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Unit 5 Nelson Mandela – a modern hero

Memorial Ceremony


奥巴马与古巴总统握手 “宿敌”诠释“和解”

Now let’s mourn over the great man’s death silently for one minute.

Now let me say something first.
1. the story of Mandela’s inviting the three white prison guards to dinner at home.( forgiveness) ? 2. Mandela’s saying : It is not right for the whites to control the blacks. It is also wrong for the blacks to control the whites. (true equality)


Pre-reading: Make a guess What’s the connection between them?

A. Strangers

B. Friends
C. Father and son

D. Teacher
and student

Now let’s read the story and find the qualities that Mandela had. But first, let’s listen to the story and find the bad situations that the black people in South Africa faced.
From these we can see that people’s life in South Africa was ______________.

Helpfulness Bravery (勇敢) Persistence (坚持不懈) Kindness (亲切, 仁慈) Determination (坚定) ?

Why did the writer tell us something about Mandela from the eye of a third person, Elias?

To make the story more convincing.

2. It was in 1952 and Mandela was the

black lawyer to whom I went for advice.
advice n. advise v.

a piece of advice 一条建议
give sb. advice on…关于??给某人建议 1) advise sb. on sth. 就??给某人出主意 I have advised you on that subject.

2) advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人干?? advise doing sth Our monitor advises me to practice

more spoken English.
3) advise that +(should) do

I advise that you (should) not eat fruit
that isn’t ripe.

2) out of work 失业 (做表语或后置定语) Jim has been out of work for months. The number of people out of work reached 300. His mother has been out of work for half a year. in work 有工作 Is her husband in work? out of 意为“在??之外”,“向??外”; 表示失去,没有,用完;不再处于某种 状况。反义词为into或in。

out of breath out of patience out of petrol out of use out of order out of control out of danger out of sight out of fashion out of date out of repair Out of sight, out of mind.

上气不接下气 不耐烦 汽油用完了 没用了 出故障了 失控了 脱离危险了 看不见了 不时兴 过时 无法修葺 眼不见, 心不烦

4. The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress, until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all. 过去三十年里出现了大量的法律来剥夺 我们的权利,阻挡我们的进步,直到今 天我们还处在几乎什么权利都没有的阶段。

7. We were put in a position in which we had either to accept we were less important, or fight the government. 我们被置于这样一个境地:要么我们被迫接受 低人一等的现实,要么跟政府作斗争。 1) in which引导定语从句,相当于where, 但意义更准确

。如: After three hours’ ride, we came to the house in which he was born. 乘车3个小时后我们来到了他出生的那所房子。 Think of a place to which we can go for dinner. 想一个我们可以去吃饭的地方。

2) accept “接受”,指的是主观上接受了。

receive “收到”,指客观收到但不一定接受。

我接受了他的邀请去参加晚会。 I accepted his invitation to the party. 我收到了他的邀请,但我没有接受。

I received his invitation, but I didn’t

9. …only then did we decide to answer violence

with violence.

only then 此处引起倒装句, 当only修饰状语
位于句首时, 句子采用部分倒装的结构。

Only by practicing a few hours every day will
you be able to master English.

You can leave only when he comes.
= ______ ______ he comes _____ you leave. Only when can

只有在那时候, 我才知道自己错了。 Only then did I realize that I was wrong. 只有用这种办法你才能解决这个问题。 Only in this way can you solve the problem. 只有当他回来时我们才能知道秘密。 Only when he came back did we know the secret.
注意1: 主句倒装从句不倒装。 注意2: Only+主语在句首时, 不用倒装 Only he knows the answer.

注意: 如果only所强调的为状语从句, 该状语从句不倒装, 只对主句进行倒装。

e.g. Only then did I realize the important
of English. Only when a child grows up does he understand his parents’ intentions. Only when the war was over in 1918 was he able to get happily back to work.

C Whenever we are in _______ , we must never
lose ______ , but try to think of the way out.

A. the trouble; our heart B. troubles; hearts
C. trouble; heart make trouble put sb. to trouble D. trouble; our heart 制造麻烦 给某人添麻烦

have trouble (in) doing sth. 做某事有困难 take trouble to do sth. 费心做某事

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