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My name’s Gina.

What can you see?
What’s this? It’s a/an … .

What are they doing?
They are greeting to each other.

What’s your name? My name’s… I’m… Nice to meet you!

Listen and number the conversations



A: What’s your name? B: Alan

A: Hello. I’m Mary.



B: Hi, Mary. I’m Jim.

A: My name’s Jenny.



B: I’m Gina. Nice to meet you.

Listen and number the pictures. 3 1



Circle the names you hear.

Tony Bob

Tom Mike

Jenny Jim


What’s his name? His name’s…





What’s her name?


Kate Her name’s… Linda


对第二人 称提问

your ----What’s _____ name? My ----_____ name is Jenny.

----I am Jenny.
What’s = what is

----What’shis _____ name? His ----_____ name is Tony.
对第三人称 男性提问

I’m = I am
name’s = name is

her ----What’s _____ Her name? ----_____ name is Gina. 对第三人称




A: What’s your/his/her name? B: My/His/Her name is … …
Alan Jenny

The structure of English name

Jim Green
First name\Given name

Last name\family name

names Jim Green

Last name\family name L 姓氏

名字 First name\Given name F

1. Tony F 2. Green L 3. Miller L 4. Mingming F 5. Gina F

F 6. Jack 7. Smith L 8. Brown L 9. Zhang L 10. Mary F

What’s his\her last name? His\Her last name is…?

What’s his\her first name?
George Bush

His\Her first name is …

Frank Black
Jim Moore

Nancy Green
Lucy King Amy White


Zhu Qinan

Qinan Zhu
First name Last name

? I’m Bill Green. ? My first name is Bill. ? My last name is Green .

Zhang Xiaohong

A: What’s your first name?
Xiaohong B: My first name is ….

A: What’s your last name?
Zhang B: My last name is ….

A: Hello! What’s your name? B: My name’s … A: I’m … B: Nice to meet you! A: What’s his name? B: His name is … A: And what’s her name? His name is Tony. B: Her name is …
Her name is Linda. My name is Ben.

? 抄写单词P106 question -- girl, 每个抄 5次,包括中文意思. ? 造句 Geroge Bush What’s his\her last name? Frank Black His\Her last name is… Nancy Green What’s his\her first name? His\Her first name is … Lucy King 例如:Jim Green What’s his last name? His last name is Green. What’s his first name? His first name is Jim.

Number one 数字





seven eight nine zero ten


Listen and repeat.

0 zero 2 two 4 four 6 six 8 eight 1 one 3 three 5 five 7 seven 9 nine


Listen to the conversation and write the telephone number.

2 7 8 6 9 2 6 __ __ __-- __ __ __ __

Pair work


82322958 119938485


Listen and match the names and telephone numbers.

1.Tom ___ c 2.Linda ___ d 3.Bob ___ b 4.Mary___ a 2b

a. 929-31__ __ 6 0 b. 398-61__ __ 4 9 c. 278-79__ __ 2 8 4 2 d. 555-80__ __

Listen again and complete the phone numbers.

My telephon e number is

Names Phone Numbers

What’s your telephone number?

1.抄写单词P106 zero ---phone number, 每个抄5次,包 括中文意思. 2.用英语表达下列数字: 110 119 0577 13868745217 88312469

Let’s review the numbers











Complete the conversations with the words in the box.
I’m is your
? ? ? ?

name name name’s his

Tony: Hello. What’syour name? ______ What’s = what is Jenny: My _________ Jenny. name’ Tony: _____ Tony. I’s I’m = I am Jenny: Nice to meet you, Tony.


name’s = name is

Find the last names

Green 1. Gina _______ Hand 2. Nick ________ Brown 3. Linda ________ Smith 4. Jim ________ Miller 5. Alan ________

What’s her telephone number
What’s her family name? What’s her first name?


ID card First name: __________ Last name: __________ Telephone Number: ____________________

I’m … . My first name is … . My last name is … . My telephone number is … .

Fill in your own ID card.

His/Her name is …. His/Her first name is …. His/Her last name is …. His/Her telephone number is ….


模仿例句改写句子 例: Lucy: This is my key. It is her key. 1. Gina: This is my ID card. It’s her ID card. ____________________ 2. Alan: This is my telephone number. It’s his telephone number. ______________________________ 3. Tony: This is my CD. It’s his CD. ______________________ This my English book. 4. Linda:____________________ It’s her English book. This my jacket. 5. Nick: _______________ It’s his jacket.

1. ____ 单项填空 C It’s 3367001988502. A. What’s this in English? B.What color is it? B C. What is your ID number. 2. Jane is a girl. ____ family name is Read. ? My B. Her C. Your C 3. My name is Ken Clark, Ken is my ____ name, and Clark is my _____ name. A. family, first B. last, first C. first, family 4. Hi! My B name is Eric. Hi!_________ A. My name Jenny. B. I am Jim.

B 5.I am a girl, my name is _____ A. John B. Mary C. Peter D. Tommy 6. Her full name is Jack Smith. Her family C name is ____. ? Jack B. Jack Smith C. Smith D. Smith Jack D 7. My mother is a teacher. _____ name is Anna. ? His B. My C. Your D. Her C 8. What’s two and three? It’s ____ A. two B. three C. five D. six

选择方框中的句子完成对话 A. It’s black. B. It’s a banana ( 香蕉). C. My name is Peter Hall. D. I’m fine, thank you. E. His English name is Barry. F. Her telephone number is 8570-4321. (F ) 1. What’s Mary’s telephone number? (C) 2. What’s your name, please? (D) 3. How are you? (A ) 4. What color is your cat? (B ) 5. What’s this in English? (E ) 6. What’s his English name?

根据对话情景在横线上填句子 A: Hi B. Hi! A: What’s your name , please? My name is Grace./ I’m Grace. B: ___________________________ A: Nice to meet you, Grace, I’m Jenny. Nice to meet you

, too. B: _____________________ What’s your telephone number? A: _____________________________ B: My telephone number is 0579-3086592. A: And my telephone number is 0579What’s his name? 3085069. Look at the boy.______________ B: His name is Jim. It’s his first name. What is his family name? A: ______________________ B: His family name is Green.

阅读对话判断正误 Hello, this is my friend. Her name is Rita Jones. Her telephone number is one – five – four, seven – eight – two – zero. This is my friend too. He is Bill. His family name is Gates. His telephone number is five – seven – three, eight – six – nine – one. (T ) 1. Rita Jones is my friend. (T ) 2. Her family name is Jones. (F ) 3. Bill’s given name is Gates. (T ) 4. Bill’s telephone number is 573-8691. ( F) 5. 154-7802 is Rita’s telephone number.

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