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Welcome back to school

Topic 1 Are you going to play basketball? Section A

排行榜 国 家 1 2 3 4 5 中 国 俄罗斯 韩 国 日 本 美 国

金 牌

银 牌

铜 牌

总 数

75 42

39 45

31 45

145 132

29 17

26 22

38 11

87 50

Review some sports we learned before:




table tennis







Learn some other sports:


Match the words with the pictures
table tennis
volleyball table tennis skiing

rowing skating skiing




2a, Practice Get students to look at the pictures below and talk about them..

A: Which sport do you like better, skating or skiing?

B: I like skating better.

prefer like better= prefer 更喜欢
/ No, seldom.

I prefer skating
A: Do you skate much?. B: Yes, quite a bit/ a lot.

quite a bit= quite a lot

A: Are you going to join the school skating club?

B: Yes, I am. / No, I ’m not.

be going to do 将要做…打算做…

A:Which sport do you prefer, volleyball or tennis?

B:I prefer volleyball.
A: Do you play volleyball much? B: Yes, quite a bit/ a lot. / No, seldom.

A:Are you going to join the school volleyball club?
B: Yes, I am. / No, I ’m not.

name sport Jim basketball
Mike Lucy

prefer quite a bit

club yes

football skating skiing cycling rowing

quite a lot seldom

no yes

A: Which sport does … prefer,…or …? B: He/She prefers … A: Does he /she … much? B: Yes ,quite a bit /quite a lot. No, seldom. A: Is he/she going to join the …? B: Yes/No

1a: Listen, read and say
Michael: Hi, Kangkang.

play basketball Kangkang: Hi, Michael. Are you going to ________________ ? I saw you
play basketball ________ every day ________ the summer holidays. almost during Michael: yes. You know ,We are going to have a basketball game __________ Class against Three on Sunday. Kangkang: Of course I will. This is the first basketball game in our school this term. cheer Michael: ________ you like to come and ______ would us ______? on

win Kangkang : Yes, I hope our team will _______. Michae: Me ,too see sb. do sth. see sb. doing sth. during the summer holidays would like (sb.) to do sth.

Listen to the tape, then answer the questions 1) What is Michael going to do?
He is going to play basketball. 2) Would Kangkang like to come and cheer them on? Yes, he’d love to. 3) Which class is Michael’s class going to play against? Class Three.

Try to act 1a out M –Michael K---Kangkang

M: Hi K : Are you going to …? I saw you…almost every day during… M: We are going to …class 3 on Sunday. K: Yes , this is the first … in …this term M:Would….like to come and cheer …on? K: Sure … I hope …win. M: Me,too.

be going to do sth.表示将来计划打算做某事 肯定句:I am going to visit Beijing this Sunday. 否定句:I am not going to visit Beijing this Sunday. 一般疑问句:Are you going to visit Beijing this Sunday. 特殊疑问句:Wh

at are you going to do?

Go hiking

What are you going to do this weekend? We are going hiking

Are you going to have a picnic tomorrow? Yes, we are.

We aren’t going to have a rest later.


1.Jack will/is going to join (join) the football game against ___ No.2 High School this Sunday. 2.My uncle is leaving (leave)for Japan next month. __ 3.I am going to (be) a doctor when I grow up. will be 4.--it ___ (be)sunny later on today. 5.Our teachers will\are going to visit (visit) the Great Wall if it does’t rain tomorrow. 6.Look at the cloud,It is going to rain (rain) _

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