to do sth 送某人去做什么


mind one's doing sth

make sb. do sth 使某人做某事

mind doing sth


(sb.)need to do sth (某人)需要去做某事



practice doing sth 练习做某事

prefer to do sth rather do sth.

prefer doing(A) to doing(B) 比起B更喜欢A

plan to do sth 计划做某事



remember (not)to do sth (不)记得去做……

remember doing sth 记得已做过……


stop to do sth 停止原先做的事再去做某事

stop doing sth 停止正在做的事

succeed in doing sth 在某事上获取了成功

see sb doing sth 看见某人正在做某事 同 watch 用法 (sb.)spend some time doing sth. (某人)花时间做某事

start to do sth/doing sth. =begin to do sth./doing sth.开始做某事


try to do sth 努力做某事

try doing sth 试着做某事

tell sb (not)to do sth

thank sb for doing sth 感谢某人做了某事

too...to do sth 太...而不能 做某事

the best way to do sth 做某事的最好方式

takes sb. some time to do sth. 花时间做某事


used to do sth 过去经常做什么

used for doing sth 用于做什么

used of 利用



watch sb do sth 表示看见某人做某事的全过程 同see等用法 watch sb doing sth 表示看见某人正在做某事 同see等用法 would like to do sth. 想要去做某事

want sb to do sth. 想要某人做某事

want to do sth. 想要去做某事

What about doing sth. 做某事怎么样? 通常用于提建议. watch / see/ hear sb do / doing sth.

Why not do sth. 为什么不做某事呢? 通常用于提建议 wait for sb to do sth. 等待某人为自己做某事



you'd better (not) do sth. 你最好(不)要做某事


一. 出现以下词,用do填空:

can , could, may, must, need, had better, why not, make, have to, let's, see,

hear, watch, notice, Will ( Would ) you please…

二. 出现以下词,用to do 填空:

would like, want, begin, start, hope, decide, ask, wish, have something to do, tell, take time, it's time, remember, forget, learn, teach, try, stop, plan, adj./疑问词后,take ,allow, It's +形容词+to do something, know, refuse, invite , get order, like, offer, lend, make up one's mind to do, set one's mind to do, enough, need

三. 出现以下词,用doing 填空:

finish, like, enjoy, mind, keep, be busy, there be, do some…, go doing,

prevent, be worth, spend, practice, feel like, thank somebody for doing

something ,stop, excuse somebody for doing something, can't help, prefer…

to…,look forward to…hate, mention, have fun doing,介词:at, in, on, of,

from, for, about, with, without, ,make a contribution to, be used to, hear,

see, watch, notice, listen,

四. 基数词的特殊变化

one---first two---second;

three---third five---fifth

eight---eighth nine---ninth;

twelve---twelfth twenty---twentieth;


五. 代词的变化:

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 主格 宾格 所有格(adj.) 所有格(n.) 反身代词

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I me my mine myself

you you your yours yourself

he him his his himself

she her her hers herself

it it its its itself

we us our ours ourselves

you you your yours yourselves

they them their theirs themselves

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