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七年级片段教学案 陈兴

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仁爱七年级(上)Unit 4 Topic 1 Section C片段教学教案


Ⅰ. Teaching aims and demands

1 Knowledge aims:

1)Learn and master some useful words and phrases: do some shopping, need,

kilo, salt, How many ?? bottle

2) Talk about quantity:

(1)--- What do we need? --- We need two kilos of apples and some salt.

(2)--- How much salt do we need? --- Three bags of salt.

(3)--- How many bottles? --- Six bottles.

(4) --- Is that all? --- Yes, I think so.

2.Ability aims:

1)Talk about how to express the quantity of countable nouns and

uncountable nouns.

2) Master the usage of “some” and “any”.

3) Go on talking about shopping.

3.Feeling aims:

Lead students to set up the idea of managing financial affairs. II. Teaching important and difficult points

1.Talk about how to express the quantity of countable nouns and

uncountable nouns.

2.Improve students’ spoken English.

III. Teaching method

IV. Teaching procedure:

Step 1 Warming up

T: I am very happy today. Do you know why? Because my son said,“Mom, you are very beautiful today. This coat looks very nice on you.”when he got up this morning. Do you think so? Yes, you think so. Thank you. Last weekend, I bought a coat and a pair of pants. I like doing some shopping. Would you like to do some shopping? Yes. OK. Let’s go shopping. 1.Five-finger Teaching 2. Task-based Language Teaching Step 2 Lead-in


Show a picture of a shop and some real things.

T: This is a shop, a nice, big shop. We can do some shopping. Zhang Manyu, please. What do you need? Oh, you need some apples. How many apples do you need? Well. You need a kilo of apples. Lin Xinbao ,please. Do you need apples? Yes. Mm. How many apples do you need? Oh, you need five kilos of apples.Very good.You can share these apples with your parents. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.Ye Yongpeng,please. What about you? Oh, you need some salt. Why? Wonderful.You are a good boy.Your mother must love you. How much salt do you need? Three bags of salt.OK. Do you need any salt, Chen Weixing? Oh, sorry, you don’t need any salt. I think your mother needs some salt. That’s wonderful. You are so smart.

Step 3 Presentation

T: In our daily life, we need many things. We need food. We need drinks. We need clothes. We need pens. We need books ? You need my help and I need yours, too. Sometimes your mother needs you to do some shopping. Today Ben’s father needs Ben to buy something for him. What are they? Let’s listen to 1a.

1. Listen to 1a, and answer the following questions.

Q: 1) How much salt do they need?

2) How many kilos of apples do they need?

3) Do they have any milk?

4) How many bottles of milk do they need?

T: Mary, please. You have got the answers. You answer the first question. They need three bags of salt. Right. Your listening is quite good. Anna, please. You answer the second question. Oh, good. They need two kilos of apples. And Meimei, please. The third one. No, they don’t. OK. They don’t have any milk. The last one. You, please. Six bottles of milk. Great, thanks.

2. Listen to 1a again and read after the tape. Pay attention to the

pronunciation and intonation.

3. Please sum up the dialog in your own words. You may begin like this:

Ben helps his father do some shopping. What do they need? They need ?( two kilos of apples, three bags of salt and six bottles of milk)

Step 4 Consolidation


1. Read 1a again, make the shopping list for Ben. Then check the answer.

2. Pair work. Read the shopping list in 1b, then role-play according to

1a. Finish 1b.

Step 5 Practice

Let students practice the usage of “ how many” and “how much” and the expression of the quantity of countable nouns and uncountable nouns, and complete the sentences with “how many” and “how much”.

1) -—_______ rice do you want? --- I need two _____(bag) of ______(rice).

2) --- ______ apples would you like? --- I would like three_____(kilo)

of ____(apple).

3) --- ______ bags of salt do they need? --- They need one ____ (bag)

of ____ (salt).

4) --- ______ water is there in the bottle? --- There is some_____ (water)

in it.

T: Everyone has finished. Great. Let’s check the answers. Jane, you put up your hand the most quickly. Tell us your answer and reason. Right. You so excellent. Li Ming, please. You answer the third one. Wonderful. Thank you.

Sum up

What have we learnt today?

---- Could you help me do some shopping?

---- Sure. How much +不可数名词 +? ?

How many +可数名词复数 +? ?

two kilos of apples How much salt do we need?

They need three bags of salt How many bottles (do we need)?

six bottles of milk any: 用于否定句和疑问句

some: 用于肯定句, 也常用在提建议


any: We don’t have any milk.

—Is that all? some: We need some salt.

—Yes, I think so.


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