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how was your school trip学案

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七下 Unit 4 How was your school trip?


1. 掌握本单元单词及短语。

2. 会运用一般过去时来谈论过去发生的事情与经历。


How was your school trip?

What did you do?

When did you take a trip?

Who did you go with?

Did you take any photos?

Was/ Were there----?




采用任务型教学法,通过checking, Pair_work,group work,等引导学生开展活动。


任务一. 词汇过关


(1) watch- (2) visit- (3)play-

(4) live- (5) move- (6)put-

(7) study- (8)worry- (9)cry-

(10)stop- (11)plan- (12)shop-

(13)am,is- (14)go- (15)do-


1. Listen! Mary _________ ( sing) now.

2. A young man __________ (run) on the playground now.

3. My mother _________(watch) TV play every day.

4. Old Bush ________(visit) China again last month.

5. I ______ (play) sports three times a day.

6. Look! Lucy and Lily ____________(read) books.

7. There _______(is) a football match yesterday afternoon.

8. Our class ______( go) to the zoo three days ago



Peter: Hi, Eric. ___________1________________?

Eric: It was excellent. I visited my grandparents in the countryside.

Peter: Oh, nice._______________________?

Eric: I went fishing every day. And I fed the chickens

with my grandpa. It was so much fun.

Peter: Sounds good.__________3________?

Eric: It was great and the air was so clean. I watched the stars at night. They were so beautiful.

Peter: Lucky you.

任务三、Group_work小记者四人一组做调查 ,由组长完成表格并作报告


A: Did you go to Qingdao/Beijing… B: Yes, I did./No, I didn’t. A: What did you do? B: I went shopping.

A: Were there many delicious food ? B: Yes , there were.

A: How was your trip? B: It was great.

做报告: Li Lei went to Qingdao , he went shopping, there were many delicious food



【考点集中】举一反三 学活课本


How was your school trip?

How + be + 主语?= What be +主语 + like?意为“….怎么样?”


It was great. It was OK. It was /wasn’t good….



( )1.—How ________ your weekend?

—It ________ great. But I ________ tired now.

A.was; was; am B.is; was; was

C.is; is; am D.is; is; was

( ) 2.Last month I ________ a new song.

A.write B.Writes C.wrote D.to write

( )3.—What ________ you ________ last Monday?

—I went to the library.

A.do; go B.did; do C.does; go D.did; went

( )4.—What did he do yesterday?

—He ________ the books with his friends.

A.read B.reading C.reads D.readed

( )5. Mary ________ her last weekend in Shenzhen.

A.took B.Spent C.did D.went


1. I (hang) out with my friends and I (take) lots of photos last weekend.

2. (be) two birds in the tree.

3. --- you (go) to the zoo yesterday?

---- No, I didn’t. I aquarium.

4. They 三.能力提升训练


It was Sunday yesterday.

Henry wasn't __1__ home. He was on a__2__ to the zoo.

An old man got on the bus. Henry stood up and __3__ to him, “Come and sit here, please.” He helped the old man__4__. “Thanks __5__, good boy,” the old man said. “You're welcome,” said Henry.

The bus went on. Thirty minutes later, it stopped__6__the zoo. Henry got off the bus and said __7__ to the old man. The old man smiled (微笑) at him in a friendly way.

good time in the zoo.

( )1. A. in B. on C. at D. of

( ) 2. A. way B. zoo C. bus D. car

( ) 3. A. spoke B. said C. told D. talked

( ) 4. A. go for B. get on C. sit down D. get off

( ) 5. A. a little B. a lot C. a bit D. lots of

( ) 6.A. next B. through C. near D. in

( )7. A. hello B. goodbye C. yes D. no

( )8.A. Most B. Each C. Every D. nearly

( )9.A. found B. looked C. saw D. watched

( )10.A. because B. but C. when D. or


Welcome to our 9-day traveling program.We'll provide you with a wonderful traveling experience in China.

Day 1 —_Arrive in Beijing

Arrive in Beijing,meet your tour guide and check in at the hotel. Day 2 — Beijing

Begin the day with a visit to Tian'anmen Square — one of the world's largest city squares.Then move on to the Palace Museum,a symbol of traditional China. Day 3 — Beijing

Visit the Summer Palace,one of China's largest and best-kept imperial gardens. Day 4 — Beijing

Visit the Great Wall,a symbol of Chinese culture.

Day 5 — Beijing — Xi'an

After breakfast,take a walk through some old "hutongs",a kind of ancient city street.Fly to Xi'an and check in at the hotel.

Climb the old City Walls in the afternoon.

Day 6 — Xi'an

Visit the 2200-year-old Terracotta Warriors of China's first emperor,Qin Shihuang.

Day 7 — Xi'an — Shanghai

Fly to Shanghai.Visit the beautiful "Waitan".There are many beautiful old buildings in the style of early 20th century Europe.

Day 8 — Shanghai

Visit Shanghai Museum in the morning,a leading city attraction since its opening in 1994.

Do some shopping in the afternoon along the Bund,the famous business area of Shanghai.

Enjoy a farewell dinner at the hotel.

Day 9 — Return home

Go to the airport and take the plane to return home.


( ) 1.If your family take part in the program,what are you going to do on the first day?

A.Arrive in Beijing. B.Meet our tour guide.

C.Check in at the hotel. D.All of the above.

( ) 2.How many days will you stay in Beijing?

A.Three.B.Four. C.Four and a half D.Six.

( ) 3.Where will you visit in Xi'an?

A.The Bund. B.The Terracotta Warriors of the first emperor,Qin Shihuang.

C.The Great Wall. D.The Palace Museum.

( ) 4.Where will you leave for on the seventh day?


( ) 5.Where will you enjoy a farewell dinner?

A.Beijing. B.Xi'an.C.Shanghai.D.I don't know.

Finland isn't on the North Pole and isn't always covered by snow.Finland is actually covered by forests and lakes.There are plenty of reindeer in the forest and it has a wonderful tradition of making wooden toys,so maybe Santa Claus keeps a factory in Finland.In summer,kids can enjoy long,long days that never end — the nights never really get dark.

The following are some interesting things to do in Helsinki,the capital of Finland.

Market Square

Start your visit at the open-air market at Market Square on the South Harbor.In summer,you can watch people selling fish and potatoes from their boats,eat a bag of fresh strawberries,or a sandwich from the Old Market Hall and sit out on the stone dock(码头) to watch the boats coming and going.

Take a boat ride

From the Market Square,there are four or five possible boat rides.You can take a boat to travel around the islands of Helsinki.Or,you can take a waterbus to Helsinki Zoo.


Seurasaari is only minutes from the center of Helsinki.Once you cross the bridge to the island,you'll find yourself in 18th and 19th century Finland.


( ) 1.What is Finland actually covered?

A.Snow.B.Forests. C.Water.D.Forests and lakes.

( ) 2.The underlined word "reindeer" probably is _______.

A.a kind of traffic sign B.a kind of animal

C.a kind of present D.a part of the house

( ) 3.The capital of Finland is _______.

A.Helsinki B.Seurasaari C.Turku D.New York

( ) 4.How can you go to Helsinki Zoo from the Market Square?

A.By bus. B.By boat. C.By waterbus. D.On foot.

( ) 5.Which of the following is NOT right?

A.Finland is on the North Pole.

B.There are lots of lakes in Finland.

C.In summer,Finland has many days that never end.

D.In Seurasaari,you'll find yourself in 18th and 19th century Finland

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