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英语作文 给时光老人的一封信

发布时间:2013-12-22 15:46:00  

Dear Father Time,

I'm very glad to write to you. I think you must an interesting old man and you are as nice as my grandfather.Now, I have many words to talk to you.

Father Time, you must run as fast as LiuXiang.Unconsciously, I'm fourteen years old.And unconsciously, my parents are getting more old. When I was a little child, my parents gave all love to me . They wanted to give me the best things and let me grow up happily. But I was not a sensible child.I often let my parents sad.One day , I wanted to watch TV.But my mother didn't let me watch TV because I didn't finish my homework. I felt very angry with her and had a fight with her.I knew that my mother was sad and disappointed. I shouldn't fight with her and shout at her. Finally, I said sorry to her. I saw the smile come back on her face.Now, I understand my parents' love. I will love them forever.

Father Time, You taught me be brave . When I was a little girl, I was very timid.I never dared to take part in any adventure game.Although my mother always encourages me, but I still couldn't win over myself.So my classmates always call me a coward.A special experience,all of these were changed.One day, I went climbing with my father.We were get the top of the mountain.I wanted to give up because of my timid.At this time,my father took me by the hand and said,"Winning or losing is in your control. You should try your best to do everything and you will be proud of yourself when you beat yourself."My mind was made up, this time I must win over myself. When we reached the top of the mountain,I could hardly believe my eyes.What a beautiful scenery!Later, I will overcome more difficult, to better set out tomorrow.

Best wishes to you.










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