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unit 2 How_often_do_you_exercise

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Unit 2 How often do you exercise?

New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

housework 家务劳动 Hardly 几乎不 Ever 曾经 hardly ever 几乎从不 once 一次,曾经 twice 两次 Internet 因特网 program 节目

忙的,满的,饱的 ? swing 摆动,秋千 ? swing dance 摇摆舞
? full

How often do you exercise?
? help with housework
? go shopping/shop ? read a newspaper

? exercise
? watch TV

help (某人) with 名词 help (某人) do help (某人) to do I often help my mom with housework. I often help my mom to do housework. I often help my mom do housework.

(1)表示动作发生的频率,通常用于一般现在 时,常用的频度副词按照频率发生的高低分 别为:always—usually—often— sometimes—hardly ever—never (2)频度副词一般用于be动词,助动词,情态动 词之后,行为动词之前。 I’m never late for school.

次数放在句末。 once 一次 twice 两次 三次或三次以上为 基数词+times we have English classes three times a week.

辨析how often, how soon和how long
How often



Always等频 度副词或一 周几次等 In +时间段

How soon


表示将来的 时间

How long

多久,多长 时间


For+时间段 或since…


一、单项选择 c 1. _____more fruits and vegetables is good _____ our health. A. Eating; to B. Eats; for C. Eating; for D. Eat; for 2. —How_____ do you read English books? B --Sometimes. A. long B. often C. far D. much D 3. A lot of vegetables ___you to keep healthy. A. make B. want C. try D. help 4. Peter is _____because he hardly ever exercises. D A. tired B. happy C. healthy D. unhealthy B 5. He knows a lot ______he is a child. A. so B. although C. but D. or 6. My dad ______a player when I grow up. B A. wants me to B. wants me to be C. became D. wanted B 7. My mother________ surfs the Internet, she likes watching TV. A. doesn’t hardly ever B. hardly ever C. isn’t hardly ever D. hardly never 8. — ______does he do on the weekend? C -- He often helps his mother with housework.. A,How B. How often C. What D. How soon

9. -- What_____ you usually _____on weekends? B --I usually ______ violin. A. did; do; play the B. do; do; play C. do; did; play D. do; do; play the 10. --Are you late for class? --_______. B A. Yes, never B. Yes, sometimes C. No, ever D. No, usually 11. ____he was tired, ______he didn’t stop ______. B A. Although, but; to rest B. Though; / ; working C. Although; / ; resting D. though; but; working C 12. His lifestyle is the same _____ . A. to my brother B. to mine C. as mine D. as my brother 13. Can you help me ______the house? D A. cleaning B. with clean C. of cleaning D. clean B 14. Li Ming was born_____ May 11, 1989 _____Guangzhou. A. in; on B. on; in C. in; at D. at; in 15. She always finishes her homework on time. She B leaves it for to

morrow. __ A. always B. never C. usually D. sometimes C 16. Tom, pass my glass to me, please. I can _____ read the words in the books. A. clearly B. rather C. hardly D. ever

17. –Your Written English is much better. -- B . A. Yes, please. B. Thank you C. You are right. D .Not at all 18. Tom D eight hours every night. What about you? A. eats B. drinks C. plays D. sleeps 19. The girl is too young to look _______ herself. C A. at B. up C. after D. on 20. The doctor tells me I should eat B meat and take exercise. A. a little, a few B. less, more C. many, much D. much, many D 21. 70% students like the watch. What does―70%‖mean? _____________. A. None of the students B. All the students C. Some of the students D. Most of the students 21. Do you like to go _______________? D A. skateboard B. to skateboarding C. a skateboarding D. skateboarding 二..用括号内所给词的正确形式填空。 eating 1. My _______________(eat)habits are good. 2. You must eat more vegetables and keep ______________(health). healthy differences 3. There are many ______________(different)between the two boys. 4. This movie is very _______________(interest) interesting 5. My mom wants me _____________(drink)water every day. to drink

exercise 6. Look, the children are doing morning _____________ (exercise). 7. My mother and I like ___________(drink) coffee. drinking 8. The bird can _______________ (sing) a song. It’s very clever. sing 9. Her mother often___________ (help) him to do his homework. helps 9. There are many________________ (different) between you and your brother. differnces once 10. I go to the movies _____________ (first) a month. hardly 11. He’s too young. He can ________________(hard) ride a bike. 12. Our English teacher likes to wear ___________(color) clothes, colorful because she wants to be young . eating 13. A good ________ (eat) habit is good for our health. skating 14. In winter, his father often goes _______________ (skate) .
三.根据大意填空 Most Here are the results of the student sports survey in our class. __________(60%) students exercise __________(每天). _______________(35%)students exercise every day Some 3 or 4 times Some ____________(每周3—4次). ______________________(25%)students exercise 2 or 3 times a week No _______________(每周2—3次). __________________(0%)student exercises only ______________(每周1次). As for sports ______________(100%)the once a week All students do morning exercises every day. _________________(45%)students run in Some Some the morning. ___________________(15%)students play soccer after school. Most once a month ____________________(70%)students swim ___________________(每月一次)

四、动词填空 可适当填加助动词或情态动词。

Last Saturday, my friends Lang hao, chang guo asked me to go_ swimming (swim) __ with them. Soon we got to the river. They were swimming in it. But I couldn’t swim.

So I Was sitting (sit) under a big tree and watching a little boy __ __ ___ __ playing (play) with a ball near the river. But the ball _fell ___(fall) into the water and he fell into the water, too. _ I stood up and _ called (call) for help. But my friends _ was (be) far from me and ___ __ didn’t hear _ (not hear). So I jumped into the water. I didn’t know how to swim in it, they ___ but I __took __(take) the little boy out of the water. His parents thanked me very much. They said, ―You are a good boy, a good young pioneer.‖ When my friends knew this, can swim they all smiled and _ said __ (say), ―You _ ____ (swim) now.‖ 五、句型转换 根据要求完成句子。(10分) 1. Mr. Zhang taught me English two years ago. ( 改为一般疑问句 ) _____ Mr. Zhang ___________me English two years ago? Did teach 2. Lucy put his books on the desk. (对划线部分提问) Where did __________ _________ Lucy put his books? 3. You’d better not ask her father this question. (改为同义句) ______ _______ her father this question, please. Don’t ask 4. Tom likes playing football very much. (改为否定句) doesn’t like Tom _________ __________ playing football. 5. He goes to the park four times a week. (对划线部分提问) How often _________ ____________ does he go to the park?

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