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Unit 9 My favorite subject is science.

1. What’s your favorite subject? 你最喜欢的学科是什么?=What subject do you like best?

My favorite subject is math. 我最喜欢的学科是数学。= I like math best.

1)What’s your favorite....? = What....do you like best? My favorite.... is …. = I like .... best.

2) favorite前一定要用形容词性物主代词或名词所有格一起来修饰后面的名词。不可根据汉语意思而用人称代词如I, He 等。

What’s Gina’s favorite subject? Gina最喜欢的学科是什么?

Her favorite subject is math. 她最喜欢的学科是数学。


4)favorite n. 最喜欢的人或物(复数形式是favorites) These clothes are my favorites.这些衣服是我最喜欢的。 Which color is your favorite? 哪种颜色是你最喜爱的? 2. Why do you like math? 你为什么喜欢数学? Because it’s interesting. 因为它很有趣。 3. How’s your day? 今天过得如何? It’s OK.还行。 Great! 棒极了! 4. have + 学科:上某一学科的课。 have English 上英语课 have a class / lesson 上课 have breakfast / lunch / dinner 吃早饭 / 中饭/ 晚饭

have a soccer game 举行足球比赛

have a school trip 开展校外活动

have a party 举行派对;举办聚会


上美术课 have art

上一节美术课 have an art class/lesson /

have my(我的) English class /lesson

上两节美术课 have two art classes/lessons

做游戏 play games 做一个游戏 play a game

和..做游戏 play games with sb (us, her, me)

最喜欢 like …best


第二天 the next day 的确如此 That’s for sure.

在周五下午 on Friday afternoon= on the afternoon of Friday 教地理 teach geography 教我们地理 teach us geography

从…到…from …to …

完成某事 finish sth( homework) 完成做某事 finish doing sth 让某人做某事 let sb do sth 想去做某事 want to do sth 因…感谢..thank you for.. 喜欢做某事 like doing sth 忙于做某事 be busy doing sth 忙于某事 be busy with sth 一个小时 an hour 在中国 in China

一本汉语字典 a Chinese dictionary

中国人 Chinese people 一个中国人 a Chinese

两个中国人 two Chinese

On/at the weekend 指某个特定的周末 on/at weekends 泛指一般性的周末 重点句子:

1. 我最喜欢科学。

My favorite subject is science.= I like science best.

2. 你最喜欢哪一门学科?美术。

What’s your favorite subject?=Which subject do you like best?

My favorite subject is art.= It’s art.


My father’s favorite sport is basketball=My father likes basketball best.


How is your day? It’s OK.

6. 我喜欢周一因为我上体育和历史课。

I like Monday because I have P.E. and history.

7. 谁是你的音乐老师?

Who’s your music teacher?

8. 他总是和我们一起做游戏。

He always plays games with us.

9. 的确如此。

That’s for sure.

10. 为什么Bob 喜欢历史? 因为它很有趣。

Why does Bob like history? Because it’s intereting.

11. 你什么时候上地理课?周一和周五。

When do you have geography? I have geography on Monday and Friday. =When is your geography class? It;’s /(My geography class) is on Monday and Friday.

12. 谁喜欢数学? Eric.

Who likes math? Eric does.

13. 她什么时候上语文课?

When does she have Chinese? = When is her Chinese class?

14. 今天几号了?一月5日。

What’s the date today? It’s January 5th.

15. 今天周几? 周二。

What day is it today? Tuesday.


What (classes )do you have on Wednesday?

17. 我在周五很忙。

I am very busy on Friday.

18. 老师说数学很有用,但我觉得它很难。

The teacher says math is useful, but I think it’s difficult.


Science is difficult but interesting.

20. 在那之后我11点上体育课。

After that I have P.E. at 11:00.

21. 午饭从12点到一点。

Lunch is from 12:00 to 1:00.

22 我们的语文老师是个很有趣的人。

Our Chinese teacher is great fun.

23. 我的英语课在10点结束。

My English class finishes at 10:00.


I have an art lesson for two hours.


When do you have classes?=When are your classes?

26. 让我们在周六见面。

Let’s meet on Saturday.

27. 可以吗?

Is that OK with you?

28. 谢谢你的邮件。

Thank you for your e-mail.

29. 我想在周五下午见你。

I want to meet you on Friday afternoon./ Let’s meet on the afternoon of Friday. 语法总结:

1. 特殊疑问词的用法

What 什么 对物体提问

when 对时间提问

where 对地点提问

How …怎样 对身体状况或物体评价提问

How is your mother? She is fine.

How is this sweater? It’s very nice.

Why 对原因提问 who 对人提问

How old …对年龄提问

How old is your mother?=What’s your mother’s age?/ what’s the age of your mother?

How many …多少 对可数名词的数量提问

How many pears do you want?

How much …询问物体的价格问不可数名词的数量

How much milk do you want ?

How much is this sweater?

2. for 的用法:


Thank you for …(than k you for your help = thanks for helping me.) My mother buys a yellow sweater for me 表示目的:ask ab for sth 像某人要某物 为,给: buy sth for sb 给某人买某物

对于…而言: for breakfast / for me/ for boys

Soccer is nor easy for me.

For+money I have a skirt for 10 dollars.

For+时间段 I have an art lesson for two hours.

3. have 用法:

有: Do you have a soccer ball?

吃,喝: For breakfast, I have an egg , some milk and bread. 举行,安排:When do you have the School Day?

上…课: I have P.E on Friday afternoon.

4. say, talk, speak , tell (告诉)

say (v)说+说的内容

My English teacher says English is very useful.

The boys says his book is lost.

talk (v)谈论 talk with/to sb 和某人谈话

The teacher wants to talk with me.

talk about 谈论关于。。

Let’s talk about history.

speak(说,讲)+语言 speak English

tell (讲述,告诉)

tell a story 讲一个故事

Our Chinese teacher tells us a story.

5.finish (v) 完成,结束


Our English class finishes at 8:55.


I finish my homework at 9.

finish doing sth 完成,结束某事

Jane 在10点完成了作业。

Jane finishes doing her homework at 10.


Tom finishes having supper at 9.


fun(adj) 有趣的,滑稽的,搞笑的

The art lesson is very fun.

fun(n)有趣的人,有意思的人,之前可搭配great, good. Tom is great fun. Our history teacher is great fun.

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